Top Trends in Salesforce

In the past few years, Salesforce has become a prominent CRM platform. It has taken the digital world by storm. In this era of cut-throat competition, businesses are seeking new ways to enhance their customer relationships.

“You are in the queue, please hold the line”.  Gone are the days when you used to hear such messages from a company’s customer support.

Thanks to Salesforce, a cloud-based platform as it has made companies aware of the importance of using consumers’ data to communicate with them in real-time and offer them seamless user-experience.

There is no doubt that with the advent of Salesforce the interaction of companies with their customers has dramatically improved. Now, businesses can easily meet their clients’ requirements based on the collected data and effectively offer customized services.

Backed by the biggest community of developers, Salesforce has approx 1,50,000 customers across the world from different industry domains. Finance, media, communication, & automotive are some of the major industries that use Salesforce CRM to augment their business sales, generate leads and improve customer retention rates.

The realm of Salesforce is evolving with the time, a new day brings new innovation, and for that, we have come up with the list of top trends in Salesforce that will skyrocket your business growth to the next level.


Platform Customer 360

Customer 360 is a highly potential platform that has the capabilities to empower companies to connect, authenticate & govern the data of clients across the ecosystem of Salesforce.

With the customer 360 platforms, companies can assign a unique Salesforce ID to each customer. This unique ID enables companies to check the entire interaction history with each customer and offer customized solutions according to their needs, problems, etc.


Einstein AI

The implementation of Einstein AI into Salesforce products has been the talk of the town, and analysts suggest that Salesforce consulting companies are leveraging this booming technology.

This machine learning-driven technology enhances the working of existing systems so that you can leverage it optimally. With Einstein AI in Sales Cloud, you can identify multiple opportunities and by harnessing powerful insights via sales analytics which bring more accuracy to sales forecasts.

Einstein AI has two most important elements, Einstein Vision and Einstein Voice. The former one keeps a detailed track of the entire conversation about your brand that took place on social media, while the later one helps you build your own custom voice assistance with Einstein Bots. Talking to Einstein AI is just like having a real conversation.


Salesforce Blockchain

With the introduction of Salesforce blockchain, the realm of cloud computing is elevated to the next level. Salesforce blockchain is a low-code platform. It efficiently uses open-source blockchain technology from Hyperledger, and enables companies to create blockchain networks, applications and workflows.

In the present time businesses are taking advantage of Salesforce blockchain and strengthen their diverse tasks related to sales, marketing and services.



Salesforce Lightning Upgrades

In its Spring 19 release note, Salesforce made clear that this year only Salesforce Lightning will receive the major updates. It means that the Salesforce users will experience multiple awesome and productivity-enhancing features in the domain of lightning.

One of the new lightning features is Lightning web components, which is a custom HTML element. Since it is built using the native codes, users can expect it performing exceptionally high.


New CRM Features

Salesforce has been a constant player in the game of acquisition. In the last year, Salesforce has acquired approx six companies that belong to different segments.

With every acquisition, Salesforce strives to technologically bolster itself and bring new features in the domain of Salesforce CRM.

These features include location-based intelligence software integration, data analytics and data visualization, AI-based communication tools and many more.

All the above  given trends in Salesforce bring good news for the Salesforce consulting companies because these trending Salesforce technologies help companies to augment their services and attract more clients.



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