Salesforce Winter Release’ 23 – Some Important Highlights

Like always, Salesforce once again has come up with a plethora of updates and new features with its winter release in 2023.

The preview of Salesforce winter release’23 is now live, and it includes hundreds of exciting new features on display. The newly released features of the Salesforce winter edition will be available generally from October 17th.

The newly released winter features of Salesforce will empower companies to automate and scale complex business processes. Companies can also easily personalize the experience for their customers and leverage efficient growth.

With Salesforce winter release features in the picture, businesses can handle customer issues directly from Slack with the help of Service Cloud for the Slack application.

Business users will get an enhanced experience in-app and web messaging experience with an emoji keyboard. There will also be the feature of estimated wait time. Article recommendation and reply recommendation will quantify the value of Einstein’s setup.


The Best Things To Consider in Salesforce Winter’23 Release


Let’s take a quick overview of the latest Salesforce release – 

Improved Dynamic Forms 

It has become quite easy for business users to create a stronger account, contact, and opportunity record pages by configuring them with Dynamic Forms. 

As per the new features, business users can now easily migrate fields and sections directly from the page layouts as individual components. They can also configure the migrated fields like other components on the page. It brings flexibility to the process as users can see fields and sections on a display of the page layouts.

Broadcast Communication

Keeping every stakeholder in the loop has become a more seamless process than ever. The business users of Salesforce CRM can now proactively establish communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Sending a message to a large group of users at once is now possible by broadcasting status updates across digital channels such as email and self-service sites.

Broadcast Communication for customer service incident management can be personalized and customized for all the users or the selected authenticated users.

Users can directly send broadcast messages from the incident. The team can send email communication to a list of customers from a pre-populated contact list whenever any incident occurs.

External Actions

This feature improves the functionality of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It enables business marketing teams to streamline their marketing tech stack. The External Actions feature of the Winter Release 23 will help business users leverage the current engagement channels more effectively.

The Salesforce customers can develop external actions such as webinar registrations, sending SMS messages to prospects, sending surveys, etc., for third-party apps as well by leveraging the engagement studio program.

Business users can package and list on the AppExchange platform, which provides solutions for market teams’ use. 

External Actions will bring high-end automation into your marketing activities.

TikTok Integration

Social commerce has become more efficient and easy through TikTok integration with the Salesforce commerce cloud. The integration facilitates dynamic video advertisements and also automated smart product feeds for business prospects on the TikTok platform.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud and TikTok integration have enabled business users to efficiently leverage a new sales channel with the Salesforce commerce cloud.

Merchants can quickly publish their products on TikTok via catalog-focused ad solutions. This new feature has paved the path for businesses to acquire more new customers.

Tracking and Sorting To-Do List

If your organization is using the Sales Engagement feature this is good news for you all. The addition of the To-Do List enables business users to view tasks assigned to them in a single shot.

Reports and Dashboards

Reports and Dashboards have also got their own feature updates in the Salesforce Winter Release 23 update. There is a feature in Salesforce reports according to which a user can filter report types on the basis of Salesforce objects.

Salesforce continued this feature in the winter release 23 and enhanced it more by introducing the functionality that enables customers to find custom report types containing specific standards or custom fields.

Another new feature is the facility that enables users to review custom report types’ structure during report creation.

The Conclusion

As per the recent updates we have tried to cover all the latest released Salesforce winter 23 released features. The features will be available for the users from October. However, you can start using winter 23 pre-release orgs from now as well by clicking here.

The above-mentioned features are some of the important points from the Salesforce release cycle. We will keep you updated with more features and their benefits as per the time.

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