Top 7 Reasons Why Salesforce is the Right Choice for Small Businesses

Do you know that 91% of small businesses with 10 or more employees use Customer Relationship (CRM) Software?

The use of CRM software like Salesforce will help businesses grow rapidly by offering powerful tools that let businesses experience smarter marketing, improved sales productivity and efficiency and enhanced retention capabilities.

One of the best parts of Salesforce CRM is that even its basic plan has such features and functionalities that tremendously accelerate and streamline your business operations.

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In this post, we will discuss the ways through which Salesforce will prove helpful for small businesses.


Amazing Automation Tools

Small business owners have multiple things on their plate that are of priority. In such a situation, Salesforce comes as a boon with the power of automation. It will automate tedious tasks that simplify the work and allows business owners to focus more on other important things.

Tools such as sales cloud, service cloud, and marketing cloud, etc., will improve sales, service, and marketing campaigns effectively, and let businesses grow.


Salesforce Understand Small Business Needs

Salesforce has always been a user-centric company that offers some brilliant solutions for businesses. The company itself started as a startup with 4 people co-founding it.

Therefore, it understands the requirements of small businesses and offers solutions that help SMBs to execute their operations and garner the brilliance of CRM excellently.


Salesforce Understand Processes of Small Businesses

Salesforce as a solution ensures small businesses full freedom to set their own processes. SMBs can intelligently write their own business process and analyze the way through which Salesforce can enhance the process accordingly.

Even Salesforce never dominates on SMBs approach and always respects their choices. For more details, you can connect with Salesforce consulting company and get the entire details.

By recognizing the autonomy, Salesforce allows small businesses to understand their process in a better way and in this way they can easily find a perfect way that suits them the most. Salesforce helps them to identify, analyze, and rectify the process in an easy manner.

This approach of Salesforce will allow SMBs to drive real success towards business.


Enhanced Marketing Activities

For a small business that has a long path to cover, marketing plays an important role. Correct marketing activities and required marketing campaigns can do wonders and with the help of Salesforce CRM.

Marketing Cloud by Salesforce is a perfect marketing automation tool that helps businesses to send the right message to the right audience at the right time.

Through the marketing cloud, companies can automate their social media process and let them understand when to schedule the post.

There is also a Pardot solution by Salesforce, which is also a marketing automation tool. It will help businesses to execute B2B marketing campaigns and get effective results.


Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce being a customer-centric company, has come up with Salesforce essentials that allow small businesses to work smartly just like other fortune’s 500 companies.

Salesforce Essentials is developed keeping the unique needs of small businesses. Following are the top benefits of Salesforce Essentials:

Pocket Friendliness – The Salesforce Essential solution is highly affordable, and companies with less than five or fewer employees can also subscribe to this solution. The price of Salesforce Essential will be $25 per user per month. The plan can be modified as the users start getting added.


Easy to Learn – Salesforce Essential offers a platform called Trailblazer. It enables users to learn all the essential things in a fast and effective manner. The trailblazer platform will enable users to easily and rapidly set up the solution. It is an interactive, online training environment from Salesforce.


Intuitiveness – Salesforce has made its interface designed and developed keeping the needs of small business owners. The cloud computing company has reconceptualized its CRM as well as a support platform, especially from the point of view of small businesses.


Robust Functionalities – Another benefit of Salesforce Essential is that it has brought the brilliance of enterprise-cloud for small businesses that empower businesses with technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, and many more.

Salesforce Essential is a brilliant solution by the CRM company. To learn more about its features and benefits you can hire a Salesforce CRM development company and get up-to-date on the same.


Sales and Service Cloud

Sales and Service Cloud are the staple solutions by Salesforce that enable businesses to empower their sales and service operations. The sales cloud improves the productivity of the sales team and enables them to nurture the sales pipeline effectively.

Service cloud, on the other hand, helps small businesses improvise their support and services where agents can cater to customers in a more personalized and enhanced manner.

Small businesses can use the power of Einstein Analytics and empower their customer services efficiently.


Power AppExchange

Salesforce has its own application store where users can find a plethora of applications that can enhance the basic functionality of a Salesforce org. Startup owners will get amazing support from AppExchange and a chance to explore its dimensions.

The strong Salesforce APIs also help businesses to integrate with Salesforce org and work effectively.



In the present scenario, when the entire world is suffering from the pandemic and businesses are gradually coming onto the virtual platform, it becomes imperative for small businesses to keep themselves ready to survive in the online world. For that, you can get Salesforce consulting services from an experienced Salesforce CRM development company. FEXLE Services is a top-rated Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner Company that has experienced Salesforce professionals and experts.

If you are a start-up business, having a Salesforce guide would be a perfect choice for you.

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