Salesforce Brings AI Cloud: Unveils the Empowering Features with Salesforce Consulting Services

Customer experiences, data analytics, and automation have become an integral in a business ecosystem. The advent of AI technology has opened the doors of growth and innovation for businesses across the globe. Salesforce, a leading CRM platform continuing its legacy, has recently launched Salesforce AI Cloud. With the AI Cloud, Salesforce is ushering in a new era of generative AI, empowering businesses to unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency, personalization, and productivity.

In this blog, we will delve into the extraordinary capabilities of the AI Cloud and explore how Salesforce Consulting Services can help enterprises leverage this cutting-edge technology to drive remarkable growth and success. Join us on this transformative journey as we delve into the limitless possibilities of the AI Cloud and its potential to shape the future of business in a truly unprecedented way.


What is Salesforce AI Cloud?

We can describe the newly launched product as a suite of multiple AI tools & services that induce enterprises to adopt generative AI. One of the best parts of AI cloud is its seamless integration capabilities with other SF products such as Einstein AI mode, Mulesoft, Tableau, and many more. Enterprises can leverage all AI-based products under one roof.


What Comes with AI Cloud? What is the Einstein Trust Layer?

Salesforce is known for its sturdy security. And continuing its unquestionable security offerings, the cloud computing company has also introduced the Einstein Trust Layer. It delivers the advantages of generative AI with strong data privacy and security.

Through Einstein Trust Layer, AI Cloud offers resilience to businesses to meet their demands related to data security and compliance. Businesses can accelerate their sales, services, marketing, commerce, and other operations and help you make your employees more efficient and productive.


Top Features of AI Cloud: Create Better Customer Experience & Empower Employees’ Efficiency

Sales GPT: Auto-generates personalized and data-informed emails for every customer interaction, streamlining sales prospecting and saving sales reps valuable time.

Service GPT: Auto-generates personalized responses grounded in relevant, real-time data sources, enabling service agents to resolve customer issues faster.

Marketing GPT: Creates personalized marketing content, such as emails, landing pages, and social media posts, that is more likely to engage customers.

Commerce GPT: Personalizes the customer shopping experience by recommending products, offering discounts, and providing customer service.

Slack GPT: Automates repetitive tasks in Slack, such as sending messages, scheduling meetings, and creating reports.

Tableau GPT: Generates insights from data and creates interactive visualizations that help users make a better decision. NLP shows real-real time progress in business.

Flow GPT: Automates business processes by creating and managing workflows. Sales reps get notified whenever a lead gets converted into an opportunity.

Apex GPT: Helps developers write code that is more efficient, secure, and bug-free. Developers get to enjoy speed and accuracy in code.


The Advantages of AI Cloud with Einstein Trust Layer

Trust and privacy are paramount for businesses. No business wants to compromise its privacy and security. And here comes Einstein GPT Trust Layer that bridges the gap between business and generative AI.

The new solution is a perfect way for businesses to safeguard their customer data and other sensitive information. It prevents LLMs from retaining data, and ensures trust among customers.

From Einstein to Tableau, and from Flow to Mulesoft, Trust Layer will empower each Salesforce solution. Following are the top benefits of generative AI for enterprises – 


Strengthen Trust

Businesses can embrace generative AI with full confidence and leverage the power of Einstein GPT Trust Layer with a strong data privacy, security, and compliance.


Utilizing 3rd Party LLMs

Large Language Models (LLMs), Amazon Web Services and Cohere are supported by AI Cloud. It means that businesses can securely host Salesforce infrastructure in these models and ensure the safety of customers’ interactions.



It stands for Bring Your Own Model. The AI Cloud allows customers to use their own custom models that they have trained outside of Salesforce. They can easily connect these models to AI Cloud, whether they have used Amazon SageMaker, Google’s Vertex AI, or other platforms. This connection is made through Einstein GPT Trust Layer. With AI Cloud, customers can keep their data safe and private within their own trusted infrastructure.


Enterprise Productivity

Salesforce’s Generative AI is designed to boost global economic growth by a massive $15 trillion and improve GDP by 26% by 2030. This powerful solution will elevate companies to new heights, enhancing efficiency and productivity to impress customers.


User-Friendly AI Prompts

Salesforce AI Cloud enables business users to create user-friendly AI prompts that simplify data analysis and generate content tailored to each company’s unique needs.

These context-rich prompts benefit various teams, such as sales, service, commerce, marketing, development, and IT, by enabling seamless collaboration with generative AI.

This ensures that time and resources are focused on essential tasks, preventing any distractions from irrelevant outputs.


What is the Pricing for Salesforce AI Cloud?

Salesforce AI Cloud pricing starts at $3,60,000 every year. This is a starter pack, and in this pack, you will get Tableau Analytics, Data Cloud, CRM, MuleSoft automation, and Slack. Additionally, you will get an AI-powered assessment, which will be free of cost.

The features of AI Cloud are rolled out in different phases – 

June 2023

  • Einstein GPT Trust Layer
  • Service GPT
  • Apex GPT

July 2023

  • Sales GPT
  • Commerce GPT

Later this year

  • Flow GPT (October 2023)
  • Tableau GPT (November 2023)
  • Slack GPT (Presently available in Beta version)
  • Marketing GPT (February 2024)



The advent of the Salesforce AI Cloud is a boon for enterprises, irrespective of their industry sectors. This world’s first AI for CRM is being leveraged by many businesses and enjoying its 1 trillion predictions per week.

Connect with a Salesforce consulting company like us, and discover many more benefits and features of this newly launched cloud product. Our certified Salesforce will help you harness the full potential of generative AI.

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