The businesses from different industries across the world are harnessing the power of Salesforce and its multiple products. From Sales Cloud to Marketing Cloud and from Heroku to Mulesoft and Einstein Analytics, Salesforce has penetrated almost every aspect of businesses… Continue Reading

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The universe of Salesforce is rapidly evolving. The trailblazers’ community is constantly striving towards developing something novel and unique to streamline functionalities and operations in organizations. Fexle Services, a leading Salesforce consulting provider in the USA and India, has been… Continue Reading

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Salesforce CRM has evolved a lot in the past few years. With the advent of modern technologies, Salesforce gets more improved and efficient with commendable functionalities. With the evolution of technology, we can witness multiple changes in Salesforce and Marketing… Continue Reading

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We are living in an epoch of technological evolution where every new day comes with a novel advancement that makes our life easy and hassle-free. As a renowned writer and journalist Carl Honore has once said: “Technology enables us to… Continue Reading

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