The Amazing Benefits of Financial Services Cloud for Finance Industry

Salesforce is one of the most astonishing cloud-based CRM in the world with the largest customer base. The company offers brilliant solutions and tools that will help your business elevate growth and efficiency.

One of the recent solutions by Salesforce is Financial Cloud Services. This cloud-based solution is meant specifically for the financial services industry so that they can improve their digital offerings and enhance business processes.

Launched in 2015, the financial services cloud can be leveraged by hiring Salesforce consulting company. Through organized Salesforce integration services, financial advisors can deliver a concierge level of service with client-expected personalized and proactive advice.

The Financial Services Cloud is highly engaging and drives productivity. It enables financial advisors to provide goal-based and holistic financial advice to clients for the better management of their finances.

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Things Financial Services Cloud Can Do For You

Powered by Lightning, Financial Services Cloud brings the dawn of success and growth for financial services companies. Following are some of the most amazing things that financial services provider companies can enjoy:

  • You can connect different departments of your company across multiple channels and geographies.
  • You will get a 360-degree view of a client’s financial profiles.
  • You can easily bring your customers to the centre of every conversation.
  • From retail banking to wealth management, you can manage all.
  • Get an insight into your clients’ wealth ecosystem & grow their business across different channels.
  • A financial institution can get an idea about their customers and the financial products that their clients have.
  • Financial Services Cloud improves the productivity of bankers and advisors & let them complete their tasks rapidly & smartly.


Is Financial Services Cloud Meant For You?

Whether you are an insurance company, retail banking organization or a part of a wealth management company, Financial Service Cloud integration services prove helpful in all the sectors. It provides advisors with a 360-degree view of their clients’ financial profiles & brings them to the centre of every interaction. It empowers financial advisor companies to serve their clients across multiple devices and channels.

As it is a collaborative-based solution, advisors can easily work with their team in a collaborative manner. With the help of Financial Service Cloud implementation services, you can collect, edit, and update data in a multitude of places and in real-time.

As it is an integrated platform, any financial services organization can leverage the brilliance of this Salesforce solution.


The Ultimate Benefits of Financial Services Cloud for Different Finance Companies

Regardless of whichever finance-related industry you are in, Salesforce Financial Service Cloud will prove beneficial for your business and help you handle all finance management related challenges in a streamlined manner.


Financial Service Clouds for Banking and Lending Industry

The use of FSC let the banking and lending organizations easily track & visualize customer relationships. They can also source & prioritize referrals and streamline handoffs among the prominent concerned people. It will also offer transparency throughout the banking and borrowing processes.

Banking and lending companies can:

  • Easily adapt to compliance in terms of mortgages & consumer lending.
  • Elevate next-level customer care for the retail banking sector.
  • Leverage Einstein and predict tentative service requests, which a client can ask, on the basis of the customer journey. 
  • Easily track & automate commercial lending progress.
  • Effectively comes into compliance as per the requirement of commercial banking regulations.


Financial Services Cloud for Capital Markets

The integration of the Financial Service Cloud can bring automation and workflow in the realm of the capital market. It will help the capital market firms to operate & streamline their working process.

Bankers can easily track deals and analyze their investment pipeline with the help of this tool. Firms from the capital market can visualize their assets and offer a foundation for building custom solutions for different stakeholders such as real estate, private equity, etc.

With FSC, the capital market can:

  • Meet the requirements of security, data regulation, and compliance, strictly.
  • Deliver insightful reporting by building a robust analytics program.
  • Enhance the competitive advantages with AI.


Financial Services Cloud for Insurance Companies

An insurance company has to deal with multiple policyholders. Each client is different with unique needs. With the help of the Financial Services cloud, insurance companies can effectively cater to all the clients individually. 

Things insurance companies can do with the help of Financial Services Cloud:

  • A company can get a 360-degree view of all policyholders and their policy milestones.
  • FSC gives real-time insights to companies about individual client’s policy details.
  • Offer robust analytics to inform coverage recommendations.
  • Insurance companies can streamline onboarding activity workflows.
  • Companies can get details of pre & post transaction journeys of clients.


Financial Services Cloud for Wealth & Asset Management

Trust and transparency are the two strongest pillars of any wealth and asset management organization, and with the help of Financial Services Cloud implementation services, you can get both in abundance.

The firms can get real-time and up-to-the-moment information about clients, households, and networks. Companies can also collect all the essential information of a client and provide it strongly.

Wealth & asset management firms can get:

  • Deep insights of the assets that are held away and other data resources.
  • Access to the tools that will help you deliver personalized advice across multiple channels.
  • Bring automation to give greater client insights.
  • Leverage automation to help clients achieve their goals.


Some General Advantages of Financial Services Cloud for the Financial Services Industry

  • The solution will help you easily collaborate with the team members.
  • You can get access to open APIs and achieve seamless integrations.
  • An advisor can access the most relevant information that is tailored to the way they need to work.
  • Client relationship mapping helps you bring customers networks to life.
  • Mobile-friendliness means the same data on mobile devices.



Financial Services Cloud is a powerful and reliable solution that helps financial institutions to save time and money. The integration of the FSC is a complex process. We recommend you hire a Salesforce consulting partner for the proper implementation of the same. 

You can connect with FEXLE Services, a Salesforce consulting company, to discuss the integration process of the Financial Services Cloud. They are in the industry for more than 13 years, and with experience & expertise, they guarantee promising solutions.

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