What Makes Sales Cloud, A Perfect CRM Solution for Business Growth?

Did you know that the net new global revenue from cloud computing by the Salesforce customers is estimated at $389 billion from 2015 to 2020? And companies generate 55% of new business with the help of partners like FEXLE Services.

Salesforce has indeed changed and revolutionized the way businesses used to operate. Thanks to the advanced technology and superior functionalities of Salesforce that today the businesses have become more smart and progressive.

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Being the biggest CRM provider with 19.4% market share, Salesforce has multiple products. One of the most important one is Sales Cloud.

According to Statista, Sales Cloud has been the largest revenue-generating service of Salesforce, and it earned over four billion US dollar for the company.

Importance of Sales Cloud for Businesses

Sales is a blood vessel for any company, it circulates the blood of finance and garners the life through ROI by improving products and services quality.

In the past year, businesses have seen a shift in a paradigm, where companies have started implementing digital sales solutions to bring an incremental growth. 

With Salesforce implementation services, one can get a structured and aggregated system that can consolidate large amounts of data and turn it into meaningful information without any challenge.

Specially designed to empower the sales representatives, Sales Cloud is compact with multiple benefits, some of them are as follows:

Trustworthy Reporting

Sales teams have to rely on numbers of data to strategize their sales plan. From social to email to website to any other platforms, data drives to business from different platforms. Sales Cloud consolidates every data at one place after sorting, cleaning, and analyzing it in such a way that it helps sales reps make well-informed decisions.

The reliable reports generation is one of the best benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud for businesses. Companies can use actionable data for effective communication with current audiences.

Strong Dashboard

Salesforce and its automation help you maintain customers’ data with proper graphical representation. Dashboard is another importance of Salesforce that enables the Sales Team in many ways.

It is easy to set up a dashboard with simple login credentials. Sales and marketing heads of a company can check the status and performance of campaigns effectively and easily.

Sales Cloud helps businesses with information like, the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, its reach, impressions, CTR, and many more insights.

Personalized Reach

Salesforce captures and sorts tons of data. This well organized data is a gold mine for any business which they can use to create relevant and personalized messaging to outreach existing and prospective clients in both automated and manual campaigns.

Businesses can connect with their prospective clients in a personalized manner is another significance of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Rapid Services

As the sales team can outreach clients in a personalized manner with Sales Cloud, it also helps in enhancing the sales efforts with improved customer service ability to assist customers.

The insightful data by Salesforce, sales team and support representative can meet and solve customer needs in a proactive manner. Business can leverage the strong dashboard feature and without digging deep for the information, they can get to the exact point that matters the most.

Hire Salesforce consultants and get the brilliance of Salesforce Sales Cloud with insightful data that ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Improved Collaboration

Automation and collaboration are two other benefits of Sales Cloud that help businesses unbelievably. Let’s first discuss automation. It takes email and works on leads. Automation enables the sales team in prioritizing the potential leads. 

Automation not only helps marketing teams in building fecund campaigns but also empower sales teams to focus more on selling the right product and services to the right set of customers at the right time.

Coming to collaboration driven by the Sales Cloud, the company has harnessed the conversations, regular interactions, messages, and contact information of clients and improved collaboration.

As we know that Salesforce is a cloud based CRM solution, it enables every stakeholder in the business sales team to connect with clients anytime anywhere just with the help of internet connection.

Collaboration ensures that the team is working on the latest data with their maximum capabilities without worrying about any siloed information.

Sales Cloud and Its Different Modules for Business Growth

Salesforce implementation is one of the most beneficial processes that help businesses generate more sales and convert more leads. Salesforce Sales Cloud is compact with multiple modules. These Sales Cloud modules and their numerous benefits are as follows:

Campaign Management Module – It helps the sales team in projecting the health of marketing campaigns and suggests ways to improve the quality of a campaign.

Leads Management Module – Sales Cloud let the businesses maintain and nurture leads in a consolidated manner. It also keeps the record of qualified and nurturing leads.

Accounts Management Module – Sales Cloud also allows business teams to create accounts on the name of different clients to manage the leads in an effective way.

Contact Management – Once you set up the account, you can maintain the contact details of key people of a required business that is involved in a business deal.

Opportunities Management – When the time comes for businesses to create an opportunity out of a business deal, that can be managed and executed through this module.

Cases Management – The case management module comes in use after the deal gets finalized and the client encounters any issue with a product or a service. Case management will be done to handle such cases.

Reports and Dashboards – The section helps sales teams create dashboards to drill down & identify the health and performance of campaigns.

Different Editions in Sales Cloud

At the time of going for Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation services, you might face a situation where you have to choose the right set of Sales Cloud editions.

To let you cross that situation like a pro, we are here with complete details of Salesforce Sales Cloud editions for you.

Generally, there are four kinds of editions that include, essentials, professionals, enterprise, and unlimited.

Sales Cloud Essential Edition

It is the starting edition. It costs $25 USD per user, per month, and billed annually. You will get following takeaways:

  • Seamless lead management process.
  • Comprises contact, account, and opportunity management modules.
  • Easy event and task management functionality.
  • Easier collaboration with employees, and many more.


Sales Cloud Professional Edition

This edition will cost you $75 USD per user, per month. And it will also be billed annually.

If you require a tool to better manage your products, price books, orders, quotes, etc. then this will be a perfect choice for you.

You will get following takeaways:

  • Lead scoring based upon certain rules.
  • Seamless contract management.
  • Easy price book and products management.
  • Better order and quote management, and many more.

Sales Cloud Enterprise Module

Evident to its name, the Sales Cloud Enterprise Module is meant for large scale businesses. This edition costs an amount of $150 USD per user, per month, and its billing also generates annually.

Following are major takeaways of this edition:

  • Super quality workflow option and approval automation functionality.
  • Seamless collaboration among sales reps and clients.
  • Better functionalities of opportunity management modules.
  • Unlimited user-profiles and layouts.
  • 100 developer sandboxes.
  • Unlimited permissions and user roles, and many more.


We have tried to offer as much information as possible on Salesforce Sales Cloud. There are many Salesforce Consulting companies that can help you with Salesforce Sales Cloud integration.

One of the most amazing one is Fexle Services, a leading Salesforce consulting company with seasoned Salesforce consultants. You can hire Salesforce consultants and integrate the advanced and sales-driven Sales Cloud for higher return on investment.

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