Fantasy Football App Development – Top Trending Features, Benefits, and Everything You Need to Know

The advent of fantasy games has crafted a new way of entertainment for gamers. And not only entertainment, but these fantasy apps have also become a substantial way of earning. 

According to recent research by the Indian Federation of Sports Gaming, in India, the demand for fantasy sports has increased by 221%. It means that people looking for fantasy sports app development services are also increasing gradually.

In the same research, it was also revealed that the entire gaming industry has uplifted its profit from INR 43.8 billion to INR 118.8 billion.

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There are several fantasy sports apps available in the market, but by far, Fantasy Football app development is a trending fantasy sports app in the market followed by Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Baseball, Kabaddi, and Rugby.


Here’s a Detail on the Global Fantasy Sports Market from 2022 to 2026

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Fantasy Sports Market As Per Different Sports Type

fantasy sports market

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The demand and use of fantasy sports are quite high. When we see the figures above, we can find the growing demand for fantasy football sports development. 

Various mobile app development companies are there to help you build fantasy football apps. Choosing a company is not a tricky task but, selecting the right company requires insightful analysis.

If you are seeking for fantasy football app development company, if you want to build a robust & earning app then this post is for you.

Here, we will help you understand the fantasy football app features and other details that will help make a well-informed decision.


Basic/Advance Features to Include in Fantasy Football Apps

Live Score Updates

The live score updates feature in the fantasy football app keeps the users up-to-date with the live match score. It keeps all players in the loop in real time.

Player Stats

It is another important feature that gives users all the details of the stats of their favourite players in real time.

Create Tournaments

This feature in the fantasy football app allows the players to create or join a private tournament. Users can easily integrate their social handles and play with their family and friends.

Create Team

You can easily create a team as a user of the fantasy football application. Check out the players that perform well and then create a team based on their performance.

Place Biddings

The freedom of bidding in the sports betting app is something that makes this app more appealing. The players can bid any amount and attract users. This freedom of bidding enables every user to bid.

Match Highlights

It is one of the basic but very important features that enable the player to get all the highlights of the football match. The app also shows the live score of the match.

Performance History

This feature of the fantasy sports app will help the users select the team on the basis of the information provided by the app through the performance history feature. 

The app also has a feature wherein the history of a match gets created along with the details of bidding that a user did.


This feature harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. It reads the current performance of a player, and accordingly performs the score prediction for the app users.

Another list of Features that Completes a Fantasy Football App Development

  • Match history feature
  • GPS tracking feature to detect the location and send push notifications and alerts
  • Push notifications for upcoming or ongoing matches
  • Custom mail notification
  • Tournament notification for upcoming games
  • Daily rewards points/ lucky draw/ quick offers, etc.


Fantasy Football App – Admin Features

  • Strong and intuitive dashboard
  • Games settings and management – language setting, sound setting, game tutorials, etc.
  • Management. Approval/ rejection of transactions made between an app and the bank.
  • Control and management of the user’s activities. Add or remove users.
  • Leaderboard management to showcase the most earning & skilled player on the dashboard.
  • Match management and betting amount management.
  • Category management of ongoing and upcoming football matches
  • Payment & wallet management to track the coins bought & redeemed.
  • Team management that streamlines player selection.
  • Reward point management to create a loyalty program.
  • Ads management to control & manage ads.


Top Fantasy Football Apps in The Market

  • ESPN Fantasy Football
  • Yahoo Fantasy Football
  • CBS Fantasy Sports App
  • NFL Fantasy Football App
  • DraftKings Fantasy Football App
  • Sleeper The Fantasy Football Application
  • Draft Punk Fantasy Football Players App
  • Rotowire Fantasy Football Draft Kit
  • Fantasy Football Draft Wizard
  • FanDuel Fantasy Sports Application


Team Structure Require, Technology Stack & Revenue Model

Fantasy football app development is a technical process that requires the expertise of different professionals working in different domains and on different hierarchies. Here are a few job roles that will help you through the journey of fantasy football app development services.

Some of the most important team members are as follows –

  • Project Manager
  • Android Developer
  • iOS Developer
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Backend Developers
  • Quality Analyst Professionals

Now let’s take a glimpse at the technology stack. These are the trending tools that companies are using across the globe. Having knowledge of these technologies will streamline your discussion with the fantasy sports app development company.

  • Sports API – EntitySports, Sports Monks, Goal Serve
  • Database – Mongobd, HBase, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Cloud Environment – AWS, Salesforce, Google Cloud
  • Push Notification – Twilio, Push.IO, AdPushup
  • Payment – Paypal, PayUMoney, e-Wallets, Stripe
  • Front-End – jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • Analytics – Big Data Apache, IBM, Hadoop


How an Investor Can Make and Increase Revenue by Fantasy Football Mobile App?

Freemium App Model

As per this model, the application is free to download and users can use some features in it. But to leverage the full potential of the app, users can go for in-app purchases for a better experience.

Entry Fee

Fantasy football apps conduct different kinds of tournaments. To allow the users to take part in these tournaments, an entry fee is levied on the users. Most fantasy sports app owners use this business model.

Brand Promotion

The number of users of fantasy sports apps is high in numbers. Advertising on this platform is one of the best ways to attract more audiences. The app owners can allow brand promotions on their fantasy football app and earn revenue.


With the incorporation of the eCommerce platform, the revenue generation of companies has dramatically increased. 

How much does it cost to Develop Fantasy Football Applications?

There are several factors that affect the cost of development of the fantasy sports app. These factors include – 

  • UX/UI development
  • Front and back-end development
  • Team size
  • Location of team
  • Expert level of a team
  • Level of Third-Party API Integration
  • Level of App Complexity
  • Features & Functionalities Included

The companies based out of the United States and the United Kingdom charge around $70 to $250. Companies located in Europe charge between $50 to $ 150 per hour.

When it comes to India, the cost of development is quite reasonable and it ranges between 20 to 70 USD per hour.

The overall cost of the fantasy football app development ranges between 35k to 50 k USD.


Fantasy Football App Development Services – Wrapping Up!

The points that we have discussed above are sufficient enough to enable you to talk to the fantasy sports app development company. Fantasy football apps are in vogue in the present epoch. You can also hire sports game app developers and leverage this multi-million dollar industry like a pro.

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