Salesforce Announced Salesforce Genie – A Hyper-Scale Real-Time Data Platform

A couple of days back, Salesforce wrapped its 20th Dreamforce edition. This extraordinary event was held almost after two years, and the Salesforce community welcomed it with open arms.

During Dreamforce, Salesforce surprised everyone by announcing a hyper-scale real-time data platform called Salesforce Genie.

According to the reports, Genie is one of the greatest innovations in the history of Salesforce innovation.


What is Salesforce Genie, and How Will it Benefit Businesses?

The newly introduced platform in the family of Salesforce, Genie is a highly scaled and real-time data platform that accelerates the complete Salesforce Customer 360 platform with its impeccable capabilities. It seamlessly personalized business experience across sales, services, marketing, and commerce channels.

Genies collect diversely scattered customer data and process it in real time. It effectively combines the collected data with Salesforce transactional data.

The newly launched platform works seamlessly for every other Salesforce product, including new integration. It provides businesses with a more intelligent and real-time experience across Customer 360.

Genie runs on Hyperforce public cloud infrastructure that offers data residency, high data security, utmost data privacy and strong regulatory compliance controls. They microscopically govern the data and help improve customers’ trust.

Salesforce Genie and Its Strategic Partnership with Other Products

The data collection power of Genie is extraordinary. It collects customer information from different sources via Mulesoft and evolves the collected data into a real-time graph. These developed graphs are highly interactive, and businesses can easily take action on these graphs.

  • Genie empowers Salesforce Einstein by honing its capabilities of predicting and suggesting real-time actions.
  • Genie improves the capabilities of Salesforce Flow Automation and enables businesses to use customer information to trigger required actions automatically. 
  • Genie, the real-time data platform, empowers the sales team, the marketing team, and  the services team of a business to win more deals, run personalized campaigns and deliver highly personalized customer services.
  • Genie’s partnership with Snowflake, SageMaker, and Amazon Ads will revolutionize the customer experience for good.


Sales Cloud Genie

It leverages the power of Einstein and makes sales calls (Video/Voice) with customers super convenient and insightful. The sales reps can get real-time guidance with the help of Genie and serve customers’ queries more effectively.

Service Cloud Genie

It empowers the capabilities of the service representatives and enables them to deliver more proactive services to customers. The service reps can keep customers in loop in the real time and efficiently resolve their issues.

Marketing Cloud Genie

Improve the performance of your marketing cloud with Salesforce Genie. Businesses can enhance their marketing campaigns’ performance and establish more personalized real-time communication with customers across different channels based on their activities and interaction with your brands.

Commerce Cloud Genie

For online retailers, Salesforce Genie is a blessing. It empowers online businesses by helping them tailor the shopping experience for their customers that are based on real-time actions taken by the customers, such as cart abandoning, payment cancellation, or any other actions taken by them on the website or mobile.


The Conclusion

The Salesforce Genie Platform is now available for general users and also for the different industry verticals. However, there are still some features that will be available for users by the summer of 2023. 

The advent of Salesforce Genie will definitely change the way businesses used to conduct their operations, take decisions, and interact with their customers.

In case if you have queries related to this newly launched Salesforce system, you can hire a Salesforce consulting company. The experienced guidance from expert Salesforce developers and consultants will help you leverage the power of Genie and enable you to deliver a magic customer experience to tour global customers.

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