Improvise Your Customer Services with Salesforce Case Management System

The advent of advanced technologies has changed the paradigm of customer services. Gone are the days when businesses used to consider their customers merely as a customer id. The present epoch belongs to the customer, and the businesses that fail to deliver customers in a customized and personalized way are compelled to lose them to their competitors.

According to a recent survey by State of the Connected Customer report, 91% of the customers accepted that good customer service is a prominent factor that enables them to purchase again from the same brand.

To enable businesses to deliver the best customer support, Salesforce has come up with a unique solution, namely, Salesforce Case Management System.

salesforce case management

Salesforce Case Management System

Before we move ahead and discuss the benefits of this system, let’s first understand what the Salesforce case management system is in brief.

In simple words, Salesforce case management is a system that enables companies to collect & organize customer service data (conversations & interaction records with customers) that takes place on different communication channels. Every conversation or interaction between a business & customers is a case. The system helps companies track each case for better resolution and effective customer strategy formulation.

  • A business can deliver customer support as per the level of customers’ needs.
  • It is easy to track customers’ queries, their reviews & remarks, and other issues if they have any.
  • Businesses can effectively pinpoint the best solution to customers’ queries.
  • Case management facilitates proper channels for query resolution, such as auto-generated emails, follow-up emails, etc.
  • Close the case post ensuring that the case is being resolved properly.


Salesforce Case Management Features for Better Customer Services

Salesforce case management ensures proper management of customer support cases from beginning to end. Case management could be a complex process, to help a business achieve excellence in the same, Salesforce provides some tools that ensure a better experience for customers and the support team.

Case Escalation

Case escalation is one of the most important aspects of case management wherein a case gets escalated to a higher-level team member or to a manager if that case cannot be resolved by the junior team members. 

The case escalation feature ensures that cases are timely getting resolved and customers are satisfied with the results.


Satisfaction Survey

The satisfaction of a customer plays a vital role in the success of a business. According to many reports, if customers are not satisfied with services or products, they switch to different brands.

Salesforce case management enables businesses to conduct customer satisfaction surveys. The surveys help businesses understand the level of their support services and their ability to resolve issues of customers.

On the basis of these surveys, companies can make improvements to their case management process.

Better Customer Understanding

A case management system provides support agents with everything which helps them resolve cases. All the inputs such as order status, service history, communication channel preference, interaction level, etc. are at the disposal of the customer support team. On the basis of these inputs, they can focus more on the customers which ultimately leads to happier customers.


Support Anywhere & Anytime

Technology has enabled businesses to expand their businesses across the globe, deliver services to a global clientele, and sell their products without worrying about borders. Global expansion comes with the challenge of catering to global clientele who are diversely situated in different parts of the world. Case management helps businesses solve this challenge.

A business can meet customers right where they are with the help of the best case management solutions. A support agent can communicate with customers across different channels and resolve their concerns in real-time on social media, mobile apps, web chat, or on a phone call.


Things you can do with the help of the Salesforce Case Management System

  • Businesses can manage their customer support requests in a more organized manner.
  • Each query works as an individual case which the support team can track and ensure its complete resolution.
  • Case management also helps the sales team in tracking and managing sales opportunities. The sales team can track the progress of a lead in the sales pipeline and take necessary steps to close the deals in favor of a business.
  • Case management is also helpful in project management.
  • Case management is a powerful tool that helps companies in managing their data and operations in a more strategic and result-driven manner.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce case management solutions can be leveraged via service cloud console through which a business can get a unified view of all customer interactions, making it easier for the business team to track & manage cases.

We have tried to cover every aspect of case management benefits. And if you have any doubt related to the topic discussed here, you can hire a Salesforce service cloud consulting company. The Salesforce professionals will help you leverage the system to its fullest.

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