What are The Top Advantages of Salesforce Health Cloud Integration & Implementation?

Ever since the pandemic has hit our world, it has dramatically changed the way we used to live. Different businesses and industries got affected because of Covid-19 in multiple ways. One of the major industries, which hit a new bar, is the healthcare industry.

According to a study by Facts and Factors, the global healthcare IT market will be expected to surpass USD 662 billion by 2026. The market was estimated at USD 185 billion in 2019.

The outbreak of pandemics has been a major factor that made people realise the importance of having fast, reliable, and sturdy healthcare services.

And here comes Salesforce health cloud into the picture to take patients’ care to the next level. There are multiple benefits of Salesforce health cloud, but before we move ahead and discuss those, let’s first discuss and understand this platform in basic.

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What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

In simple words, we can describe Salesforce health cloud as a patient relationship platform that empowers healthcare companies to establish better & personalized engagement with patients.

Through Salesforce health cloud, integration your healthcare organization can harness the power of cloud technology along with mobile technology, social technology, and many more.

This medical CRM enables you to get a complete overview of your patient’s condition, medical history, the treatment they are getting, doctors’ that treat them, and many other factors that will help a healthcare organization to manage patients smartly and with better connectivity.

What Are The Features of Salesforce Health Cloud?

Opting for Salesforce health cloud integration services for smooth healthcare management is essential and for that, we have come up with these top features of Salesforce health cloud that will help you manage to understand this medical CRM more accurately.


Data Management – One of the most important features of the health cloud is its impeccable ability to manage all the clinical data. A healthcare organization can easily manage EHR integration, HL& compliant interface, EHRData objects, and individual patient model, through this platform.


Holistic Overview of Patients – 

Salesforce is known for its ability to offer a 360-degree customer view that becomes a single source of truth for businesses. This ability of Salesforce is inherited in its product also. 

Through Salesforce integration services, healthcare organizations can check the entire profile of a patient, his or her health timeline, the details of the patient care team, health issues, scheduling history, and other clinical and non-clinical details of a patient by using the Salesforce health cloud.

With Salesforce health cloud integration, you can ensure an appropriate and upscale treatment for your patients.


Improved Productivity

The Salesforce health cloud is equipped with multiple amazing features and functionalities that will ultimately affect care team productivity. Through the following features and functionalities of the Salesforce health cloud, you can raise the bar of your care team’s productivity:

  • Prioritizing the patients as per their requirements.
  • Collaboration among the intra-care team members.
  • Easy configuration of patient setup.
  • Smooth care plan management.
  • Seamless customization of care team plans.
  • Smart population analytics.
  • Easy to use patients’ segmentation filters.
  • Rapid lead to patient conversion.


Benefits of Using Salesforce Health Cloud in Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

We hope by now you must have got a fine idea about Salesforce health cloud. And to harness the full potential of Salesforce consulting services for the health cloud platform, it’s imperative to understand the advantages of Salesforce health cloud.

Salesforce health cloud comes with a bundle of benefits. The advantages are many, and therefore we have divided them into different categories, ranging from healthcare providers to medical devices companies.

Let’s move ahead and understand the importance of Salesforce health cloud integration services in hospitals and healthcare organizations.

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Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Providers

Often people mistakenly take the Salesforce health cloud for Electronic Health Records, which is popularly known as EHR. However, both are totally different platforms, but the interesting thing is, healthcare organizations can get all the features of EHR in the Salesforce health cloud.

You can unlock all the features of the legacy system of EHR in the Salesforce health cloud. The best part is you will get to enjoy all the benefits of EHR and CRM under one umbrella.

Following are the major benefits of Salesforce health cloud for the providers:

  • 360-degree overview of patients’ data including, current health, medication history, care team and doctors, and many more.
  • Elevated & holistic patient experience by developing a customized healthcare plan as per the requirements of patients. It also helps in building a strong connection between caregivers and patients.
  • Better engagement & coordination between the care team and patients can be developed by using a community cloud where patients and caregivers can communicate with one another.


Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Payers

There are certain benefits of the Salesforce health cloud that are health insurance industry-specific. The cloud-based medical CRM enables payers to engage with the members in an efficient way and help them offer proactive services.

For all the members who would like to claim their insurance money, the Salesforce health cloud has some perks. These perks are as follows:

  • The facility of omnichannel communication where members can be contacted at any given time and at any stage. All thanks to the automated workflow system and omnichannel communication system.
  • The facility of personalization of the member services is possible through Salesforce health cloud and its smart recommendation feature.
  • There will be seamless management of member care programs that are scalable. The management can be done through utilization management, proactive risk identification, and real-time integration, etc.


Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Biotech/Pharma Companies

For strong and intuitive patient support, many businesses are using the health cloud platform. The system will help businesses to centralize all information of patients, track their status, and help businesses keep down their operational costs.

Other benefits of health cloud for Pharma Company are as follows:

  • A pharma business can have better access to all the data through any device or system.
  • Empower biotech and pharma businesses to personalize their services as per patients’ requirements.
  • Better fulfilment tracking and streamline patient sign-ups.
  • It reduces excess operational costs by launching therapy-specific support.


Salesforce Health Cloud Benefits for Medical Devices Companies

For medical device manufacturing companies, it is essential to streamline certain processes and actions such as building good customer relationships, proper commercial process management, and offering supportive patient care experience, to name a few.

Following are the top benefits of Salesforce health cloud for medical devices manufacturing companies:

  • The solution empowers sales and accounts teams.
  • Empower businesses with account-based forecasting.
  • It will help businesses enhance overall experience and outcomes.


The Conclusion

Hospitals have proved themselves as the most imperative part of our lives, and with the Salesforce health cloud, the quality of health services has elevated.

According to a recent survey, around 71% of patients prefer healthcare practitioners that have mobile apps, which garner personalization.

Through Salesforce health cloud implementation, health organizations can garner personalization. Hire Salesforce consulting company, and get the best of the Salesforce health cloud services.

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