How Nube Transfer Ease Marketing Cloud Content Deployment Process?

Marketing Cloud and The Sandbox Set Up Process

Having a Sandbox is paramount for every app development process, as it facilitates developers with the liberty to smoothen their operations. In recent times the companies who work on the marketing cloud, they have three different options to set up a sandbox environment.

First is by using the same instance for the testing purpose, where once the app testing gets completed, users can release the app as a production. Some experts consider it as a risky practice because, at a certain point in time, users will have lots of dummy content collected into their instance, and if by mistake the collected dummy content is sent to the actual audience it will lead to the grave results.

Nube Transfer

The second method through which companies can experience Sandbox-like environment is by developing another business unit in the same marketing cloud. It is the most commonly followed method by companies across the globe. Here a separate BU is dedicatedly created only for the testing purpose. Once the testing gets completed, users can drive their entire content from testing BU to the production BU.

The final and the third option, which is also the most preferred and suitable option, and it is to purchase a different marketing cloud instance dedicated for testing purpose. It might come with an additional cost for the companies, but it will streamline the content deployment process in the marketing cloud.

Ideal Deployment Process and The Tools To Handle It

The reason we are telling you about the ideal process of marketing cloud deployment process is that the process is the root of the advent of content deployment tools, which we will discuss below.
Ideally, there is no set deployment process in the marketing cloud, and there is no specific tool also which can perform end-to-end migration.
Before the arrival of content deployment tools, companies have to perform every task manually.

The manual process of transferring data from one instance to another, not only augments the chances of error, but it was also time and cost consuming.
For example, if people created database onto the sandbox instance, they also have to manually create the duplicate database in a different instance, and the worst part is there were multiple instances, and whatever people do in test instance they had to do the same, in the target instances, all manually.

One can imagine the high level of duplicate efforts and its seriousness. To help users mitigate their duplicate efforts, to smoothen the deployment process, and to help users save time and cost, Salesforce Lab came up with a tool namely Deployment Manager.

Deployment Manager helps people in Meta-data migration up-to a certain level, which means it still requires people to put some manual efforts. It allows users to select the data extension, journeys, automation, etc. exported and deployed the target org from the source org.
Another important tool which streamlines the content deployment process is Nube Transfer.

How does Nube Transfer help in the Content Deployment Process?


Nube Transfer is the first-ever content deployment tool for marketing cloud. The tool is exclusively designed and developed by the experienced professionals of Fexle Services. The tool enables users to migrate all the content (email templates, creative, audio files, video files, landing pages, etc.) from one instance to another in a single shot. It helps companies saving their 98.5 % of the time, efforts, and cost.

Challenges That Nube Transfer Handles

We have mentioned above that the content migration is known as an intimidating task, where people had to perform tons of duplicate efforts. Along with it, the content migration task is also a costly affair, and then there was a productivity issue.
But with the emergence of Nube Transfer, people can say goodbye to the problems of duplicate efforts and other problems.

Functionalities of Nube Transfer
  • It allows an easy selection of the content from the source organization.
  • It enables seamless deployment of content into the targeted organization.
  • Users can track the deployment status in real-time.
  • Nube Transfer, the first-ever content migration tool, automates deployment process, reduce human errors.
  • It helps you avoid dependencies on different factors.
  • This marketing cloud content migration creates a package of all the content and migrates it from one BU to another without letting you depend on any dependencies.
The significant features of Nube Transfer include:
  • Migration between separate instances
  • Migration between different business units
  • Merging Instances
  • Org Split
  • Org Clean up, and
  • Enhanced security
Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the content deployment process is an intimidating job. People put tons of effort to migrate their content from one to another instance carefully without any error.

Content migration tools such as Nube Transfer comes as a boon for the users. We can say that these content migration tools have opened a new world for marketing cloud deployment tools. Future indeed holds lots of possibilities and opportunities for these content deployment tools where users can expect Nube Transfer to evolve as an end-to-end solution provider.

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