How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Dating App

The people across the globe are getting extremely busy with their lives. Most people are giving preferences to their career, money, house, etc.

To keep other things on priority, people are losing human contact. Ambitions and the urge to reach the pinnacle of their job made humans lonely.

Here comes dating mobile applications, the apps which connect two people on the basis of their interests and likings.

In the past few years, we have seen a dramatic surge in the demand for online dating mobile applications. Gone are the traditional ways of finding the right person.

According to market, the global online dating service market is expected to grow to USD 9,523.64 million by the year 2025 from USD 5,836.65 million in 2018.

The revenue generation from the global online dating domain is expected to reach USD 1,754 million by the end of the year 2020. The annual global revenue growth rate from the online dating segment will rise by 9.3%.

Talking about the Indian dating industry, the country is expected to generate revenue from the online dating segment by the end of the year 2020 us USD 51 million. Whereas the annual growth rate of the business of love from 2020 to 2014 is expected to rise by 10.2%.

You will be surprised to know the Average Revenue Per User from the online dating industry is projected to amount to USD 2.78 million in 2020.

The above-stated numbers clearly show the power of online dating apps and the extraordinary businesses these apps generate. These dating apps have fully changed the way we find someone.

The Pew Research Center has reported that 30% of adults in the United States have used online dating apps or websites and out of which 12% of people found a committed relationship.

Online mobile dating applications have shown remarkable success rates. It is evident that more and more companies are jumping into dating app development to harness the unparalleled benefits of the business of love.

In this blog post, we bring to all the useful information that will help you in developing dating mobile apps.

You will get to know types of dating apps, advance and basic features of a dating app, cost to build an app like Tinder, technology stack, and the strength required for it.

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Types of Online Dating Mobile Apps

Broadly the online dating applications are classified into four big groups. These groups are as follows:

Geo-Location Matching Apps

Such dating apps curate potential matches on the basis of geographic proximity. Apps like Tinder and Bumble operate in a similar way.


Algorithm-Based Matching Apps

Such kinds of dating applications are driven by offline matching service or the matching algorithms that find the best match on the basis of a person’s choice and personal survey. eHarmony dating app does matchmaking in the same way.


Traditional Dating Mobile Apps

These types of online dating mobile apps are the modern version of old-school dating websites. The best example of a traditional dating mobile application is OK Cupid, it replicates all the traditional dating website features into a mobile platform.


Niche-Oriented Dating Applications

Niche-focused dating apps are one of their kinds. These apps allow only selected people to register on its platform. The best example of the niche-oriented app is The League. This dating mobile app aims to connect people from their social circles or professionals like doctors, lawyers, etc.

The Grade is another brilliant example of the niche dating app that empowers women to make the first move and help them get rid of creepy dates who don’t share their details.


Important Functionalities of Dating Mobile Apps

The trend of dating apps like Tinder is surging rapidly. Various companies in India and across the world are ready to invest a huge sum in dating app development.

If you are also planning to develop a dating app like Tinder, then don’t miss any point below because below we will update you with all the basic and advanced features which one must include in their dating mobile applications.

Let’s move ahead and discuss all the dating app panels gradually.

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User Panel Features in Dating Apps


Registration – Users can sign-up with your dating app via mail id or via their social media accounts.

Real-Time Notification – Users will get a notification in real-time if a person of their interest criteria is discovered nearby.

Tracking and Navigation – On the basis of users’ preferences, they can find nearby persons and can start the conversations without any hassle.

Send Request – Users can check others’ profiles and on the basis of their interest, they can send a request to initiate communication. If they want they can send a request for meeting purposes as well.

Profile Builder – With this feature of dating app users can create and manage profiles. One can upload photos, stickers, quotes, and everything that resonates with their personality.

Profile Views – Mobile dating apps allow a user to check who viewed their profiles. It will enable users to identify people who are interested in their profiles and henceforth users can initiate the conversation.

Private Albums – Mobile dating apps allow users to create private albums while chatting on the app. These albums are encrypted and nobody can penetrate through it.

Winks  – These are one of the most loved features which users love. The dating app users make their chat more interesting and affectionate with the help of these signatures.

Accept/Decline Request: Users will have all the right to accept or decline the request on the basis of their preferences, interests, location, and criteria.


Admin Panel Features in Dating Apps


Membership Level Management – The admin will have the authority to manage members’ accounts. It will help in enhancing the security level by keeping spams at the bay.

Revenue Tracking – Admin can check the details of revenue generated via in-app purchase or subscription packages. The admin of the dating app can check the revenue captured on a weekly or monthly basis.

Multilingual Support – With the help of this feature, admin can check all the languages which an app supports. According to the physical location of the users, admin can delete or add languages as required.

Feature Management – The dating app-admin has the facility to manage and monitor the app features, their loading time, usability graphs, and other details easily.

Screen Management – The app screens can be easily monitored by the admin. The displays of the screen and the features embedded in them are managed easily. Admin can also improvise a screen and its features.

CMS – Users can easily manage and improve static content pages such as FAQs, About Us, Contact Us, App privacy guidelines, etc.

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Here are some of more basic and advance features of mobile dating applications


●      Chatting options

●      Functional Activities like geo-location, filters, etc.

●      Feedback system

●      Social integration

●      Additional features

●      Discovery settings like gender, age, distance, etc.

●      Dragging and sliding map interface

●      Real-time chat implementation

●      Push notification

●      Super-like

●      In-app purchase

●      Matching algorithms

●      Virtual gifts

●      Gamification

●      User anonymity

●      Template customization

●      Advertisements

●      Cloud-fare integration

●      Rewind buttons to chance location, tracking, etc.

●      Social Inetegration

 Technology Stack Which Helps in Dating Mobile App Development

An app advanced and rich in features and functionalities like Tinder require the latest technology stack. The technology package of tinder-like dating apps requires expertise. Below are mentioned the use of category wise technologies which will streamline the dating app development process.

Mobile App Stack


Backend/API stack


Website Stack


●       Swift

●       Objective C

●       Java

●       Ruby/Cucumber

●         Rubymotion

●       Node.js

●       JavaScript

●       HTML5

●       Elasticsearch

●       MongoDB

●       Redis

●       AWS

●       Python

●       Bash scripting

●       Mapbox

●       GoDaddy SSL



●       jQuery

●       Node.js

●       Nginx


Geo-Location, Google Cloud Storage, SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification are some other technologies that make your mobile app functionally rich.


Team Structure Required for Dating App Development

Developing a strong, feature-rich and functionally robust dating app is not everyone’s cup of tea. To build an app like Tinder and another amazing dating mobile application, it is essential to have the right set of talent and skilled team of dating app developers which hold mastery in their domain. Below are mentioned the list of required team members:

Project Manager – A person with great managerial skills and the ability to identify the best in the world of the mobile app industry.

Developers – The team of developers includes Android App developer, iOS app developer, back-end app developer.

Designers  – It is essential to have a creative and expert UX/UI designer as well as a graphic designer.

Testers – One should have a team of qualified and profound QA experts who promise smooth and rich user experience.


How Dating Applications Make Money for You?


The major ways through which admin of the dating app can generate money are as follows:

Subscription – App owners can charge subscription fees from users to use a dating app and its functionalities.

Ads – The dating applications generate money by selling space for ads to the 3rd party companies.

In-App Purchase – Money will generate when users utilize the specially integrated features in a dating mobile app.

Premium Plans – Here users of a dating app like Tinder pay fee to unlock additional or premium features.


How Much Does It Cost To Build a Dating App Like Tinder?


It is an expensive affair to build a dating application. If the owners want to build an application like Tinder, then one must rest assured of high development costs because such apps have complex infrastructure, development procedures, etc.

To develop even a basic dating application, it takes around 1200 hours.

Here you can find details of the cost involved:

App Development Cost

For Android – Time Taken = 1200 hours. Cost Incurred = $45000

For iOS – Time Taken = 1200 hours. Cost Incurred = $40000

Backend Development – Time Taken = 250 hours. Cost Incurred = $8000

App Designing – Time Taken = Approx 100 hours. Cost Incurred = $6000 for Android and $8000 for iOS

App Testing – Time Taken = 150 hours. Cost Incurred = $4000 for Android and $5000 for iOS.


The overall development charges will be around $68000 for iOS and $70000 for Android platforms. If you want to develop a multi-platform dating app, the price will reach above $100000

Now, as you have all the required understanding of dating app development, we hope you can make a rational decision and leverage the million dollars dating industry.

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