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Bring automation into your customer service operations, and build a strong relationship with customers with our Chatbot app development services.

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Chatbots are highly evolved, from being simple text-based solutions to being an AI-powered communication bot. Fexle Services is the best Chatbot app development company in the USA and India. We work on the latest technology stack like Luis, MongoDB, NodeJS, etc. to develop highly impactful Chatbots for your business. Our Chatbot solutions are strong like Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Empowered through Artificial Intelligence, our Chatbot solutions help companies in reducing human efforts, improve efficiency, and strengthen the relationship with customers by instant replies.

The extremely talented team of Chatbot app developers can efficiently build various channels such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Skype, etc. Our wide spectrum of Chatbot app development services will help you revolutionize the way you connect with customers. We will help you streamline interactions, automate conversations, and scale down the operation costs with our Chatbot development services. From improved marketing efforts to improved staff efficiency, and from effective customer query handling to 365x24x7 support, our Chatbot developers will let you leverage all under one roof, that is Fexle Services.

Major Chatbot Development Solutions
Enterprise Chatbots

Our solutions will improve enterprise operational efficiency by reducing human error & improving relationships with clients.

Business Chatbots

Enjoy process automation through our Chatbot development services. Our solutions will take care of all your time-consuming activities.

Consumer Chatbots

With consumer Chatbots you can excellently promote offers, products, and services. Build healthy relationships with potential customers.

Top Chatbot Development Services
Custom Chatbot Development
Custom Chatbot Development

Our customized Chatbots development services enable businesses to serve their customers round the clock and deliver them a personalized experience. From flow-based to voice interface to hybrid to AI bot, we cover all.

Social Media Chatbot Development
Social Media Chatbot Development

With our social media Chatbots development services, we let you reduce the time required to interact and engage with customers. It enables businesses to automate marketing campaigns, customer support process, and sales funnel.

Consulting Chatbot Development
Consulting Chatbot Development

The consulting Chatbots will act as a virtual assistant for your business. The users can perform multiple tasks through this Chatbots, ranging from new updates to home appliance control, and dinner travel reservation.

RASA Chatbot Development
RASA Chatbot Development

Our experienced AI and Rasa developers build integrated AI Chatbots for businesses that mitigate manual efforts and save time. Our AI-powered Chatbots are compatible with the website, telegram, Twilio, etc.

Chatbot Upgrade Services
Chatbot Upgrade Services

Our skilled programmers help businesses to keep their existing Chatbots run smoothly. We help our clients at every stage start from the selection of a suitable platform to API and Plug-in integration.

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

We work on the cutting-edge NLP technology, which helps us in recognizing the correct language associated along with various actions. It will help in gathering the right information to revert what users are expecting.

  • Custom Chatbot Development
  • Social Media Chatbot Development
  • Consulting Chatbot Development
  • RASA Chatbot Development
  • Chatbot Upgrade Services
  • Natural Language Processing
Best Chatbot Development Solutions for Different Messaging Applications
Facebook Bot Development
WhatsApp Bot Development
Telegram Bot Development
Slack Bot Development
Twilio Bot Development
Website Bot Development
Monitoring Bot Development
Mobile App Bot Development
Customized Bot Development
IBM Watson Bot Development
Microsoft Bot Development
WeChat Bot Development
Concierge Bot Development
Shopping Bot Development
Banking Bot Development
News Bot Development
Chatbot Development for Businesses
Multi-Channel Reach

Businesses can reach their present and prospective clients and give them personalized experience through all popular messaging channels.

Customer Satisfaction

As Chatbots are designed in a specific way, no matter how rude the customer, bots will reply politely. It will improve client satisfaction.

Customer Support

Bots are programmed to serve 365x24x7. No matter what time of day it is, Chatbots are always there to serve customers round the clock.


Using Chatbots helps businesses to save operational costs. Since every process is automated, it is not necessary to hire a dedicated resource for support.

Use Without Download

The Chatbots are easy to use. Users need not have to download any app to use Chatbots.

Mitigate Task Repetition

Chatbots reduce human errors, streamline the task, and automates it rapidly & frequently.

List of Chatbot Development Solutions We Offer
  • Customized Chatbot App Design
  • Conversation Design
  • NLP Technology-Based Solutions
  • Chatbot App Execution & Testing
  • Chatbot App Development
  • Chatbot Execution, Testing & Support
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We Offer Industry-Specific Chatbot Solutions
Helpful for Patients in Their Routine Check-Up
  • Patients can book an appointment with a doctor.
  • Chatbots can handle discharge facilities.
  • Helpful in renewing the patient’s prescription.
  • Ordering medical equipment as required
Best Food Ordering, Cooking Bots & Advisory Bots
  • People can order food, make a reservation, etc.
  • Let users search recipes excellently.
  • Save time by rapid food order process.
  • Enhance sales and brand awareness.
Efficient & Faster Response Rate
Efficient & Faster Response Rate
  • Recommend on the basis of shopper’s preference.
  • Helpful in letting customers know about product availability.
  • Help visitors like humans.
  • Share the entire info with users about a product.
Banking Chatbots
Banking Chatbots Let People Find Suitable Financial Services
  • Allow users to transfer money, check balance, etc.
  • Financial orgs can give the latest update to clients.
  • Chatbots may work as your personal finance assistant.
  • Let users compare financial services and products.
Shopping Experience
Take Shopping Experience To The Next Level
  • Let users easily track orders & know details.
  • It enables personalized product search.
  • Provide info on different offers & deals to visitors.
  • Send push notification on order status (send, receive, etc.)
Hotel Bots & Travel Assistant Bots
Hotel Bots & Travel Assistant Bots for Easy Tourism
  • Help clients in finding the best hotel at the best prices.
  • Help users find flights and its details (fare/date/time, etc.)
  • Keeps you up-to-date on flight status in detail.
  • Get to you the best deals and offers available.
Why Choose Fexle Services As Your Technology Partner?
Experienced Developers

The team of Chatbots developers at Fexle is self-motivated and highly experienced with specialized skill set.

Superlative Development

Our rich experience in Chatbots app development helps us to build only superlative solutions.

Utmost Security

We assure you for 100% confidential consultation & promise project privacy for a lifetime.

Business Oriented Solutions

We proficiently develop strong & engaging business-oriented solutions for you.


We have a strong in-house team of Chatbots developers that assure you pocket-friendly services.

Timely Delivery

Our expertise in Chatbots development enables us to deliver on time user-centric solutions.

24x7 Availability

We are always available at your disposal to solve all your technology-related queries.

NDA Signing

By using a Non-Disclosure Agreement we keep all transactions simple and secure.

Successful Projects
Happy Clients
Years’ Experience

Though Chatbots is a widely accepted solution in the world. Each industry requires Chatbots to handle their customers. Yet many users have some questions regarding this AI-empowered chatting tool. Go through the below given FAQ’s and find answers to your queries:

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Bots streamline interaction between brand & customer, allow customers to chat live, help in saving time for all, can be used anytime and anywhere, and there are many other benefits.
We work on Chatfuel, Botsify, QnA maker,, Botkit,,, Slack, etc.
We can offer you social media Chatbot development solutions for Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Microsoft, WeChat, etc.
We believe in offering utmost security to our clients, and so we strictly sign and follow the Non-Disclosure Agreement. Rest assured, your data is safe with us.
You can contact our team and track the progress of your Chatbot project anytime. We will give clear, transparent, and insight-full updates to you.
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