How to Improve Marketing Team Efficiency With Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Features That Optimize Customer Engagement

Salesforce is the world’s number CRM solution provider for many reasons, and one of the reasons is its innovation and ability to introduce new features and functionalities related to different products.

One of the recent introductions of new features that Salesforce made is for the Salesforce marketing cloud. If you are seeking Salesforce marketing cloud implementation services, pause for a couple of minutes, read this post and get ready to learn some amazing new features of Salesforce marketing cloud before implementing the solutions with businesses.

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Salesforce Customer 360 Innovations for Marketing Cloud

In its spree of introducing new features and functionalities to the users, Salesforce has introduced Customer 360 Innovations. It brings the advantages of the connected data and automation capabilities that will make companies more productive & efficient without compromising the customer experience.

The customer 360 innovations enable businesses to deal with the mounting pressure of doing more with minimal while meeting the rising expectations of the customers.

The new Customer 360 innovations by Salesforce help businesses in building strategies based on first-party collected data. It will bring automation and personalization to every client interaction done across different channels.

One of the best parts of this solution is its ability to connect the marketing cloud, commerce cloud, and service cloud on one platform.


Humanize Every Interaction and Unlock Customer Value with Data and Next-gen Marketing Cloud

The customer 360 innovations by Salesforce are for every industry, including manufacturing, healthcare, banking & finance, and retail industry, to name a few.

A healthcare insurance provider company can achieve productivity & revenue by offering on-time product recommendations to the customers. Similarly, the retailer can effectively build a connection with the shoppers by understanding their customers via demographics, product preferences, and other metrics.

There are many other features which will wow you. Let’s understand each, one by one.

Connector for B2C Commerce Cloud

This feature unveils the insightful details of a product, revenue, and sales performances over time by connecting the details of product data and orders. Businesses can now check the details of the placed orders during an offer & promotions in real-time.

Triggered Campaign Messages

Elevate one-to-one customer engagement to the next level with this amazing feature. It is now easy for businesses to use first-party data and understand the preferences and engagement of their customers.

New AppExchange Partners

Under customer 360 innovations, Salesforce has announced new partners for commerce cloud and CDP on the AppExchange platform that will help in driving efficiency and personalized experience. The new partnership will build a trusted customer relationship.

Digital Command for Slack

Slack comes as a boon for businesses with respect to customer 360 innovations. Businesses, with the help of slack, can now leverage improved productivity, monitor activities, and track performance across the marketing cloud in a centralized manner. The power of slack and the marketing cloud together empowers the marketing team to find & resolve any issue before it has a meaningful impact.

Ecommerce Marketing Insights App

The work of this feature is quite similar. It unified the company’s commerce and marketing data along with the KPIs on a single platform. The company can get a single view via interactive dashboards and recommendations of actionable insights.

Google Ads

Google Ads places an important position in the digital marketing world. With the help of these ads, businesses can improve customer reach, tap the new market, and improve brand visibility. The introduction of the customer 360 innovations enables businesses to connect their first-party data in a unified customer profile. Enjoy personalizing relationships with customers, get segmented insights, and enjoy the cookies-free future.


New and Strong Marketing Cloud Features That Will Help You with Engagement Optimization

In the above part of this post, we have discussed some newly launched functionalities of the marketing cloud which will help businesses orchestrate customers’ journeys with the help of different factors.

The newly launched features of the marketing cloud will help businesses harness the power of data. Let us understand the new Salesforce marketing cloud features before you hire Salesforce consulting company.

New Fields in Datorama Reports

Marketers can enjoy using multiple new fields in datorama reports that will help them in email campaign optimization. There are total twenty-two new fields that will help marketers –

  • To monitor email performances on the basis of different dynamics like on device, client-wise, on different browsers, and operating systems.
  • To optimize the engagement by getting insightful metrics like total clicks, bounce types, open rate, conversions, unsubscribe, etc.
  • To analyze and share visually rich reports.


Real-Time Engagement for Mobile Apps

From now onwards, it becomes easy for businesses to manage their customers’ journeys by using their behavior. The mobile enhancements enable businesses to leverage real-time behavioral engagement.

Businesses can track the app behavior of each customer and place them in the respective stage of their journey. 

The app behavior of the users helps businesses deliver relevant messages to customers. Based on their app behavior, companies can add, remove, and change clients in the journey. It will drive more meaningful engagement.


Integration Between CDP and Journey Builder via Business Unite Aware

Many digital marketers work across geographical areas with multiple companies with their own dedicated customer segments. With the Business Unit Aware integration services, it becomes easy for the brands to maintain brand and geographical boundaries when integrating with the customer data platform.

The integration of Business Unit Aware is useful in aligning customers’ records to a specific brand. Journey-building activities also become very easy, thanks to Business Unit Aware integration. It will enable a personalized and targeted customer experience.

There will be no use of code to simplify the contact data management across brands and geographies.

Datorama Enhancements

The new features of the marketing cloud enable businesses to improve customer experience by operating eCommerce and the marketing team as one unit.

The new feature of Datorama harmonizes marketing performance and the outcomes of eCommerce. Businesses can avoid silos between the two, mitigate missing out on collaboration opportunities, and drive personalized customer experiences.


Einstein Innovation

According to a report by Salesforce, the marketers who send out Einstein AI-powered messages to their customers have experienced 22% more customer engagement.

With the help of Einstein AI, marketers can make informed decisions by sending the right messages at the right time to the right audience by leveraging the brilliance of Pardot, Automation Studio, and Datorama.

The Automation Studio enables businesses to send messages to each subscriber at the right time. The Media Planning Center feature of the Datorama helps in building media plans for different channels.


The Conclusion

Marketing cloud integration is the need of the hour. In the present time, when businesses are gradually getting themselves on the virtual platform, it becomes essential for businesses to have guidance from an experienced & best Salesforce marketing cloud consulting company.

The experienced marketing cloud consultants help you understand the required level with respect to your business, and you can build strong communication and engagement with your customers by sending them the right message at the right time to the right set of audience.

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