The first-ever marketing cloud content deployment tool that saves time, augment productivity, eliminate errors, and smoothen content migration.

The First and The Only Content Migration Tool for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Are you still transferring your content in the marketing cloud, manually? If yes, then say goodbye to this old school process and adopt the first-ever content migration tool that helps you migrate your terabyte and petabyte of data in a single shot. It not only saves approx 99% of your time but also helps you improve productivity. Fexle Services, a leading Salesforce consulting company has developed this innovative utility to streamline and smoothen the life of the Salesforce community. The product is compact with multiple features that are specially designed to save ample of time streamline content migration process in the marketing cloud.

Why Choose Nube Transfer?
Time is money, and Fexle understands this essence. We have developed such a product which is first of its kind. It can help you transfer a bundle of content in the marketing cloud with a single click. Implement Nube Transfer with your system, and get ready to witness its extraordinary time-saving capability. Here is the stats of deployments we have done so far.
Manual Deployment
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Automated Deployment
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User-Friendly Features of Nube Transfer
Microscopically developed and meticulously designed this utility will be a perfect choice for content migration in the marketing cloud.
Migration Between Separate Instances
Migration Between different Business Units
Merging Instances

Org Split
Org Cleanup
Enhanced Security
The Advantages of Nube Transfer
The content migration tool in the marketing cloud flaunts with multiple benefits. It not only helps companies to be more productive but also achieves efficiency within a short span of time.

The manual content migration process which takes approx 100 hours in migration, the same content can be migrated within 1.5 hours. It will save your 98.5 hours every time.

Automated Process

The entire content migration process is automated. All your need to do is to select the required content & rest migration process will be handled by Nube Transfer effectively.


As the whole process is automated, utilize your greatly talented staff in productive things and get the value out of that cost.

Easy Steps To Use Nube Transfer
Authenticate Source

Mention all the details of source org from where you want to migrate content.

Select Content

Select the content you want to transfer from the given list.

Authenticate Target

Then mention the targeted org details to where you want to transfer your content.


Start your automated content transferring process & check real-time results.

Dive in Deeper

Nube Transfer is a marketing cloud content deployment tool. It is one of its kind utility for marketing cloud folder deployment from one instance to another. This tool flaunts with multiple advantages, which you can learn in detail through our user manual. Below are mentioned the links of some excellent resources which will enhance your understanding and knowledge on Nube Transfer.

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