The Biggest Salesforce CRM Trends 2022 That Will Prove to Be the Game Changer

This new year, businesses are all set to drive success & growth by embracing technological innovation. However, there are many businesses that have already embraced the Salesforce technology; all are keeping close eyes on the upcoming trends of Salesforce.

The reason to keep track of the latest Salesforce trends in 2022 becomes essential because this CRM platform evolves at a fast pace, and with every evolution, it brings something new.

Our expert team of Salesforce consultants and professionals made this list of Salesforce 2022 trends. It will help you keep up with the technology and help you understand what the future has for you and your business:


AI is Getting Imperative for Businesses

Artificial Technology is affecting every business and every industry. Technology is affecting every aspect of our lives and daily routine.

According to a report by Gartner, the technology is already embraced by 14% of global CIOs. Experts estimated that AI technology integration with Salesforce CRM will definitely boost global business revenue by the end of 2022 and beyond.


Social CRM is in Vogue

In simple words, social CRM is the integration of different social media channels into the Salesforce CRM channel.

The social CRM will enable businesses to learn what their existing and prospective customers are saying & posting in the social world. It also helps businesses to understand their sentiments and deliver user-centric services.

Voice-Based User Interface

In a survey, it has been revealed that almost 94% of apps users believe voice technology to be easy to use as well as time-saving.

And there is no doubt in it that voice-based UI is changing the way people are using the internet. Its integration with a Customer Relationship Management system like Salesforce will only make the user experience easier and enjoyable to use.

Through voice technology with CRM, it becomes easy for businesses to track, update, message, and notify customers’ data.


The Power of Automation

The Salesforce power of automation is impeccable. And automation is evolving and getting better with each day. Through the power of automation, it becomes easy for businesses to become tech-savvy & stay above the edge.

From sales to marketing and operations and human resources, each department is a business that can be leveraged from Salesforce’s automation power.

Chatbot simplifies communication with customers and among employees. Similarly, other technologies with automation optimize every process, improvise sales, and elevate business efficiency.


Holistic Customer View

The term holistic view is popularly known as Customer 360. Salesforce CRM is a platform that holds every minuscule data collected through different stages.

Powerful CRM like Salesforce with a strong database makes everything easy for business. Its capability of 3rd integration works as a catalyst.


The IoT Technology

Tech Jury in its report said that there will be 64 billion IoT devices across the world by 2025 coving myriad instruments like wearable health monitors, cyber security scanners, etc.

Integration of IoT devices with Salesforce technology will help businesses improve customer experiences. With the help of IoT technology, businesses can monitor & service their customers & pro-activate the entire business process.


Salesforce Slack Merger

The slack acquisition has been one of the priorities of 2021. The Salesforce slack merger has enabled businesses to combine remote and onsite work. It has given businesses an opportunity to work in a hybrid work environment.

Slack has accelerated the communication process in the business. It empowers everyone in a company to collaborate, communicate, and take action on information from across Salesforce.

It streamlines every department like sales, services, marketing, etc., and manages workflows. It will automate routine business processes in Slack and accelerate a secured work environment with external partners, vendors, customers, etc.


Health Cloud 2.0

The advent of Health cloud 2.0 has brought many innovations in the healthcare industry. With the health cloud, 2.0 health companies enable companies to get ready to face the post-Covid-19 world such as vaccine management, contact tracing, and wellness assessments.

The health cloud 2.0 will be trending in the coming years. It will be a boon for the healthcare industry that manages proof of vaccination, integrates with testing vendors, and offers automated & personalized communication.


Flow Orchestrator

Flow Orchestrator is emerging as a new Salesforce trend and it will continue to grow beyond 2022 because of its impeccable features. This feature helps businesses overcome challenges like lost revenue, low customer satisfaction, and less productivity.

The simple to use functionality with click and no code principle, flow orchestrator will empower admins to quickly configure, deploy, and maintain sophisticated & seamless automated business processes.

Another best thing about its popularity among trailblazers are its two features – Steps and Stages – both increase the impact of your new & existing flows.



This new infrastructure architecture is an emerging trend of Salesforce. It has the ability to unify the foundation of multiple clouds and scale up Salesforce platforms ability to get secured even using the public cloud partners.

It enables businesses to meet their requirements of local data storage with the help of tools, deployment patterns, security practices, and other software development processes.

With the help of Hyperforce, the implementation time gets reduced effectively & allows resources to be deployed on the public cloud most quickly and effectively.


Biggest Salesforce CRM Trends 2022 – The Conclusion

Salesforce is an advanced technology. It is a platform that comes with different innovations every day. The overall Salesforce trends 2022 prediction would be that the technology will be used by more and more businesses.

Businesses that are looking to adopt Salesforce CRM consulting services, for them it is the right time to have one. The rising & advanced trends will pave the path of growth & success for your business.

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