Top Salesforce Integrations That Will Help Businesses Grow Exponentially

With more than 1, 50,000 businesses across the world using Salesforce, the cloud-based CRM has amazingly emerged as the most desired solution across multiple industries. 

The world’s biggest CRM platform Salesforce – in terms of users & products – has its revenue recorded at $21.25 billion in 2021 with 19.8% of market share.

With multiple tools and extraordinary functionalities, Salesforce has become an amazing and the desired platform for all sizes of businesses.

Among all the functionalities and features, its functionality of integration has emerged as a winner for all. Salesforce can easily get integrated with any tools and enhance the basic functionality of your existing business application.

Salesforce integration services have made it easy for businesses to cater to their clients in a more effective and streamlined manner. It also helps businesses enhance their operations such as sales, marketing, finance, etc.

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In this post today we will discuss the best Salesforce integrations that will help your business grow at an exponential rate.

Let’s begin!


Salesforce and Quickbooks Integration Services

The two most powerful and impactful cloud-based solutions, Salesforce and Quickbooks, makes it easier for you to handle everyday operations in a systematic manner. One being the cloud-based CRM, and other being cloud-based accounting software offer business users a set of unified information with insightful reporting.

Here are the biggest advantages of Salesforce & Quickbooks integration services:

  • Easy share of financial information within an organization.
  • Users can easily view customer sales.
  • Businesses can check the accounts information effectively.
  • Sales team can discover sales opportunities.
  • Easy creation of invoices, estimates, sales receipts.
  • There will be a facility for single data entry and no work duplicity. It will save your time and prevent errors.
  • There is no need for writing code, you can implement workflow automation.
  • Get access to customized reports and real-time insights for better forecasting.


Salesforce and Hubspot Integration Services

The integration between HubSpot and Salesforce always comes up with brilliant advantages for businesses. You can excellently sync your favourite marketing & sales database to experience a powerful, rapid, and reliable connection.

On the one hand, HubSpot is one of the most comprehensive inbound marketing platforms that enable lead management processes with marketing automation. HubSpot also enables users to track their digital performance through its more than 200 powerful integrations.

On the other hand, Salesforce works best for you to manage your customer data, strengthen customer relationships, and improve customer retention as well as sales growth.

Following are the top benefits of Salesforce HubSpot Integration:

  • The integration lets you work on platforms such as ERP  or Priority, and make complicated sales processes easy.
  • The integration enables payments tasks like invoicing, billing, etc., smooth and hassle-free.
  • Easily syncing of business and client information automatically from one to another platform.
  • Users can easily avail important matrices such as, email open rates, page activity, etc. and improve collaboration between sales and marketing team.


Salesforce and Mailchimp Integration Services

In the present time integration between Salesforce and Mailchimp is something that many big giants have adopted and gained seamless experience of using both the platforms.

Salesforce helps businesses to streamline their sales leads and contacts, whereas Mailchimp designs, sends, and keeps track of email marketing campaigns.

Get yourself hired by a Salesforce integration services company to get the best of both worlds. Following are the benefits of Mailchimp and Salesforce integration:

  • The integration enables users to link and share the collected data and also allows updating leads in the existing contact list.
  • The insightful reporting enables companies to customize information to attract new prospects & retain the existing ones.
  • You can easily create customer-centric segments/groups on specific criteria. 
  • Through segmentation, your contacts and leads get automatically added.
  • You can easily manage MailChimp campaign activities & subscriber lists from Salesforce.


Salesforce and Twilio Integration Services

Now with Salesforce and Twilio integration services, you can effectively manage your outbound and inbound communication services in a unified manner. Businesses can easily connect with their prospects through text campaigns and get its success rate effectively.

The integration between Twilio and Salesforce will be of great use for your business in achieving higher customer satisfaction.

You can easily send & receive messages through Twilio Salesforce integration. Below are some more advantages you get through the integration of Salesforce & Twilio:

  • Message texting made it easy for business owners and they can send messages to the audience.
  • You can easily build personal relationships with your current & prospective customers.
  • You can deliver conversational as well as personalized service and enhance customer satisfaction rate.
  • Businesses can easily send messages from process builders. You can get regular notifications for SMSs, reminders about appointments, and track customer satisfaction.


Salesforce and Netsuite Integration Service

The two most powerful platforms, Salesforce CRM and NetSuite ERP are designed and developed to help businesses in multiple ways. Both the platforms have proved themselves as the harbinger of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The integration services between NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM helps companies automate different key processes such as finance management, revenue tracking, and inventory tracking to name a few.


Below are mentioned few Salesforce NetSuite integration benefits:

  • The integration between ERP and CRM helps businesses improve cash flow efficiency and team productivity.
  • It will help sales and finance teams align better in an effective manner and enable you to forecast better.
  • Get data accuracy for better business process formulation.
  • You will get complete financial visibility with reports and dashboards.



There are endless possibilities of integration with Salesforce. The above discussed are the most important and widely accepted Salesforce integration services that have revolutionized your businesses. 

You can also leverage the power of integration and skyrocket your business growth with the best Salesforce integrations service. 

FEXLE Services is a leading Salesforce integration partner that helps businesses grow exponentially & achieve greater sales.

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