Top Benefits of Telemedicine App Development for Patients and Doctors

Ever since the pandemic has hit our world, we have seen a digital transformation in almost every industry. The Healthcare industry has been the one for which the table has turned entirely. Not only healthcare businesses have embraced the virtual presence but also embraced new technologies. One such technology is telemedicine app development.

In the past two years, telemedicine app development has gained momentum in terms of popularity.

If you don’t believe us, you will definitely believe these stats.


Telemedicine App Development and Some Interesting Stats

Defined by WHO as “The delivery of health care services, where distance is a critical factor, by all healthcare professionals using information and communication technologies.” – the telemedicine apps are embraced by big shots of the healthcare industry. Here are a few stats that will testify to our claim of why to invest in telemedicine app development – 

  • The market for telemedicine is expected to exceed USD 186.7 billion by 2027.
  • Alone in the year 2020, telemedicine services have seen spectacular growth from 1000% to 4000%.
  • The adults in the United States reportedly use telemedicine apps intensively and usage rose by 30%. 
  • 30% of people prefer healthcare organizations that offer online or video consultations with a physician.
  • By 2030, the telemedicine market will reach $431.82 billion. 
  • Around 88% of healthcare providers are investing in remote patient monitoring technology.

We hope all these statistics are sufficient enough to let you give a proper understanding of the growing demand for telemedicine app development.

If you are a healthcare services provider and still thinking about whether or not to invest in a telemedicine app, then you are making a severe mistake. It is high time you join the telemedicine bandwagon to stay above the curve.


Why to Go for Telemedicine App Development Services

Telemedicine apps have been among us for the past many years, but the advent of Pandemic has accelerated the growth of the demand for these mobile apps. Healthcare businesses have started understanding its importance, and they are hiring telemedicine app development companies.

Before you hire telemedicine app developers, it’s time for you to understand the reasons why people are embracing this technology.

Telemedicine Mobile Apps Offer Rapidity

With the telemedicine app, it becomes easy for the patients to rapidly seek doctor’s consultation without spending time traveling, filling out medical forms, or waiting in a queue.

Works Perfectly in Urgency

The telemedicine apps deal excellently with the common cold-related diseases and consultations that people get online. This will minimize the emergency room visits. Whether a patient is of cold-related diseases or with respiratory conditions, allergies, muscle strains or burns or pain, the telemedicine apps will take care of everything.

Telemedicine Apps are Super Convenient

The telemedicine mobile apps are super convenient when it comes to usage. Suppose a child is suffering from fever and could not attend school. In such a situation, parents can easily obtain essential prescriptions and doctor’s notes to submit to the school.

Round The Clock Health Support

The telemedicine mobile apps work with the latest technology, and the solutions have the ability to keep petabytes and zettabytes of Electronic Health Records. Patients can access these records anytime, 24×7.

The easy accessibility of the EHRs has empowered the healthcare givers to detect, diagnose and reduce medical errors. The use of telemedicine apps leads to improved patient outcomes.

In a report, Health IT Gove has stated that around 75% of healthcare services providers accepted that Electronic Health Records have allowed them to deliver better patient care.


Advantages of Telemedicine Apps for the Doctors

If you are a healthcare organization, these points will help you understand the importance of Telemedicine app development with respect to doctors.

Extensive Patient Reach

A doctor can be present one place at a time. And a need for a good doctor is everywhere. With the telemedicine app development, a healthcare center can extend the reach of its doctors to every nook and corner of a country.

Doctors can reach the doorstep of every patient in need, irrespective of geographical disparities. It builds a strong connection between a doctor and a patient.

Thorough Monitoring

Telemedicine applications work as an efficient monitoring system that has the ability to store medical records. These stored medical records of patients are easy to access. Doctors can use them, check them, and access them at any time and any place.

The telemedicine solutions enable doctors to make follow-up appointments super easy. This improves the quality of healthcare.


The use of telemedicine apps for healthcare businesses is also a time-saving deal. The doctors can use this app and reach out to a patient at their convenience, and vice-versa. 

The easy accessibility, easy reach, and fast health care service delivery enable time efficiency.

The Key Features of The Telemedicine App Development

Telemedicine app development service is a lengthy and thorough process. It requires professionalism, expertise, and knowledge.

Following are the top features of telemedicine app development that if you include them in your solution, will garner greater results.

User Profile – The feature of the user profile in a telemedicine app is essential. It is a platform for a user that allows him or her a personal space where all their details get saved. A user can store details like name, address, location, time zone, email, phone number, etc.

Doctor Panel – The panel showcases a list of health conditions subject to treatment. The doctors’ panel also have a doctor’s appointment form through which a patient can easily book meetings with doctors. It shows the medical history, mental history, family health history, patient activity and many other dynamics.

Geolocation – Geolocation is another beautiful feature that you can include in your telemedicine mobile app. The geolocation feature will help the patients to find the pharmacies & hospitals in their proximity.

Payment Modes – A mobile application with multiple payment gateways is considered to be an ideal app. Try to include different payment methods like a credit card, insurance, employer coverage, coupons, etc.

Symptom Checker – Try to include the symptom checker in your telemedicine application. This feature of an app helps the patients define their symptoms and answer questions related to their existing health condition. The symptom checker can give all the possible diagnoses, but the final decision will be of the physician.


The advent of telemedicine applications has turned the table for the healthcare industry. Now, healthcare facilities are more easily accessible and affordable for people from all walks of life.

Through telemedicine app, development services patients and professionals can enjoy multiple benefits. The app eliminates biases, bad behavior from either part, and it promises timely attention to the health issues.

As per the market trends and future forecast, the need for telemedicine applications will be on rising in the global market. Hire a telemedicine app development company today because now is the best time to get started.

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