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Healthcare & Fitness App Development Company

The lifestyle of people across the world is dramatically changing for no good. Today, we all want everything to be accessed on our fingertips, and due to this, many of us are facing various health and fitness issues. Since we are stuck in our daily hectic schedule, we couldn’t give proper attention to our health, hygiene & workout schedule. Here comes Fexle Services, one of the leading health and fitness app development companies in the USA and India. We develop quality-rich and result-driven wellness and fitness apps for iPhone and Android platforms. Our fitness planner app that we develop suits best with the requirements of every health enthusiast.

We develop an ideal fitness app that works as a gym trainer, dietician, calorie counter, etc. Our health & fitness development solutions are trendy, and they cover all niches such as nutrition app, diet apps, fitness activity tracking apps, doctor management app, gym training app, medical & general health companion, and patient scheduling apps to name a few. Whether you are an individual who is looking for a comprehensive fitness app or a fitness trainer, we develop health and fitness solutions for everyone according to custom demands of our clients.

Major Features of Health & Fitness App Solutions
Track Calorie Intake
Track Calorie Intake

We understand that diet plays a crucial role in achieving fitness goals. We will develop a nutrition app for you which will help you find healthy food options. You can also check your calorie intake, check the burned calories, get regular updates on what to eat and what to avoid. Our fitness app updates you with nutrition constituents in different food items.

Workout Application
Workout Application

In the present time, when health issues like heart problems, diabetes, obesity become common, it is essential to stay fit and fine with a workout application by Fexle Services. We develop fitness workout mobile apps for all health enthusiasts to help them lose/gain weight, grow muscle, learn yoga techniques, and learn fat burning techniques.

Fitness Activity Tracking
Fitness Activity Tracking

For all those who are into bodybuilding, strength training, or in any health & fitness domain, we will develop such a gym work plan app for you through which you could track all your activities. You can see real-time run or walking status, speed, elevation, route, and many other factors. Prepare a fitness goal based on your activities.

Water Tracking Module
Water Tracking Module

Every dietician and health expert agrees that water is essential to stay fit and healthy from inside and outside. We understand the importance of water intake and therefore, with our healthcare application solution we have integrated water tracking features to let people stay well-hydrated throughout the day.

Target Setting Attributetion
Target Setting Attribute

One of the most important things that one should consider before starting a health journey is to set a target. Analyze where you stand on the scale of your health o’ meter, and where you would like to reach. With our best fitness and workout app you can set targets to burn calories, miles you run or walk, sleep hours, and many other targets.

Comprehensive Fitness App
Comprehensive Fitness App

Get yourself in perfect shape with our health and fitness app. Our fitness and nutrition app can schedule workout & fitness regime, select diet plan, and act as fitness coach & running assistant for you. Real-time feedback, pre-exercise routines, food logging, wearable integration, step counter, etc. are some other major features.

  • Track Calorie Intake
  • Workout Application
  • Fitness Activity Tracking
  • Water Tracking Module
  • Target Setting Attribute
  • Comprehensive Fitness App
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Health & Fitness App - Fexle
  • Admin

  • Trainer

  • User

Admin Panel
  • High Secured Login
  • View & Manage Reports
  • Trainers Management
  • Trainees Management
  • View & Manage Attendance
  • Manage Subscription Plans
  • Manage Advertising & Promotions
  • Access & View Payment Methods
Trainer Panel
  • Dedicated Panel
  • Track Pre-Workout Details
  • Manage Trainees
  • Manage Workout Plans
  • Manage Meal Plans
  • Schedule Consultation
  • Upload Workout Video
  • Workout Goal Reminder
User Panel
  • User Registration
  • Dedicated Dashboard
  • Schedule Workouts
  • Select Meal Charts
  • Track Calories Intake
  • Filter Workouts
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Live Chat With Trainers
Advance Solutions That Make Your Health & Fitness App Extraordinary
Fexle Services is listed among the top-notch companies that deliver feature-rich health and fitness app development services. Our fitness app developers are highly experienced and possess great domain-specific knowledge. From workout exercise application to gym workout tracker mobile app, and to the nutrition mobile app, you just name it, and we will build the exact solution for you by leveraging the latest technology stack. Below are mentioned all the advanced custom solutions that ensure you timely delivery and affordability.
Real Time Insights

You can access daily insights, historical data, calorie breakdown, etc. with our custom workout app on your iOS and Android devices.

Yoga & Mediation Plans

Take care of your psychological health with yoga and meditation. Our meditation and yoga app is always there for you.

Wearable Integration

With 3rd party integration, we connect fitness training app with wearable devices, and a user can access all workout related results.

Cloud Operations

Leverage unlimited storage & follow a correct diet plan, track calories, miles, etc. with cloud technology integration.

Strong Planner

Our workout planner app keeps you updated with all work out details, exercise details, and the time duration to execute exercises.

GPS Technology

You can ask us to integrate GPS technology into your fitness application for the iPhone and Android platforms effectively.

Social Media Sharing

You can securely login to your fitness app via social media accounts & share your fitness achievement with friends.

Inclusive Tracker

You can easily set your daily walking/running/jogging goals, increase goals every day & calculate miles covered.

Modern Technologies On Which Our Health Apps Workout
  • XCode - Fexle
  • Objective C - Fexle
    Objective C
  • Swift - Fexle
  • Android SDK - Fexle
    Android SDK
  • Java - Fexle
  • Flutter - Fexle
  • ionic - Fexle
  • React - Fexle
  • Kotlin - Fexle
  • CakePHP - Fexle
  • CodeIgniter - Fexle
  • Laravel - Fexle
  • WordPress - Fexle
  • Joomla - Fexle
  • Magento - Fexle
  • PrestaShop - Fexle
  • OpenCart - Fexle
  • Drupal - Fexle
  • AngularJS - Fexle
  • NodeJS - Fexle
  • React - Fexle
  • CoffeeScript - Fexle
  • Jasmine - Fexle
  • Mocha - Fexle
  • MySQL - Fexle
  • PostgreSQL - Fexle
  • RethinkDB - Fexle
  • MongoDB - Fexle
  • Adobe Photoshop - Fexle
    Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator - Fexle
    Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch - Fexle
  • CSS3 - Fexle
  • HTML5 - Fexle
Robust Development Process for Strong Health & Fitness App
  • Gathering requirements
  • Understanding app’s goal
  • SRS & SDD
  • Project schedule
Process Number - Fexle
Process Arrow - Fexle
  • Front end development
  • Back end development
  • API integration
  • Cloud integration
Process Number - Fexle
Process Arrow - Fexle
  • UAT & feedback
  • App deployment
  • App store launch
  • Project deliver
Process Number - Fexle
  • Design wireframe
  • Design implementation
  • More options
  • UX/UI evaluation
Process Number - Fexle
Process Arrow - Fexle
  • Unit code testing
  • Fixing bugs
  • Final touch
  • QS & testing
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