How Salesforce Digital Process Automation is Supercharging Different Businesses Across Different Industries?

Everyone wants to have a seamless user experience, and even businesses are striving towards building the same with each passing day. In this era of machine learning and artificial intelligence, businesses from different industry verticals are looking for a solution through which they can streamline business processes, improve team efficiency, and improve business growth.

Here comes digital process automation into the picture. It is a suite of task-based components & services, which is designed to deliver digital-first and industry-specific experience to the users irrespective of devices and channels.


The Need of Digital Process Automation

There are still many businesses for whom gathering data from across the channels is a challenging task. There prevailing multiple silos and disconnected systems in a business which makes it impossible for its work in a distortion-free work environment. There are also still many companies that are paper-based. Managing data on paper, keeping proper records, and analyzing information causes delay in work and therefore, there emerges the need for process automation through which silos can be broken.

With the advent of Digital Process Automation, businesses from different industry verticals have started reassessing the traditional ways of engaging with their clients and driving an enhanced experience for them as well as for the employees.

Three of the most important challenges that a fiscal or any business faces are the persistence of outdated systems, manual processes, and fragmented data.  To overcome these & more challenges comes digital process automation in the scene, which will help businesses eliminate following more challenges:

  • Siloed back-office & front office system, which has led to a disconnection between employee and customer experiences.
  • Slow & manual process caused by the legacy system & technology.
  • Lengthy and manual text-heavy apps.
  • Slow response to customer queries due to manual process.
  • Offline payment system.
  • Not enough insight into portfolios.


Salesforce Digital Process Automation Drives Exceptional Customer Experience

Salesforce is the harbinger of the most innovative and advanced level solutions that enable businesses to overcome the above-mentioned predicaments. 

The Salesforce DPA or digital process automation enables businesses to gain a 360-degree view of customers, business, and processes. Businesses can get deeper into the core process and resolve disputes, provide resolutions, and improvise services.

Here are the different tools and functionalities of Salesforce that are based on digital process automation. These are no code workflow tools that will simplify your business processes and integrations.



Through this businesses can create guided customer experience across multiple channels without any code. The drag and drop functionality of this tool will integrate enterprise data into the process. It will be easy for you to build and deploy UI components into the processes by creating a pixel-precise, branded customer experience.


Decision Tables

Get the process streamlined through decision table functionality. This will help businesses in simplifying different complex rules & actions irrespective of the industry. These rules could be price discounts, care management, fiscal –plan, etc.

The decision tables will help you with the following things: a) easy management of if-else conditions, b) activation of decision tables for condition evaluation, c) acceleration of speed to market with declarative setup.


Document Generation

Through this functionality, a business can automatically read and define document templates and different processes. There is a Template Designer functionality through which companies can design documents DOC and PPT in different templates. It will be easy for a business to unify the end-to-end doc management process.

The businesses can also unify the end-to-end doc management process with the help of Salesforce document generation functionality. 


Data Processing Engine

Now hire a Salesforce consultant and leverage Salesforce digital process automation to its fullest. It will be easy for you to develop the definitions of a data processing engine that will transform data as needed.

Digital process automation in Salesforce will enable a business to define and transform a high volume of data declaratively. It will also be easier for businesses to run and monitor data processing engine definitions.


Salesforce Digital Process Automations in Different Industries


Financial Industry

  • Streamline and modernize client onboarding experience.
  • Enables document automation.
  • Bring connected user experiences, which empower wealth advisors.
  • Easier to use declarative integration tools across KYC.
  • Streamline quote to claims process by enabling digital, customer-centric insurance.
  • Brings insurers and policyholders closer together.
  • Enables unifying insurance experiences.
  • Fuel bankers’ productivity and compliant collaboration.


Healthcare & Life Science Industry

It has now become easy for the health industry to improvise outcomes in healthcare & life science. All thanks to the advent of digital process automation in the Salesforce industry.

  • Healthcare businesses can perform multiple complex tasks like case management, billing, claiming, etc., with ultimate ease.
  • Inventory management and preauthorization become super easy.
  • Easy integration of external data into workflow processes with the help of an easy to use drag and drop configuration facility.
  • Improvise experiences for clients, patients, members and providers.
  • Availability of a smart portal that guides users through tasks and interactions.

Manufacturing Industry

Salesforce brings multiple benefits to the manufacturing industry. With the introduction of digital process automation in the scene, the industry becomes smarter than ever.

The manufacturing industry has multiple facets such as sales, services, factory, supply chain, etc. With process automation and Salesforce implementation, each process gets transformed.

A business can enhance its digital capabilities through DPA and also modernize its operation processes that will help businesses deliver ultimate personalized services.

As it’s a no-code process, the workflow automation will streamline processes like claims, rebates, quoting, forecasting, etc.


Key Benefits of Salesforce Digital Process Automation (DPA)

Digital process automation aka DPA is a series of tools. It is compatible with different clouds like healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, etc. Through digital process automation and Salesforce implementation, businesses can experience and improve delivery of the Salesforce solutions.

The advantages of Salesforce digital process automation are as follows:

  • It will be easy for businesses to provide consumer-level & guided experience across multiple channels without code.
  • Businesses can make insightful decisions and actions on the basis of a collection of rules.
  • The automation will orchestrate end-to-end workflows.
  • Creating highly formulated docs and developing templates with Salesforce data streamlines many processes.
  • It will be easy for companies to infuse customer data in context with low code or no code integration tools.


There are many businesses that have recently started getting acquainted with the Salesforce digital process automation journey while others are still articulating on its adoption.

If you are finicky about the solution, we suggest you hire a Salesforce consulting company or a professional & certified Salesforce consultant that will help you understand & leverage the power of Digital Process Automation.

FEXLE Services is a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner with more than a decade of experience. The certified & professional teams will ensure you best practices for the successful implementation of the solution.

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