Salesforce Amazon S3 integration is not a piece of cake. It’s a long, time taking, and technical process where one faces multiple questions. Here are the most frequently asked ones.

Frequently asked questions related to salesforce to our technical team

The integration is beneficial for you in many ways:

  • You can back up a large amount of data on Amazon S3
  • The integration runs in the background & you can focus on other work
  • Secured data sharing to the external environment
  • The integration allows file sharing with Salesforce users

FEXLE use method of using Amazon AppFlow that allows secured data migration between Software-as-a-Service apps in a few clicks.

FEXLE Services being an experienced Salesforce integration services provider will help you in the following ways:

CSV import from Amazon S3 to Salesforce

  • We will import the CSV file from Amazon S3 to Salesforce leads, opportunities, accounts, etc.
  • We leverage powerful mapping feature to maintain relations between imported data.
  • We can excellently perform all DML operations such as INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and UPSERT.
  • FEXLE will help you with data loading from CSV to several Salesforce objects, at once.

Export Data from Salesforce to Amazon S3

  • We can effectively transfer Salesforce data (accounts, custom object, leads, contacts, etc.) to Amazon S3.
  • FEXLE will help you experience the power of automation in data migration.
  • We will reduce redundant manual work.
  • We can do file compression that will help you in saving storage.
  • There will powerful & granular filtering backed by logical operations.

Yes, you can easily find logs’ details for all the execution in the package Run History.

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