MobileAppDaily Ranks Fexle as One of the Top 10 App development companies in Australia

One of the mobile app development companies in Australia, Fexle is growing with a rapid speed in the market. The app development company has a reputation for building excellent CRM products along with providing top-notch services like Web Development, Mobile App Development, CMS Development, etc.

Why did MobileAppDaily pick Fexle?

MobileAppDaily is a leading tech news platform that keeps publishing reports periodically for services such as healthcare, IoT, and more. On the website, you will find annually updated reports like Top IoT App Development Companies, Top AI App Development Companies, and more. 

Currently, Fexle has more than 200 experts in different fields working on multiple projects. The top app development company ensures that each project has dedicated teams of experts who can contribute equally to create perfect outcomes. These teams include expert UI/UX designers, developers, and R&D experts. The goal is to satisfy the clients’ needs with the best quality services possible. 

Now, Fexle was picked to rank in the Top 10 App development companies in Australia due to the level of quality services it has been providing to its clients. One of the top Australian app developers, Fexle has worked with more than 1,000 tech giants and delivered more than 1,500 high-quality products successfully. Some top names that had partnered with Fexle are Salesforce, Zoho, Rebel Athletic, and Bullhorn among others. 

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