Real Estate App Development – Features, Types, and Cost of Development

In the past couple of years, the real estate industry has seen tremendous growth. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, more than 97% of customers used a digital model to buy or rent a house. 76% of the people who bought a home have used a mobile or tablet for home search.

When more than half the population use mobile and tablets for home search and real estate needs, it becomes essential for real estate businesses to invest in real estate management software development. In another survey by the NAR research group, they found the most valuable technology tools used in business and are eSignature, local MLS apps, social media, lockboxes, and video conferencing.

The given figures indicate that even the real estate industry is gradually embracing digital transformation. The advent of technological transformation has paved the path of growth for mobile app development companies and mobile app developers.

Be it rental real estate software or custom solutions for real estate companies- we build everything as per your specific requirements. In this post, we have come up with all the points that will help in your journey in real estate software development journey.

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Different Types of Real Estate Management Software

When it comes to real estate, lots of things come under this umbrella. It means that there is no specific software that can handle every real estate dynamic. So it is essential for you to understand the types of real estate software before you dive into the development process.

Condo Management – Evident in its name, this software is helpful in condominiums & HOA properties management. It gives in-depth reporting via the advanced analytical tool.

Tenant Management – This kind of software is mostly used for house management, multi-unit buildings management, and the management of individual apartments.

Hotel and Hostel Management – As its name suggests, users can manage hostels and hotels through guest management, billing, and personnel scheduling.

Industrial Property Management – This kind of software works excellently with ERP solution integration.

Office Management – Management of office operations has become super easy with this software. Users can manage office buildings and retail properties with the help of such software.

Some other ideas for custom real estate apps are as follows – 

  • Realtor apps
  • Property listing applications
  • Household management apps
  • Smart home access apps
  • Property management apps
  • Apps for buying or renting a home
  • Assistance for real estate agents
  • Real estate home valuation apps
  • Virtual tours


The Must Include Features in Custom Real Estate Mobile Apps and Software

The real estate mobile applications include multiple features and functionalities. All the features and functionalities are broadly classified into three panels. 

Essential Features to Include in User / Broker Panel

  • User registration/ app login
  • Profile verification
  • Browse property
  • Filter and search properties
  • List view and map view
  • Property detail view
  • In-app chat
  • In-app call
  • Currency converter
  • Multi-lingual support


Essential Features to Include in Admin Panel

  • Managing users
  • Property management
  • Revenue management
  • Offers & discount management

The list of additional functionalities for a successful real-estate software development

Applicant Screening – This feature will help the users conduct a background check of the potential buyers and tenants of a property.

Property/Lease Management – Hire a mobile app developer and integrate this feature that will enable you to effectively track lease details and critical dates and financial obligations.

Customer Relationship Management System – You can go for Salesforce CRM integration and implementation services and leverage insightful reporting, automate rent collection, conduct tenant screening, execute lease tracking, and build e-lease agreements, with Salesforce. Hire Salesforce consulting company or hire Salesforce consultants and deliver an improved user experience to your customers and team.

Property Listing – Users can list their property with HD images on your app along with the details like a dimension of spread, renters’ details, etc.

Rental-Management – This feature will empower the property owners to track their payment records and in screening the potential tenants.

Multi-Payment Integration – Hire mobile app developers and ask them to integrate multi-payment gateway integration that includes credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and more.

Payment APIs – There are payment APIs that you can integrate with your property mobile app. These APIs will bring in payment automation.

Accounting APIs – This functionality is a blessing for real estate agents, brokerage firms, landlords, property investors, etc.

Navigation & Street View – This feature will give the property buyers a holistic view of an area. You can integrate it with Google Maps API.

Advanced Search – Users of the real estate mobile apps can search for property as per different criteria like location, property type, price range, listing type, plot size, square footage, amenities, facilities, etc.

3D Virtual Tour – App owners can create beautiful listings for buyers through a 3D virtual tour that will give buyers a detailed and insightful layout of the property.

Property Calculator – The users of the property management app can get automatic estimation that will make the process much easier. Users can find the cost of the property, down payments, taxes, interest, insurance, etc.

Augmented Reality – The integration of AR in real estate mobile apps is beneficial for both buyers and sellers. The potential property buyers can customize their properties with new wall colors, different furniture, new interior designs, etc.


How to build a property management solution?

As you have been through all the amazing features and functionalities of the real estate mobile app development, we hope you have made your mind up to dive into the development process.

Below is given a simple yet effective roadmap that you can follow when building real estate software.

Discovery Phase – This is the foremost step toward real estate mobile app development. We discuss project details with clients and finalize the scope of work and the initial roadmap for the project.

Wireframing – Next comes the development of prototypes with clickable features, which customers can expect in their future software. It is the best way to test features and give final thought to ideas.

UI/UX Design – The UX and UI design phase offers you the chance to see the final design of the app. App owners can test the usability of the features, give feedback, and get a fine idea of your total project estimates.

Development – Development team start brainstorming session to create codes and turn your idea into reality. From the front end to the backend, they will handle everything.

App Launch & Ongoing Support – Finally, we come to the final stage where your product gets thoroughly tested and launched on the app store for final users. When you hire a mobile app development company, you can also sign a long-term support contract.


Best Rental Property Management Software

Here is the top property management software list, which you can check before getting yourself into the development of real estate mobile applications.

  • Buildium
  • Turbotenant
  • AppFolio
  • Propertyware
  • SimplifyEm
  • MRI Software
  • Yardi Breeze


How to Build a Successful Real Estate Mobile App – Technology Stack?

Real estate app development is not a simple task. One needs to have a proper understanding of technology. Hire a real estate software development company that holds expertise in these trending real estate application development technologies.

  • CoreData or Realm Frameworks – It manages a list of the properties that are saved.
  • Google Places API – It provides users with the details of local areas and neighborhoods.
  • Firebase SDK, Apple Push Notification Service – For the push notifications.
  • iHomeFinder, Spark APIs, SimpleRets – These are helpful normalization of MLS data flows.
  • Facebook SDK – It integrates the Facebook sign-in option.
  • Zillow API – Gives information about Zillow’s neighborhood and listings.
  • Mapbox or Google Maps API – To build custom maps.
  • Spatial Neighborhood APIs – Users will get details about demographics and information about particular districts.
  • Java/Kotlin – Android development language.
  • Objective C/ Swift – iOS development language.
  • Amazon S3 – Cloud storage for listings.
  • Salesforce – CRM integration & implementation services


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Real Estate Mobile Application/ Software?

The cost of mobile app development is majorly dependent on four crucial factors. These are the time involved in the development, hourly cost of app development, features & functionalities to be included in an app, and the complexity of the app.

The cost of real estate mobile app development like Zillow, Trulia, and cost you around $45000 to $1,50,000.

The application’s basic features will be built in the range of $10,000 to $25,000. For the ad-on like new features and functionality, the cost will rise accordingly.

For a full-fledged mobile application with rich features and advanced functionalities, the app will cost you between USD 25,000 to USD 35,000. The cost might go beyond USD 50,000 depending on the complexities of the app.


Custom Real Estate Mobile App Development – The Conclusion

In the past few years, real estate property management mobile applications are open-heartedly accepted and embraced by the real estate industry. It’s the amazing features and benefits that make these apps a popular choice among users.

The technology is evolving and by the time you read this post, there might be new technology emerging which will be trending at that time. Thus, hire a mobile app development company or hire a mobile app developer with substantial experience and expertise.

You can discuss your app idea with them, and they will turn your ideas into a feasible reality.

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