Best Ways To Improve Business Productivity & Profitability Using Salesforce CRM Services

Salesforce is a leading cloud-based CRM platform that has been helping businesses from different industry verticals to grow and achieve their goals.

Proper Salesforce integration services can empower business growth and teams’ efficiency. It helps businesses garner successful and lasting customer relationships.

It has been seen that the companies that have successfully implemented Salesforce CRM solutions have experienced higher productivity and efficiency. Such companies have also experienced greater customer loyalty.

If you are one such business visionary who is in a dilemma, whether to hire Salesforce consulting services for Salesforce implementation and integration then you have arrived at the right place.

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In this post today, we will discuss how Salesforce can help in increasing business productivity.

Let’s begin!

Salesforce Integration Improves Communication

“C” and “R” are the two most important key letters in Customer Relationship Management. One can have a great customer experience only when one delivers best in class customer-centric services and solutions.

According to a report by SHRM, companies have revealed that due to poor communication they suffer the cost of $62.4 million per year on average.

Here comes Salesforce into the picture. Thanks to its advanced technology, it makes customer relationships stronger.

A well-implemented Salesforce solution brings collaboration among teams within the organization and also in the business process. The communication between team members and between employees and customers will become easy.

Ever since Salesforce acquired Slack, the communication process has become easier than ever. You can maintain a message chain, keep track of the conversation, and keep the process running smoothly.


Proper Salesforce Implementation Simplifies Project Management

Productivity comes when you streamline your business process and manage every project seamlessly. And with Salesforce implementation services, you can improvise your project management process.

Salesforce helps businesses with project management with utmost perfection. Every business should know the project management capabilities of Salesforce CRM:

  • You can leverage a journey builder to automate the onboarding journey of every individual customer.
  • It will be easy for a business to set reminders and enable notifications to streamline all tasks, smoothly.
  • It will be super easy to bring collaboration among employees and process in real-time with the help of the chatter facility.
  • Salesforce has a marketplace for the application where businesses can get Salesforce applications, integrate them with the legacy system, and bring efficiency in project management.


Centralization with Salesforce Consulting Services

Whether you are a big company or a small scale enterprise, everyone has to deal with data or information on an every day basis. The bigger the company is, the bigger data it has to deal with.

Companies that don’t have proper CRM integration, face multiple challenges when it comes to data management. For instance, invoice details, inventory status, demand forecasting, and many others. The absence of Salesforce implementation creates a disconnected system.

Therefore, Salesforce brings a data centralization feature, wherein it helps companies optimize their workflow and automates the business process in a streamlined manner.

With the power of data centralization, Salesforce enables businesses to optimize their data assets. It means that with proper data management, a business can perform better, attract higher revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and optimize its expenses.

Some other important benefits of the Salesforce data centralization feature includes better decision making, improved consistency, enable a business to focus on what’s important, enhance customer experiences, and save time & money.


Everything on Cloud

Being a cloud-based CRM is one of the most important reasons why Salesforce is a highly demanded CRM platform in the world.

Salesforce empowers companies to save and manage all their data over the cloud platform. It improves the work efficiency of the team, brings collaboration, and saves ample time which companies otherwise invest in maintaining data via excel sheets or paper files.

A company with a proper Salesforce implementation enjoys cloud accessibility. It will become easy for a business to share and exchange files, data, information over the cloud platform, rapidly.

Salesforce brings everything to the cloud. It helps companies go paperless, which ultimately saves ample time and cost which otherwise incurred on managing data at multiple places.

Error Mitigation with Salesforce Implementation

Error is the most common factor that humans make while working or executing any task. In a corporate environment where billions and trillions of data get processed on a daily basis, even a small mistake can make a big difference.

Salesforce CRM integration services ensure that your team doesn’t make any errors while executing their tasks. Be it invoice management or account set-up or about attending service requests, each and every activity can be executed seamlessly without any error with Salesforce CRM solutions.

Salesforce gives you complete control over what the users can create, update, and see in the system. The cloud-based CRM ensures users sturdy safety and protection against all threats.


How does Salesforce CRM Help Companies Become More Productive & Profitable?

From finding the right customers at the right time to building more sustainable relationships with prospects, Salesforce helps with everything that a business requires to improve its productivity and profitability.

  • You can keep a close track of your customers’ data and learn about their tastes, preferences, behaviour, etc. In this way, you can formulate personalized connection customer services as per individual customer care.
  • It will be easy for companies to filter customers by their email, life stage, demographics, etc.
  • Salesforce integration enables businesses in streamlining their sales process. 
  • Salesforce is an easy use platform, and it reduces employee training time.
  • It simplifies inventory management. It allows users to track stock levels and improve customer experience.
  • Salesforce CRM also has a mobile version. It means that users can now execute their tasks with utmost ease.



Salesforce is known for offering a cutting-edge and advanced level of business solutions. The users who have to hire Salesforce consulting company or a Salesforce consultant have seen tremendous growth in their productivity and profitability.

We hope that after reading this post, all your doubts related to Salesforce implementation and integration services have been sought out. 

Still, if you have any confusion, you can hire FEXLE as your Salesforce consulting partner. It is a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner with a team of experienced and certified Salesforce consultants.

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