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With our custom Blockchain development services, we digitally transform the future of finance, data science, cryptocurrency, and other payment solutions.

We Are A Leading Blockchain App Development Company

Listed as the world’s leading software podium, Blockchain technology is known for its disseminated ledger capability. It not only can digitally record any kind of transaction/data of valued importance but also give the top-scale security to the recorded transaction. Fexle Services is the best Blockchain app development company with an experienced team of Blockchain app developers. We keep all the trending technical repercussions in mind while developing and securing an application.

Our group of skilled Blockchain developers offered to-notch qualities of Blockchain solutions to various industries. Our spectrum of custom Blockchain development solutions includes smart contract development, cryptocurrency wallet development, ethereum application, hyperledger development, and many more. Whether you are from the online shopping industry or real estate industry, eLearning for healthcare, hire Blockchain app developers from Fexle and provide utmost security to your transactions.

Top-Rated Blockchain App Development Services That We Offer
Smart Contracts
Smart Contracts

We have implemented smart contracts on multiple platforms. With our smart cataract development services enable computerized monitoring, help in maintaining transparent records, decrease middlemen cost, etc.


Our Blockchain developers have experienced Hyperledger platforms like Sawtooth and Fabric. This Blockchain technology offers smart contracts, provides full data security, and also provides distributed ledger supply chain.

Ethereum Development
Ethereum Development

With our ethereum app development services, we will help you develop decentralized markets, token systems, etc. that provide your business predefined rules and other regulatory standards.

Wallet Solutions
Wallet Solutions

We are experienced in developing wallet based solutions which can easily get integrated with your business applications. We use REST APIs to make apps flexible, portable, scalable, and cross-platform friendly.

Supply Chain
Supply Chain

Our team of dexterous Blockchain developers streamlines your supply chain operations and helps you bring transparency into the process. Our supply chain Blockchain services clear the supply chain process effectively.

Blockchain Consulting
Blockchain Consulting

Hire our skilled and experienced Blockchain app programmers. They will provide you with the most suitable strategic advice on effective implementation of Blockchain technology so that maximum ROI can be harnessed.

  • Smart Contracts
  • Hyperledger
  • Ethereum Development
  • Wallet Solutions
  • Supply Chain
  • Blockchain Consulting
Technology Stack We Use To Decentralize You Business
The solutions that our Blockchain developers build are the result of meticulous efforts and dedication. We work with the latest technology stack in order to build and offer only the quality Blockchain app development solutions to our clients. Below are mentioned the different sets of tools and components that empower us to deliver robust Blockchain development services.
  • Blockchain Platforms
  • Programming Languages
Our Solutions Infuse Remarkable Value Into Your Businesses
We are a top-notch Blockchain application development company, and we promise to deliver excellent solutions to diverse industry verticals, namely banking, finance, healthcare, trading, government, entertainment, etc. Below are the important market-oriented solutions we offer:
We Develop for You Decentralized Industry-oriented Applications
  • Decentralized control
  • Ease of data access
  • Edge Computing
  • Fault-Tolerant
EOS DApp Development
Leverage High-Performing Decentralized Enterprise Apps Built on EOS Platform
  • EOS Based Games
  • DApp for Core Business Operations
  • Networking Apps
  • Wallets and Exchanges
  • Token and Asset Contracts
Cloud-Based Solutions
Simplify Technical Complexities and Operations with Our Cloud Based Blockchain Solutions
  • Streamline Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Bring Operational Efficiency
  • Amazon QLDB Services
  • Azure Cloud Services
POC Development
We Help You Create Prototype for Your Pilot Blockchain Business Use-Case
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Business Agility
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Optimized Business Process
Blockchain and IOT Development
Excellently Combining the Power of Blockchain and Internet of Things
  • Strong Logistic Management
  • Robust Encryption
  • Execution of Contractual Arrangements
  • Reduced Costs
We Follow Strategic Process for Blockchain App Development
  • Gathering requirements
  • Understanding app’s goal
  • SRS & SDD
  • Project schedule
  • Front end development
  • Back end development
  • API integration
  • Cloud integration
  • UAT & feedback
  • App deployment
  • App store launch
  • Project deliver
  • Design wireframe
  • Design implementation
  • More options
  • UX/UI evaluation
  • Unit code testing
  • Fixing bugs
  • Final touch
  • QS & testing
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Advantages of Blockchain Technology for Businesses
The use of Blockchain technology helps businesses to excellently collaborate while enjoying high-level security, cost-efficiency, and time-saving attributes. Here are the major benefits of Blockchain app development for businesses:
Time-Saving and Cost Saving
Top-Level Security
No Middlemen
Reduce Cost of Transaction
24x7 Working Hours
Complete User Control
Everlasting Services
Transactions Permanently Recorded
Access Privileges To Network Members
Why Fexle Services is The Right Choice for Your Business?
We aim to offer our clients the top-rated Blockchain app development services that help businesses to improve their digital assets, accelerate sales, and drive maximum return on technology investment.
Experienced Team

Hire experienced professionals and rest assured for business-centric and quality solutions.

Industry Oriented

We have a rich experience of serving a wide range of industries with a different solution.

Hiring Model

We provide a flexible engagement model to satisfy specific business requirements.

Timely Delivery

As a top Blockchain app development company, we always value time & deliver projects timely.

24x7 Support

Be it a day or midnight, we are always there for you, with our round the clock support services.

Client Satisfaction

We make sure that the solutions we provide offer you utmost satisfaction when you use them.

Successful Projects
Happy Clients
Years’ Experience
About - Fexle
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There is no doubt that Blockchain is the future of businesses because of its strong capabilities like transparency and robust security. If you have any doubt, then you can go through the below given FAQ’s and find answers to your different queries:

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Some of the key benefits include low development and operational cost, access to experienced developers, reduced development time, use of modern technology, and assured quality solutions, to name a few.
The cost of Blockchain app development entirely depends on multiple factors like app categories, app complexities, country of developers, features, etc.
The time of development process depends on various factors such as development platform, the complexity of the design, the experience of the professional who works on your app, and multiple other attributes.
Our top Blockchain app development tools include Solc, Remix, Geth, Mist, Blockchain Testnet, Baas, GanacheCLI, and EherScripter.
We offer feature-rich and secured Blockchain apps for a diverse range of industries including, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, logistics, energy, agriculture, real estate, etc.
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