What is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Datorama? An Ultimate Guide for Features, Use Cases & Benefits

Marketing is that bridge that connects a brand with customers & potential clients. It is the era of digitalization. Customers are diversely scattered. It becomes essential for businesses to keep proper track of every touch point.

Collecting humongous data from diverse sources, maintaining the data, and analyzing it for strategy and planning is a time & efforts consuming job.

Here comes Datorama into the picture. It is a platform by Salesforce that helps in storing and visualizing marketing data that is coming from various sources.

With the help of the Marketing Cloud Datorama, a business can easily keep track of all marketing spends, campaigns’ results, and the latest marketing trends. One of the best parts of using Datorama is that it does not require any coding skills. It is easy to use, and all stakeholders, such as executives, analysts, marketers, etc., can make a well-informed decision with the help of the successful Marketing Cloud implementation of Datorama.

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Strong Features of Datorama 

Mainly used for uploading and visualizing marketing data, the datorama Salesforce is compact with multiple exciting features. It is not possible to explain each here. Therefore, we have come up with a list of the best Datorama features, which will prove beneficial for you.

Data Capturing

Datorama offers four different ways to collect data. They are as follows –

  • Through API

There are different kinds of APIs for different marketing channels, such as social networks, google analytics, email, etc. It has a big collection of approx 300 API connectors.

  • Total Connect

A user can integrate different kinds of data in any format with the help of the total connect feature. Data integration will take place in real-time.

  • Custom Connectors

A business can create custom API connectors. It makes the data collection process super easy. There are some developer-specific tools that Datorama offers, they facilitate custom connectors development.


  • Datorama Data Lake

It facilitates the ingestion and incorporation of multiple rows of unstructured and structured data in a specific manner. Some of the most important levels include keyword levels, geographic location, click stream, events, registration, activities, and number of visitors, to name a few.


Data Modeling

Datorama enables data modeling that holds all information. As soon as Datorama captures the data the models place that data in their respective places. Data models enable businesses to understand data more effectively and make reporting more granular.

Datorama Reporting

It is one of the newly released features that provide data insights to users in a more engaging manner. Businesses can conduct more strong analysis of email & customer data.

All the data is collected and shown on a single dashboard that helps businesses in comparison, understand trends, and analyze data patterns.


Data Exporting

Marketers can easily export their data of marketing performance reports with other stakeholders, such as clients and managers, with the help of Datorama Salesforce.

A business can leverage the export data features of this platform, which come with additional tools and graph sets that help in report creation and better interpretation.


Some other interesting features of Datorama are as follows – 

  • Strong and intuitive dashboards that display data in a more understandable manner.
  • The Pivot Tables help in visualizing data from various perspectives.
  • InstaBrand allows users to customize reports & dashboards as per business requirements.
  • SmartLenses enable KPIs configuration key channel data modeling.
  • Einstein Marketing Insights helps businesses with KPIs that are impacting marketing performance positively and negatively.


The Benefits of Salesforce Datorama

If you have read this post up till now, it means you might be interested in Salesforce consulting services. So, before we tell you something about the same, here are a few Salesforce Datorama advantages that empower marketers –

Marketing Data Unification

Datorama excellently connects and unifies all marketing data ranging from spreadsheets to manual data entry, and from APIs to cloud integration.


Insightful Data Transformation

Datorama can handle messy raw data and transform it into an insightful report by harnessing the power of its built-in intelligence capabilities. Datorama leverages AI technology and completes data transformation in a time-efficient manner.


Complete Automation

Datorama eliminates manual efforts and automates everything. It automatically ingests data from different sources, collects in a centralized manner, and facilitates report making process effectively.


Measure ROI

Datorama allows users to connect the data of ad performance with sales and revenue data. It enables ROI-driven decisions. A marketer can analyze the data performance in real-time as well while the campaign is running.


Visualize Your Story

Datorama facilitates data visualization. You can create insightful graphs through which you can do effective storytelling of the marketing campaigns, their performances, and the result came.

The visualized data can easily be shared with required stakeholders such as agency partners, upper management, etc.



The use of Datorama brings myriad benefits. From data centralization to data management, and data visualization, it performs every task for users and helps them focus their time on more productive affairs.

Empower your sales and marketing team with Datorama by hiring Salesforce consulting company. Guidance from Salesforce experts will help you leverage the brilliance of this marketing intelligence tool to its fullest.

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