Top Reasons Why Cross-Platform App Development Will Rule in 2021?

The revolution in the world of mobile applications brings a paradigm shift in the way we perform our daily lives. From booking a flight ticket to booking a ticket for cinemas, and from decorating homes and offices to ordering our favorite food, mobile apps play a vital role in mobile app development.

In the present time, there are more than 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world. The numbers are forecast to grow to several hundred million in the years to come. With the increase in the number of smartphone users, the demand for mobile apps also increases.

Along with smartphones, there are users who are using applications on tablets as well. As per Statista, the number of tablet users worldwide is recorded at 1.26 billion. The number will reach around 1.28 billion by 2021.

Here are some other interesting facts that will tell you the importance of mobile apps in the present scenario:

  • People on average spend 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day.
  • Users spend 90% of their time on one or the other application.
  • Global mobile application revenues are amounted to over 581.9 USD, and by 2023 the pool of revenue will reach $935 billion.
  • Even the consumer spendings on mobile apps are expected to reach $171 billion by 2024.

Such notable figures have grabbed the attention of mobile app development companies globally. In the present scenario of Covid-19, every business is striving hard to harness the power of an online platform. Amidst this, mobile apps will prove a catalyst for organizations’ growth.

Among the different kinds of mobile applications, cross-platform mobile app development has been very much in demand because of its multiple benefits.

In this post, we will discuss how cross-platform app development will prove beneficial for you and the reasons that will make it a trending choice in 2021.

What is Cross-Platform Development?

Before we dive into the technicality of the topic, let’s first brush up on our basics by understanding the meaning of cross-platform app development.

The process of creating a software application, which is compatible with multiple mobile operating systems, is known as the cross-platform app development process. 

Also goes by the name of hybrid app development, it is gaining traction around the world because of its impeccable app development capabilities for multiple devices, operating systems, and hardware systems.

cross platform app platforms

With cross-platform development, programmers use tools & frameworks to create codes that are extremely compatible and can work on different platforms.

Before hybrid app development, companies and developers have to face different shortcomings. The development of an app through a native process was quite costly; it requires huge investment in terms of technology and expert developers. 

But, the advent of cross-platform app development has streamlined the process of app development. It has helped in reducing overall development costs, resources, time, and other factors. Now, the developers can build multi-platform friendly, high-performing, and effective applications by using universal programming languages like JavaScript, Dart, etc.

You can connect with a cross-platform mobile app development company if you have any ideas for your business.

Top Benefits for Choosing Cross-Platform App Development

Until, now you must have understood the meaning of cross-platform app development, and also have a got a little idea how it will prove beneficial for your business,

Now we will learn the advantages of cross-platform app development that will help you save your time, cost, and resource. 

It Reduces Development Cost and Time – 

One of the best features of cross-platform app development is that it facilitates quicker turnaround time. Since a developer has to create a single app for a platform, it will effortlessly save lots of time, which can be used in something else productive.

Along with it, the process of software testing and debugging also gets easy. QA can identify bugs in the common code-based and get it tested and fixed at once.

It is Developer-Friendly –

The frameworks of this platform are designed, keeping in mind the comfort of developers. The cross-development frameworks comprise of easy-to-handle, dynamic & scriptwriting languages. Developers can easily work on these frameworks.

Another reason why it is developer-friendly is that it only needs javascript, CSS3, and HTML5 to build any application, with which developers are quite acquainted.

The cross-platform framework allows developers to use common hardware features on every mobile & user interface feature for different OS platforms.

Reusable Single Codebase – 

This factor of cross-platform is just what every mobile app developer requires. While building any application, programmers only have to write a single code, and it will cover multiple frameworks, mobile operating systems, and devices at once.

Your developer can write code once, and the app can be launched on multiple operating systems. The reusability of the code also influences and improves the different mobile app development stages because it requires fewer resources, less time to debug, and less costing.

It Supports Easy Code Integration –

Another important factor that affects the development of an application is the app hosting server. Cross-platform applications are great because they can easily get integrated with the cloud for hosting servers.

As the hybrid mobile apps use a single code source to coordinate with multiple extensions and plug-ins, we can say that such applications are highly functional and scalable and perfect for use..

It Supports Rich Plug-ins – 

Cross-platform apps never fail to grab your attention. And one of the reasons is the availability of the rich collection of plug-ins that comes with its frameworks.

Many cross-platform frameworks include plug-ins that will let the developers build a native library and integrate it to the SDK, such as Titanium, Rhodes, PhoneGap, etc.

With the help of the rich plug-ins, cross-platform apps are built with user-centric and advanced features.

It Requires Less Time To Market – 

In the native app development, businesses require separate strategies and proper planning for the market of each application. 

Well, that’s not the case with cross-platform applications. The time to market the application is quite optimized because developers only have to prepare a single code base instead of separate applications and devices. It will give assurance to businesses to launch the application at a rapid pace.

It is Ideal for Prototyping – 

Prototypes of any application are quite essential, especially if you are having a mobile app development company. Whenever a user hires a cross-platform mobile app development company, the first thing one asks for is the prototype of an application, and here cross-platform frameworks prove a boon.

It is easy for programmers to develop application prototypes. It requires less time to market on different platforms. It also provides businesses the opportunity to interact with the customers, understand their requirements through their feedback, and develop a niche in the market.

With a prototyping facility, cross-platform apps offer businesses a strategic push to secure the patents before any of their competitors.

Trending Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks for 2021

Cross-platform app development has been a part of the developers’ world for quite some time, and many of them must be aware of different frameworks that facilitate hybrid app development.

Below we have mentioned the top 3 most competitive and top-performing frameworks that will rule cross-platform app development in 2021.

Xamarin – This open-source framework solves multiple problems of native technology stacks and streamlines the hybrid mobile app development process. If you are planning to develop an app that runs on multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. then, Xamarin can turn your imagination into reality. Compatible with languages like C#, F#, and Razor, this framework featured Android quick-start and iOS quick-start, which help programmers in building a native user interface.

This framework is loved by developers and trusted by different enterprises.

React Native – It supports the approach of writing once, uses everywhere programming. Developers can build native functionalities with the use of a single code base and can also ensure its portability with iOS and Android mobile apps.

Developed by Facebook, this framework enables the development of applications that have the same look and feel of a native mobile app but with a more improved and interactive user interface,

Flutter – It is another open-source and free cross-platform framework that enables programmers to build beautiful native interfaces for iOS and Android apps. It is also an ideal MVP development framework.

Ever since Google brings the new Flutter 1.7 Stable version, developing native look-alike cross-platform applications have become easier for developers.

In a Developer Survey Result, Flutter ranked among the top 3 most loved frameworks in the world. Developers can see changes done in the code within a few seconds with the Hot Reloading feature of Flutter. With a full set of widgets and ready-made solutions, Flutter makes the cross-platform mobile app development process.


We have understood the market of mobile apps. We have also understood how the use of mobile apps, smartphones, and other devices has paved the path for a more suitable mobile app development process, and it is cross-platform app development.

People are getting more tech-savvy, and they want a complete package that can solve their problems. For this, mobile app development companies can offer cross-platform development services. It will not only enhance clients’ requirements but also help app development companies to deliver fast, user-centric, and greater ROI generating solutions.

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