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Our Beacon app development solutions not only help your revolutionize your marketing strategy but also let you deliver the personalized user experience.

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iBeacon App Development Solution Provider

Fexle Services offers reliable iBeacon app development services in the USA and India. We enable our clients to deliver custom and meaningful in-store notification as well as needed offers right into the phone of their customers. iBeacon is an indoor positioning system technology that allows Bluetooth devices to send and receive data within short distances. The team of iBeacon experts at Fexle is well-experienced and delivers relatable BLE technology-based solutions.

We excellently blend analytics and market research and offer enterprise-level mobile engagement solutions for all scales of enterprises. Our custom and scalable iBeacon Application Development solutions for iOS and Android platform are available at the most modest price. We can excellently harness the power of location-based technology and help businesses in effectively market their products. With our iBeacon application solutions, we promise our clients a transformation of their iOS devices which share data using Bluetooth into an iBeacon. Hire iBeacon developers of Fexle Services & give a complete crackajack box of offers and deals.

Our iBeacon Application Offerings
Robust Navigation
Robust Navigation

We can excellently use Beacon way-finding technology in our solutions that allow users to experience fully-functional indoor navigation and way-finding mobile application. From large offices to shopping malls, we’ve got all your needs covered.

Cross-Platform Apps
Cross-Platform Apps

Our experienced team of developers and designers are well-aware of all the platforms available in the realm of the internet including, Android and iOS and develop multi-platform friendly iBeacon applications with advanced features, and functionalities.

Push Notifications
Push Notifications

Our beacon technology-based solutions help you improve in-store sales and let you develop customer loyalty. You can send instant offers and deals to customers as they walk inside the store or pass by your shop.

Interactive Tours
Interactive Tours

We offer galleries, zoo, museums, etc. the dedicated iBeacon apps. When a user enters into any such place, information (text/image video) gets triggered to visitors’ phone, and they can learn about that place or a particular thing in detail.

Hi-Tech Automation
Hi-Tech Automation

Whether its home, shopping mall, industry or any other commercial place, our beacon powered applications provide automation to all. We aim to build such iBeacon-based applications that will take customers’ experience onto the next level.

Education and Classrooms
Education and Classrooms

Our solution will augment the education industry. Through our Beacon-based solutions, students can easily navigate campus without a guide, can access specific bookshelf and information, and augment the in-class experience for students.

  • Robust Navigation
  • Cross-Platform Apps
  • Push Notifications
  • Interactive Tours
  • Hi-Tech Automation
  • Education and Classrooms
Factors That Make iBeacon Development Special for Businesses

We are a team of highly experienced BLE and beacon technology who can talk to customers and solve their business needs.


We will help your deploy your beacon app on the server of your choice. We are compatible with all servers.


We can effectively connect your hardware in your infrastructure in a way that it gives marvellous BLE beacon experience to you.


Our iBeacon app developers are highly skilled, and they efficiently deliver business-centric BLE mobile apps.


Whatever be your business requirements, we can excellently scale and customize your iBeacon application.


We allow businesses to integrate this technology, monitor it and make sure that it works without any problem.

How Beacon Technology Works?
Beacon Placement
Beacon Placement

An iBeacon is placed into a shop, shopping mall, museum, or any other place.


A signal will be transmitted to all the enable devices which are in close proximity.


The CRM analytics in the backend system will start processing the received information.


The owner of the device will get a specific kind of app-enabled notification.

Personalized Offer
Personalized Offer

Customers will receive the information on personalized messages or offers from the beacon-enabled store.

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iBeacon App Development Solutions That We Offer
Highly-Secured Payment Solutions
Document Transfer Applications
iBeacon Health Care Applications
Smart iBeacon Museum Apps
Location-Based Applications
BLE-Based Pet Tracker Apps
Reliable Vehicle Tracking App
Personalized Alerts Solutions
iBeacon Enterprise Apps
iBeacon Healthcare Applications
Utility App Development
Shopping Applications
Why Fexle Services is The Right Choice for Your Business?
We aim to offer our clients the top-rated iBeacon app development services that help businesses to improve their digital assets, accelerate sales, and drive maximum return on technology investment.
Experienced Team

Hire experienced professionals and rest assured for business-centric and quality solutions.

Industry Oriented

We have a rich experience of serving a wide range of industries with a different solution.

Hiring Model

We provide a flexible engagement model to satisfy specific business requirements.

Timely Delivery

As a top iBeacon app development company, we always value time & deliver projects timely.

24x7 Support

Be it a day or midnight, we are always there for you, with our round the clock support services.

Client Satisfaction

We make sure that the solutions we provide offer you utmost satisfaction when you use them.

Successful Projects
Happy Clients
Years’ Experience

We are here to digitally revolutionize your business by harnessing the power of Beacon using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology. If you have any questions, you can go through the below given FAQ’s and find answers to your queries:

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Some of the best places to use this futuristic technology include retail shops, public transportation, airport, art and museums, restaurants and bars, etc.
The cost of BLE based applications entirely depends on multiple factors like app categories, app complexities, country of developers, features, etc.
The benefits are: the creation of interactive campaigns, enhance customer engagement, personalized connection with customers, gather heat maps of customers movement, attracts new customers, connect with customers at the point of purchase, improves customer loyalty, and increased brand awareness.
The time of development process depends on various factors such as development platform, the complexity of the design, the experience of the professional who works on your app, and multiple other attributes.
We have a strong and robust team of iBeacon experts. The project turnaround time is lesser than others, and the budget is much more competitive. Connect with us for more details.
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