Learn How To Play Audio & Video Files in Salesforce Through Media Files Player

Salesforce leaves no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction and customer relationship. Ever since cloud computing technology has become a part of our lives, the productivity of businesses is elevated and they have started operating in a more customer-friendly and interactive manner.

Compact with impeccable features and next-gen functionalities, the Salesforce CRM platform often lags behind when it comes to accessing and previewing the attached media files within Salesforce org.

To resolve this problem, Salesforce has come up with the world’s first media files player tool that has been designed and developed to drive your media file attachments related intricacies away.

Let us move ahead and learn everything about this brilliant tool namely, Media Files Player.

Why FEXLE Services Developed Media Files Player?

There is no second thought that Salesforce is a platform equipped with upscale functionalities and offers unparalleled benefits to its users, still the platform restricts users to manage and preview their uploaded media files directly from their Salesforce org.

For users who have to work with media attachments frequently, accessing each file is daunting. To access or preview them within their Salesforce org, users first have to download them on their local machine, and only then they can play them.

There are a few steps that users have to go through over and over again in order to preview the attached media files, these steps include:

  • Going to a customer record
  • Click the attachments
  • Download the attached media files
  • Save the file on the local disk, 
  • Play the file, and
  • Delete files to avoid unnecessary storage issues.

You can see how lengthy, time-consuming, and costly is the entire process. To avoid redundancies, we have come up with the Media Files Player tool. It allows Salesforce users to play, access, and preview the media file attachments directly into the Salesforce environment without having them downloaded on the local system.

Play Audio & Video File Attachments Directly Within Salesforce Org With Media Files Player

FEXLE Services, with its team of seasoned professionals, have been working on the development of a tool that enables users to access and preview attached media files within the Salesforce environment, and Media Files Player emerged as a solution.

Media Files Player is a tool that will allow users to access and preview media files directly into Salesforce org without actually downloading them.

In simple words, the Media Files Player lets you experience the down-free media files access for easy and smooth media files preview in Salesforce org.

Two Distinctive Features of Media Files Player

The impeccable features of this media files tool will help users in multiple ways. Among many, the two most important features of Media Files Player are as follows:

Direct Preview

Users, who install this tool in their Salesforce org can access and preview media files within their Salesforce org itself. They can easily avoid the intimidating and tiresome process that has been discussed above. The media files are audio, video, image, which can be watched easily without downloading them.

Preview Externally Hosted Media Attachments

Not all the users uploaded their media files into their Salesforce environment. Some also have their files uploaded on the externally hosted servers. For such users, we have equipped this functionality, where users after doing simple configurations and placing media file’s URL into the system can access and play externally hosted files easily.

All you need to do is to do simple mapping of externally hosted files in Salesforce and Media Files Player will play the data in the Salesforce environment.

CLICK HERE To Read More Features of Media File Player. 

Media Files Player and its Brilliant Benefits

Play Videos Files – You can easily play the video attachments directly in your Salesforce org without downloading them.

Play Audio Attachments – Say goodbye to the daunting process of downloading and playing the audio files. Me it MP3, Wav, or any format, Media Files Player can play every audio file for you.

Image Access – Leverage the benefits of Media Files Player, and enjoy accessing image media attachments in Salesforce org directly.

Lightning Ready – Another factor that makes this app more suitable for you is its compatibility with the Lightning version. Users of Media Files Player can help you engage with a user-friendly interface, smart dashboards, and easy to use drag & drop widgets.

Time Saver – As this tool allows users to play and access files directly into their Salesforce environment, therefore, they can save ample of time and invest it into something more productive work.

Easy Configurations – FEXLE developed Media Files Player with easy configuration functionality. Users who are unaware of Salesforce standard functionalities, even for them the configuration of this tool is easy to conduct.

How to Play Audio and Videos ‘Files’ in Salesforce? Play Media File Attachments Directly Within Salesforce

If you are also asking the same question, then worry not. We are here to help you out. Here is the list of steps through which you can easily utilize Media Files Player:

  • Install Media File Player from the AppExchange platform. CLICK HERE.
  • Register your Salesforce domain. (Skip the step if you already have one)
  • Configure custom metadata. Here you will set the metadata for the type of file you want to access. For e.g. jpeg, png, etc. for images, Wav, mp3 for audios, mp4 for videos.
  • Make configuration to enable this app in your Salesforce environment.
  • Enable the trusted sites so that Salesforce allows the URL of 3rd party servers.
  • Enjoy using Media Files Management.

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Media Files Player is the first media management tool. Users of this application can expect some exceptional features and functionalities to its users.  There will be no download process, there will be an easy configuration and time-saving process that users can enjoy through this tool.

The team of developers is constantly working day in and day out to enhance its features, and in the near future users can expect more reliable and feature-rich functionalities from Media Files Player.

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