Improve Complaint Management Process with Salesforce Integration & Implementation Services

Are you looking for a solution to improve the complaint management process? If yes, then hiring a Salesforce consulting services provider will be a wise choice for you.

Every business wants to deliver flawless services to its clients where clients are fully satisfied with the product and services. But, it is rarely a scenario. 

In a perfect world, complaints and grievances are part of the business. The challenge comes when we do not have a proper complaint management system.

Salesforce implementation services have made the process of managing and executing complaint management smooth & efficient. With the top Salesforce consulting services you are prepared well enough to respond to every query and complaint in such a way that they will not grow into a bigger challenge.

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Some Interesting Customer Service Statistics

A business faces many consequences in the absence of better customer service. And one can deliver better customer services when one effectively executes their complaint management system. Here are some stats that will highlight the importance of a better complaint management system. You can hire a Salesforce CRM implementation partner and improve your complaint management with Salesforce.

  • 65% of customers say they switch brands because of poor customer service.
  • 83% of customers remained loyal to the brand that resolved their complaints rapidly.
  • 68% of consumers become frequent buyers of the brand that understand them & treat them like an individual.
  • 44% of brands believe in offering behaviour-based product/service recommendations.
  • 79% of consumers prefer to connect with customer service agents through online chat.
  • 67% of consumers found connecting with a brand via mobile app is quite valuable.


How Salesforce Implementation Services Will Help You With Complaint Management?

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM and is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and tools that smoothen business processes. With the help and guidance of an experienced Salesforce development company, you can make the complaint management process more painless for service agents, customers, and businesses.

A company receives multiple complaints and queries every day. Handling all these queries and complaints is quite a daunting task. The smallest mistake can seriously damage a business reputation.

With Salesforce complaint management, one can enjoy greater visibility, higher security, and a greater level of collaboration among teams. With Salesforce integration services you can bring all the data and processes together and drive operational efficiency for customer satisfaction.

Following are the ways through which Salesforce helps businesses with better complaint management:

  • You can monitor all important factors that are crucial from a compliance perspective.
  • With detailed and microscopic reports you can analyze future strategies.
  • Fix problems and optimize operations in the organization using insightful reporting.
  • Track complaints and surface them so they don’t get lost in the ether.
  • You can gain greater visibility in business management
  • Get to learn about cases resolved through feedback objects.
  • Keep clients up-to-date by sending them SLA letters.


Advantages of Salesforce CRM with Complaint Management in a Business

One of the best parts of having Salesforce for complaint management is that the cloud-based platform keeps a track of every complaint that you receive. It enables businesses to respond to queries or complaints in a specific period of time and if someone doesn’t respond in a stipulated time, Salesforce escalates the complaint to the manager.

Another interesting thing about having Salesforce for complaint management is that whenever a staff member logs a complaint about the manager, the security protocols of Salesforce will prevent the manager from seeing that complaint.

From the marketing point of view, Salesforce is pivotal in managing complaint management systems. It often happens that clients don’t find certain marketing campaigns appealing and they file a complaint to not receive campaign-based communication, in such a scenario, you can use Salesforce to alienate that client for future.

Salesforce will also update the related team that supports those clients. The team will receive the notification related to the complaint and they can perform the required steps to prevent such communication in future.

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