How Businesses and NPOs Can Harness The Power of The Community Cloud?

Salesforce is a user-oriented CRM solution provider that always thinks of building a strong customer relationship. Its aim is to build a strong community of trailblazer who delivers excellent Salesforce consulting services to clients and drive success and growth.

In their quest to deliver a top-notch solution, the cloud computing company has introduced Salesforce Community Cloud.

salesforce community cloud

It is a platform that allows businesses to build branded online communities. Organizations can build these communities to connect with customers, employees, external partners, etc.

Businesses across the world are widely accepting community cloud. According to a report by research and markets, the market value of the community cloud is expected to grow to 5.97 billion USD by 2023, which was valued at 1.296 billion USD in 2017. The expansion in the community cloud market during this period recorded the growth at a CAGR of 29.02%.

Community Cloud helps businesses in building different types of community. The customer community can be used for support & feedback. The partners’ community is highly beneficial for B2B businesses to generate qualified leads, track revenue, and many other functionalities. There could be an internal employee community driven by HR and IT information, where employees can discuss and collaborate.

Understand Salesforce Community Cloud in Six Easy Points

Primarily known for building superlative web portals, Salesforce Community Cloud enables businesses to stay helpful towards clients, officials, and partners.  

You can also go for community cloud integration that helps businesses to smoothly manage the relationship among the partners and customers as well. There are many other different factors that make the community cloud a perfect choice for business, but before we discuss them, let’s try to decipher this platform in six simple points.

1. Salesforce Community Cloud is an online platform that helps companies build branded sites to create a relationship with customers, employees, and partners with one another.

2. With this platform, you can still leverage CRM data easily. All you need to do is to connect it with your community or any external system.

3. The platform facilitates users with all essential records & data that can help them completing task easily.

4. Community Cloud empowers your businesses to create customized and branded communities. Companies can experience hassle-free enterprise collaboration and well-managed business process.

5. Businesses and employees can easily access any data (required) in real-time, support customers effectively, and also close the deals rapidly with the help of Community Cloud implementation services.

6. Community Cloud is highly flexible and it suits best with all business demands and uses cases.

Features of Community Cloud

The community Cloud platform is filled with lots of brilliant kinds of stuff. There are multiple features that make it a perfect choice for business.

Easy Integration

Irrespective of the sources, you can easily link your Salesforce or externally located data to the community cloud functions such as cases, opportunities, leads, campaigns, etc.

Personalized Experience

The community cloud helps businesses to customize the experience for every user with the help of CRM data. You can easily define audiences and target prospects with personalized content.

Device-Oriented Designs

The communities that are designed are a hundred percent mobile-oriented. Each design is highly responsive and easy to use. The excellent interface suits everyone.

Improved Onsite Engagement

Community Cloud, evident to its name, helps improve onsite engagement. It will help you identify the most active members with customer profile badges. With the help of this platform, you can also enable members to endorse each other for specific skills and expertise.

Easy Tracking

You can easily and rapidly get the insights of the platform at your fingertips. The lightning dashboard helps businesses to understand the behaviour of customers. You can check the areas such as most popular groups, adoption and engagement, users, topics, etc., in detail.

Organized & Accessible

You can easily access all the collected information through auto generated topic pages. It will help you keep your search simple by letting you easily discover content collected on any subject discussed in the community. You can find common connections, follow topics of interests, and many other things.

What Are The Benefits of Community Cloud for Businesses?

Strong Rapport with Partners

  • You can build a strong partner portal and handle partner management aspects easily.
  • You can easily do lead sharing, contract handling, performance tracking, etc.
  • Community Cloud streamlines things associated with vendors, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  • Partners can harness details on any product or service as per their discretion.

Address Customer Queries

  • Businesses can effectively bridge the gap with customers by using the community cloud.
  • It enables businesses to develop knowledge platforms, wherein customers can get useful business information, articles, etc., related to products.
  • A community can write queries to their customers, and other members can respond to them easily.
  • It works best for B2C ventures.

Enhance Productivity

  • Community cloud comes with multiple third-party tools that help businesses save their cost.
  • The self-service portal will offer round the clock customer support that allows businesses to reduce expenses on ticket resolving.
  • With a community cloud on your side, you can put all brand promotion content in one place rather than putting it on different portals.
  • The platform streamlines all major functionalities of a business and helps in saving a big amount and improves productivity.

Helpful for Customers and Sales

  • Hire Salesforce consultants and go for seamless community cloud integration service. It will help you bridge the gap between developers and employees.
  • The employees and developers can easily collaborate as per the project requirements, even through mobile devices.
  • For the sales team, this platform is a boon. They can manage their works such as lead generation, budget assignment, sales report tracking, and many other works.

How NPOs Can Leverage The Salesforce Community Cloud

The strong platform of the community cloud helps non-profit organizations to connect with multiple constituents irrespective of locations and also offer real-time engagement.

Here’s how the community cloud proves helpful for a non-profit organization:

  • NPOs can build and nurture healthy partner relationships and fund providers.
  • Allows constituents to collaborate strategically.
  • Provide the necessary details to the target audience as per their requirements.
  • NGOs can build a safe platform for constituents that have the same interest.
  • Community cloud provides collaborative efforts via social intranets.
  • NPOs can build smart connections through partner communities and member communities.
  • Excellently raise significant fundraising.


Community Cloud is an amazing platform. Allow your business to grow and flourish with this exemplary platform. You can connect with FEXLE Services and hire Community cloud integration services for your business.

The solution provider will help you with the professional services that cater to your needs specifically. Hire Salesforce consultants for all your CRM-centric needs. 



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