Salesforce Brings Winter’24 Release – Key Dates, Release Information and More

The giant of cloud CRM has introduced new Salesforce Winter ’24 Release, and it is everything AI.

As the seasons change, so does the world of Salesforce. With anticipation building and innovation on the horizon, the Winter’24 Release is already here.

This release promises to bring a flurry of exciting updates and enhancements to the Salesforce ecosystem. In this blog, we’ll dive deep into the key dates, release information, and more, ensuring you’re well-prepared to harness the full power of Winter’24. Get ready to explore what’s on the horizon in the Salesforce world.


Mark Your Calendar for Salesforce Winter’24 Release Dates

As we gear up for the Salesforce Winter ’24 release, there are some essential steps to take. The first one? To know when this exciting update will hit your production instance.

It’s a good practice to thoroughly test all your organization’s key processes before this date arrives. While Salesforce releases are known for their reliability, a little testing never hurts to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Now, let’s talk about the Salesforce winter’24 release date. The exact release date for Winter ’24 depends on your unique Salesforce instance, but here are the main release weekends to keep an eye on:

  • September 1st, 2023 – Start checking the maintenance calendar to know the date when your org will get new winter’24 features.
  • September 14th, 2023 – Winter’24 release highlights will be revealed during Dreamforce 2023.
  • 13th October 2023 – Get ready to garner the brilliance of new Salesforce release features.

In the image below, you will find all the important dates along with information like release dates, sandbox preview, and more.

salesforce winter24 release

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Note – It is imperative for you to conduct a proper test run to ensure seamless working of the system after release of new features.


Highlights from Salesforce Winter’24 Release Notes

The major focus of this release is to bring the powers of Data, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Relationship Management systems, and Trust on a single platform and enable businesses to help their team work efficiently and in a smart manner.

Let’s learn the key highlights of the Salesforce Winter’24 release.

Key features for Admin

  • Helps admin build dynamic forms with standard objects on mobile.
  • Admin can enjoy workflow automation and rapidly connect their data.
  • AI helps craft emails, smart user-centric replies, work summaries, and more.

Key Features for Developers

  • The developers can enjoy extraordinary efficiency when it comes to data access and speed.
  • Winter’24 release will come up with a headless identity that elevates the digital experience of the users.
  • From now on, developers can easily copy all their assets from their sandbox and transfer them to the production environment with utmost ease.


Key Features for IT

  • Simplify complex collection process of customer docs by reducing administrative overhead.
  • Ensure robust safety and smooth running of tech systems.
  • The business users will have complete control over their data with an assurance of safety.
  • The self-service capabilities will improve the efficiency of the team.


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What are The Top Features of Salesforce Winter’24 Release?

Though the cloud CRM giant has published a list of Salesforce Winter’24 release notes on their official website, still we are sharing the most important ones, which will help you keep your business up and running.


In this release, Salesforce has made reports and dashboards in Lightning even better. You’ll find improvements in CRM Analytics, analytics apps, Einstein Discovery, and Tableau.


There’s an enhanced version of Commerce Cloud, where the focus will be on both B2B and D2C Commerce, Omnichannel Inventory, Salesforce Order Management, and Salesforce Payments.

Data Cloud

You now have more control over features in your account. You can activate Data Cloud objects and insights on your Contact or Lead standard or custom fields. Plus, we’ve expanded options to customize how your record home pages look.


Einstein is here to help you work smarter. There are new AI-powered features across Search, Commerce, Field Service, Sales, and Service. You can explore all these AI innovations in one place.


Marketing Cloud is your go-to platform for creating fantastic 1:1 customer journeys. It lets you build a complete picture of your customer, using data from any source. You can plan and fine-tune unique customer journeys based on your goals. Send personalized content through every channel and device at just the right moment. And, importantly, measure how each interaction impacts your business, so you can adjust and get better results in real time.


Salesforce Winter ’24 Release – The Conclusion

As businesses continue to navigate a dynamic landscape, staying informed about the latest advancements in Salesforce is paramount. The Winter ’24 Release brings a wealth of features and improvements across various domains, from analytics to commerce, and data management to AI-powered insights.

Whether you’re an administrator, developer, Salesforce consulting partner, or business leader, this release offers opportunities to enhance your operations, drive innovation, and better serve your customers. Mark those key dates on your calendar and prepare to embrace the future with Salesforce Winter ’24.


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