Some Most Amazing Advantages of Using Salesforce Pardot in 2022

Over the past few years, companies are more inclining toward the modern way of marketing. Digital marketing is booming and businesses are investing substantially in it. The best of the digital marketing campaigns is that businesses get to know real-time insight and in-depth reporting.

To take things to the next level, Salesforce has come up with its own advanced marketing solution namely, Pardot.

Salesforce Pardot is a boon for marketing professionals that empowers them with strong automation and helps them stay above the curve. 

With the proper Salesforce Pardot consulting and integration services, a business can achieve the next level of growth. The marketing automation will shorten the response timing.


Salesforce Pardot Consulting and Some Market Stats

  • At the present time, the Salesforce Pardot is used by 51% of businesses out of which 67% are advertisers.
  • As per current data, the Pardot software is live on more than 92700 websites.
  • The industry verticals where Pardot is being used are Computers Electronics, Science & education, finance, and business & consumer services with the popularity of 10.82%, 9.15%, 6.57%, and 9.96% respectively.
  • Tech giants like Amazon, zoom, twitch tv, Docomo, eBay, and PayPal are using the Pardot marketing automation tool.
  • The US has maximum users of Pardot. More than 41000 websites have a Pardot solution.

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Salesforce Pardot Consulting Services – A Safe Option for Marketing Automation

The demand for marketing automation is increasing every day. In its report Markets and Markets revealed that the market size of marketing automation will grow to USD 5.2 billion by the end of 2022, and it is projected to reach 9.5 billion USD by 2027.

The businesses that have already implemented marketing automation services have experienced a 451% of increment in qualified leads.

The lead management has seen dramatic positive change through the Pardot solution. The businesses have experienced a 10% increase in revenue in six to nine months through lead management automation.

The figures shown above indicate that Pardot is an ideal choice as a marketing automation tool for businesses. It efficiently sends leads through a comprehensive lead qualification system before being forwarded to sales representatives.


Top Benefits of Salesforce Pardot Integration Services for Businesses


Easy ROI Reporting

The Pardot implementation and integration enable businesses to keep and gather data of their leads as well as of their clients such that they can make smarter decisions.

ROI reporting and Lifespan Tracking are the two most powerful features of Pardot that will let you use real KPI measures and help you see the parameters that require your attention to accelerate your sales and marketing activities.

The insightful reporting helps businesses in many ways – 

  • It gives a better understanding of how your customers interact with your business.
  • Users can link favourite resources together and get a better understanding of various business operations.
  • Reporting feature also supports you in expanding business operations and increasing sales.


Valuable Sales Insights

Pardot integration is a boon for the sales team. It empowers the sales team of a business to check interaction history with their clients. This will help the business team in formulating personalized and customized marketing & sales strategies for future business growth.

Through Pardot implementation sales team can –

  • Look into the marketing strategies through which a client has communicated with the business.
  • Check the communication history with each client.
  • Get to know about the next time a client will connect with a business.
  • Directly connect with businesses as per business’s needs.
  • Build a clear perception of their business.


More Leads with Emailer Builder

The Salesforce Pardot implementation brings highly user-friendly pre-built email templates, which users can find in the Email builder section.

The email builder feature of the Pardot solution will help you build high-converting and catchy marketing emails in an easy way. The email builder functions like a resilient prototype that is equipped with custom designs and features. All the factors will allow the users to format their data easily. It will be easy for business users to access the hosted information in a rapid manner.

The email builder enables businesses to send the right message to the right client at the right moment, which makes marketing strategies awesome.


Seamless Content Strategies

Businesses have changed the way they used to conduct their business operations. In the modern world businesses and smart marketers believe in creating and curating quality content rather than going for the bulk content creation.

Pardot comes as a wise choice for marketers to develop quality content that garners better results. 

Through a successful Salesforce Pardot integration, a business user can excellently and massively recycle the content as per his or her discretion.


The Importance of Salesforce Pardot Integration in 2022

Apart from the above discussed, there are several other reasons and advantages behind the usage of Pardot.

  • It works as a convenient platform to arrange & execute email marketing campaigns.
  • Pardot helps businesses and sales teams to track the sales activities of the visitors.
  • Businesses can nurture power leads after the successful Salesforce marketing integration services.
  • Pardot is highly capable to allocate the grades & scores to each prospect. It grades prospects between most interesting and least interesting leads.
  • It streamlines the calculation of the marketing rate of investment.
  • Pardot paves the path of seamless integration with other platforms.


Is Salesforce Pardot Integration Services Really Helpful? A Final Take

We have already discussed the benefits of Pardot integration and implementation with business. Hope this post will give you a better understanding at the time, when you will hire a Salesforce consulting company for Pardot implementation.

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