An Ultimate Guide of the Top Must Include Features of Hospital Management Software – Modules, Benefits, and Cost of Development

The global market for hospital management software was valued at USD57.1 billion in 2020 and it is projected to grow to a CAGR of 5.9% from 2021 to 2028.

In other reports by Globe News Wire, the market size of hospital management solutions is expected to reach revenue of USD 62.17 billion by 2027.

The realm of hospital information system development is expected to grow in the near future. If you belong to the healthcare sector and looking forward to a solution through which you can seamlessly run hospital operations then you have landed on the right page.

In this post, we will have a discussion on hospital management software through which you can improve the quality of healthcare services for your patients and team. We will also discuss the benefits of hiring a good hospital management software development company.

An ideal hospital management software solution, if developed accurately, it would garner brilliant results. It will improve efficiency, accelerate & elevate quality care for patients, and many more.

Before you hire healthcare software development service providers, we recommend you to go through this post entirely, and explore the myriad healthcare sectors of which you can take advantage with the help of hospital management system software.

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Who Are The Potential Users of an Efficient Hospital Management System?

Before you hire a software development team you should be aware of who will be the potential users of your high-end hospital management system software. Here are the list of top stakeholders who can get benefited from online hospital management system – 

Hospital Admin – To majorly monitor the activities of the hospital and conduct accounts management.

Hospital Doctors – To seamlessly manage patients’ appointments, prescriptions, and treatment details.

Hospital Nurses – To assist doctors properly and manage patients’ diagnostic reports.

Hospital Patients – To easily get an appointment from a doctor, manage treatment history, and contact doctors as required.

Hospital Accountant – To manage the payments of hospitals and also to streamlines invoice management from patients.

Hospital Laboratories – To manage and accelerate the performance of diagnostic tests and generate test reports.

Hospital Pharmacist – To manage the inventory, keep medical records, and provide medication.

Hospital Receptionist – To streamline the job of giving appointments to patients and contacting doctor.


What Are the Different Modules of on-Demand Hospital Management System Software?


Patient Registration Module

This is an important module of an online hospital management system solution that contains all the important data of patients. The following are important features of this module – 

  • Each patient will be given a unique ID which comes in handy at the time of patient tracking.
  • The module gives the details on the benefits which are entitled to patients.
  • All the emergency needs of a patient and their walk-in and telephonic appointment can be maintained via this module.


Module for Appointments

Evident to its name, this module of the healthcare management system handles appointments of patients for doctors and other departments like lab, radiology, etc

  • It accelerates patients’ scheduling process.
  • Patients will receive updates via email or text on their appointment schedule.
  • It facilitates patients to book an appointment online or offline as well.
  • Both patients, as well as hospital staff, can check the status of the appointments via this platform.


In-Patient Management

The module is helpful in managing the details of the patients admitted to the hospital currently. The staff can access patients’ information such as their demographics, details of the surgeon, consultant, room details, admission, and their dietary details. 

  • Every patient will get a unique admission number.
  • The module ensures the proper discharge process.
  • Generate records and other essential docs for signature.
  • It generates and delivers a holistic discharge summary.


Non-Admitted Patients Management

Make sure your custom hospital management software development service includes the outpatient management module in your system.

  • Easy to generate daily/monthly/yearly reports. Easy to generate date wise report.
  • It simplifies the process of patient billing and collection.
  • This module will be helpful in organizing services like labs, MRIs, X-Rays, etc.
  • Patients will get SMS updates for their next vaccine dose, payment, etc.


In-Patient Billing Module

Billing is also an imperative part of custom hospital management software. The billing should consist of all the details of consultancy and services availed by the patient. These details include the medicine prescription, doctors’ consultation, laboratory tests, ultrasound report, nursing charges, room rent, etc.

  • This module helps in accelerating revenue cycle management.
  • It delivers important data for building MIS reports.
  • One can leverage the electronic claim and paper-based services to send to insurance firms.


Discharge Summary

Once the patient gets discharged, the hospital administration software system creates an automatic discharge summary. 

  • The hospital can customize the discharge summary and include lab report details in it as well.
  • One can clearly see the feedback/complaints of patients along with their details of diagnoses.
  • At the time of discharge, this module can list the recommendations in a clear manner.

Lab management Module

Top-rated hospital management system software is always integrated with the lab information systems that hold the data related to the performed tests.

  • This module of hospital management software has listed all lab types of equipment.
  • As soon as the reports get ready, it sends an email or SMS to patients.
  • Lab billings can be generated for both in and out patients.
  • It is compact with an array of workflow modules.
  • The lab module sends reports to patients’ wards, and they can be seen on the screen.
  • Optimally and strategically organize reports of patients, information related to tests conducted, and other commercial records.

Radiology Module Management

If your healthcare center has a radiology department, then having this module is a blessing. Once the radiology-centric tests are booked, they will automatically be sent to the department of radiology.

  • It works centralized reporting for Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, X-RAY, etc.
  • Once the final report gets authorized by the expert, only then it can be printed.
  • It is a complete paperless solution. Provides reports to patients via patients’ panel.


Pharmacy Module Management

Integrate the pharmacy module into your hospital management software system. It streamlines the medicine purchase process and billing process as well.

  • The charges of medicine purchased get automatically updated to patients billing.
  • It mitigates the chances of wrong distribution of the medication.
  • The medicine management can be done in either FIFO or LIFO methods.
  • Stock management becomes very easy with this module of custom healthcare management software.


Key Advantages of Hospital Management Software

To run a hospital seamlessly is not an easy task. From reception to the lab and from operation theater to pharmacy, different stakeholders are connected to one another, and collecting data from such diverse sources, analyzing it, and getting insightful details out of it is not a piece of cake. 

All these and much more can be achieved by you if you have a strong hotel management system beside you. 

Below are mentioned some top benefits of hospital management system software that will help you make a wise decision.

Easy Data Accessibility

Storing data from a different department in a consolidated place becomes so much easier with hospital management software. What’s easier is to access this data as and when required.


From data collection to data mining and from data analysis to report generation, most of the task is handled by the hospital management system. Thus, it will help you save the cost of hiring new human resources and you can invest the same amount in some other productive place.

Less Error

The on-demand hospital management solution brings the benefits of less error in the process. The system handles problems like duplicate records and missing information and reduces the scope of error.

Better Patient Experience

When everything gets seamlessly done, it goes without saying that it will help hospitals and healthcare organizations to deliver a seamless patient experience by enhancing the quality of health facilities and services.

Staff Collaboration & Interaction

The work and process get so much smoother for different departments that one can leverage improved staff interactions and efficiency in the process. 

Revenue Management

To run a hospital, it is essential to have a proper track of revenue generation. Through a hospital management software system you can leverage revenue to the next level. The software will help hospitals to leverage accurate financial reports. With these reports one can formulate future strategies accurately.


How Much Does It Cost to Build Health Management Software System?

Do you want to know the cost of developing an HSM system? If yes, then  it means you must have understood the brilliant advantages which you can leverage via on-demand hospital management software development services.

The cost of the development of an HMS system varies dynamically. It massively depends on five different factors that are the platform on which you wish to build the software, the technologies used, the number of features you wish to include, functionalities and their complexities you wish to inculcate in the software, and the geographical location of the development i.e. the place to which you hospital management software.

Additional factors that affect the cost of development – 

  • User interface design
  • Module development
  • Third party API integration
  • Complexities of app
  • Testing and maintenance
  • Size of the development team
  • Hour per development
  • Project timeline

Considering all these factors, we have come up with a ballpark figure. The total cost of hospital management software development ranges between $20,000 to $70,000.


Custom Hospital Management Software Development Services – The Conclusion

We have discussed every essential aspect of HMS software development that a modern hospital should keep in mind at the time when they hire a software development company.

It is the right time to gain the momentum and harness the power of on-demand hospital management software development. It will let you establish yourself as a valuable member of the industry and help you gain a valuable reputation.

Guidance from an experienced hospital management software development company is something that you require right now.

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