Virtual Classroom Software Development – A Complete Guide for Cost and Key Features

Schools, colleges, and other educational institutions are gradually embracing a new form of learning and studying, and it is virtual classrooms. The concept of eLearning has turned the table for the education system in the past couple of years. It has also paved the path for many revolutionary and advanced ways of learning and teaching. The advent of virtual classrooms is the result of such technological advancements

Not only educational institutes but also students and their parents are embracing the new way of studying and learning, and we can see that there’s a huge demand for virtual classroom software development in the market.

virtual classroom software development

The Advent of the Virtual Classrooms Software Development

Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc., such gadgets with advanced features and functionalities are easily available in every household. The rise of technology has paved the path of growth for virtual classroom software.

We cannot forget how severely the pandemic has affected us all. At the time when schools and colleges were physically closed, it was technology and solutions like virtual classroom software that came to aid and helped students continue their studies uninterruptedly.

The Global Virtual Classroom Software Market Size

virtual reality software market

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virtual classroom software market

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Do You Want to Go for Virtual Classroom Software Development Services?

Is this the question that you are thinking about? Are you looking for the best software development company?

If your answer is yes then it’s time we dive deep into the concept of virtual classrooms software development and help you understand its different aspects so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Virtual classroom software bridges communication between students and teachers and makes online classes hassle-free.

There are multiple benefits of this software for both parties that are as follows – 

For Teachers

  • It allows teachers to easily communicate with parents.
  • It facilitates a real-time teaching experience
  • It enables teachers to follow a systematic teaching approach
  • Teachers can track students’ progress efficiently
  • Teachers can release smart quizzes and teaching materials
  • It allows excellent administration of classrooms.

For Students

  • Students can take classes anytime and from anywhere
  • They get to experience interactive learning components
  • It provides up-to-date and latest content to students
  • Students can connect with peers and teachers easily
  • It also facilitates rapid delivery of the lessons
  • Students can manage their time effectively
  • It enables a personalized learning experience for students

Some other general benefits of virtual classroom software development include convenient learning and teaching, recorded live sessions, sharpening digital skills, convenience, time management, and being inexpensive.

The List of Must Include Virtual Classroom Software Features

At the time when you discuss your requirements with the custom software development company, make sure you also discuss the following features with them – 

Easy Usability

Make sure the software is easy to use and has no complex accessibility issues. Good virtual classroom software should be intuitive and students/teachers can connect themselves to it.

Session Recording

Virtual classrooms software features must have session recording functionality. In case a student missed out on any live class, they can later watch and understand the topics accordingly.


Ask your virtual classroom software development company to integrate the solution with interactive tools that would build a bond among the students. Features like message boards, chat rooms, etc, are the perfect choice for interactive communication tools.

Video Conferencing

This feature helps students and teachers to connect more strongly. They can see each other and thus teachers can explain the topic more thoroughly and students can understand the topic more deeply.


Ask your team of developers to include the file storage option at the time of virtual classroom platform development. It is an important feature that enables pupils to store their video lectures, documents, assignments, etc., in a centralized way. Students can access their files and download them at their discretion.

Screen Sharing & Raise the Hand

Screen sharing is the most important feature that an educational institute must ask to include in the software. This feature allows teachers as well as students to share their screens and explain their concepts and problems to each other.

Another feature is the raise the hand, just like a student has to raise his or her hand before saying anything, this feature allows them to raise their hand and ask their queries to the teachers.

Performance Evaluation

It is another important feature that empowers teachers to conduct a performance evaluation of students more precisely. Teachers can understand the area of improvement for students and guide them accordingly.

Reference Modules

The reference module feature is quite beneficial for the students. Teachers can share some additional study materials with their students such as reference links, additional notes, extra references, any attachments, etc.


Technologies Stack That Facilitates Virtual Classroom Software Development Services

There is a high demand in the market for virtual classroom software development. Many international levels of educational institutes are embracing digital transformations. 

If you are among them and or wish to go digital, here are a few important technologies that you must know. Ask your expert software developers if they work on these or the trending technologies.

  • Angular, React, Vue.js, and Flutter for front-end development
  • PHP, Node.js, and Java EE for back-end development
  • WebRTC for live video streaming
  • Blockchain for security
  • Big data for data processing
  • VR/AR solutions for visual engaging education


How Much Does it Cost to Build Virtual Classrooms Software?

This is the right time to ask this question. We discussed various aspects of virtual classroom software development such as benefits, features, and technology stack. Now comes the most important question, and it is what is the cost of developing virtual teaching software?

The cost of development depends on various factors such as features, complexity, the experience of developers, etc.

However, to give you a ballpark figure, the cost will range between $80,000 to $1,20,000.


Virtual Classroom Software Development Services: The Final Take Away

Educational institutes are embracing technologies and gradually evolving into technology-driven institutions where teaching and learning both become easy and fun.

We hope this post will prove helpful to you. In case you have any queries related to the virtual classroom software development services, you can connect with FEXLE. Our team of expert software developers will listen to your needs, evaluate development cost, plan a virtual classroom, design it, develop it, and hand it over to you in a secure way.

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