How is Salesforce Helping Businesses To Overcome From The Covid-19 Situation?

The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought havoc to the world’s economy. Be it a small business or large each one, has been severely affected due to the pandemic followed by the lockdown.

It’s been almost an entire year since the novel CoronaVirus has entered our life and changed it forever.

Some businesses got shut while others are still surviving and trying to cope with the jolt brought by the covid-19 outbreak.

how salesforce help businesses in covid19

Amidst all the hassle, Salesforce has emerged as a boon for many businesses across the world. Because of this cloud-computing technology, companies are able to survive and run their operations and successfully bridge the gaps made by social distancing norms.

The companies that are offering Salesforce consulting services are helping businesses to sail against the wind.  Salesforce development companies have emerged as a bedrock for businesses streamlining their course of recovery.

In this blog post, we will discuss how Salesforce implementation and integration services can help businesses grow during the pandemic?

Salesforce Announcements On New Tools To Help Businesses Reopen & Survive During Covid-19

Business activities came to a halt during the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown followed by it. After analyzing the situation, Salesforce came up with a new tool package in May 2020 to help businesses reopen amidst the pandemic.

The package was launched under It allows employers to track their team members’ health via surveys and by taking care of social distancing norms.

Salesforce has introduced contact tracing that allows companies to connect with those people who were around sick employees. Through contact tracing, a healthcare worker contacts people via call, text, email, etc., and asks them some questions that will be logged into a contact tracing system. It will be voluntary for people to participate in responses.

Coming back to, this solution will help organizations to reopen their businesses in the safest way possible keeping the health of employees and visitors on priority.


Here are some new Salesforce Solutions:

Work.Com Command Center

The command center empowers business leaders with a 360-degree view of return-to-work readiness. It also helps them to analyze readiness across different locations, employees, and visitors. data center will enable businesses to make data-driven decisions, take suitable actions, and effectively communicate with different stakeholders.

Businesses, with the help of the command center and Tableau Covid-19 data hub can harness internal data, and employees’ wellness surveys to create and disburse important communication at a different scale.

Contact Tracing

The contact tracing helps leaders from public and private sectors to manually trace the health of the employees, in a private manner. They collect the data from people who are infected or those who are potentially at the exposure to the deadly disease.

The leader then monitors potential interactions and outbreaks by analyzing the data collected via contact tracing.

Emergency Response Management

Evident to its name, this suite of products helps government agencies, private companies, and public health organizations to take care of emergencies and serve seamlessly and rapidly.

Through emergency response management, public health organizations can effectively evaluate the situation based on collected data and provide ongoing engagement and monitoring to the one in need by deploying proper resources and scheduling emergency services.

Employees Wellness Program

With the help of employees’ wellness, companies can create employee health surveys. They can monitor wellness trends based on the collected data and make informed decisions on returning to work.

Shift Management

Businesses can plan their employees’ returns through shift management, where one can call only those employees who are needed. Offices can avoid groups in an elevator or any part of the office through spatial distance and scheduling breaks.

Here are some more initiatives that Salesforce performs through its newly introduced platform for the betterment of businesses during Covid-19. 

myTrailhead to help employees to adapt to the new ways of working and acquire new skills.

Volunteer & grant management enables organizations to achieve success through the right set of volunteers. It will also automate grant lifecycles to put greater impact.

Apart from, there are many other ways through which Salesforce is helping businesses to survive in the Covid-19 world.


It is one of its kind remote working enablers. It extends utility and suits the unique needs of the users. With the help of these solutions, businesses can streamline their basic office operations, such as attendance management and asset management in a remote environment.

Substantial Cloud Products

Being a cloud-based SaaS software, Salesforce proves as the most suitable platform for remote working and automation. Businesses can use Service Cloud and serve customers across multiple channels irrespective of home and office.

There are AI-enabled Chatbots that increase the productivity of sales representatives and deliver immediate value to customer-centric companies. Then there is a Marketing Cloud that proves as a catalyst for business growth and customer nurturing during the Covid-19 outbreak.

You can go to a Salesforce development company to get knowledge on the same.

COVID-19 Centric Support

Salesforce is striving hard not to leave any stone unturned in this pandemic situation while delivering the best solutions. The platform is compact with insights and tools in abundance that help businesses in the present critical scenario.

Businesses can avail Covid-19 data hub to access & analyze Covid-19 data in a free Tableau dashboard. Salesforce also has a Covid-19 response playbook through which businesses can eliminate short-term risk. It also enables businesses to reopen offices while ensuring the safety of the employees.

AppExchange Applications

AppExchange is an impeccable Salesforce application platform where one can find a list of apps, solutions, and consulting expertise that helps them stabilize business operations. There are several Covid-19 centric solutions available on the AppExchange portal that strengthen remote working, healthcare, customer support, and many more.

For example, the ArcGIS app on the AppExchange portal lets businesses to help field reps to make informed decisions and plan schedules thoughtfully while staying safe.

Final Words

Pandemic has changed the way we used to operate a business forever. Salesforce is trying everything to keep its clients’ business up and running during the pandemic.

FEXLE Services, a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, is committed to delivering the best-in-class Salesforce Covid support to its clients so that they can get a greater customer experience. Hire Salesforce consultants and harness superior return on your technology investment during Covid-19 and beyond.

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