The List of Upcoming Salesforce Events & Conferences for 2020

In the realm of technology, Salesforce is a giant that offers best-in-class CRM solutions. Salesforce technology has made the life of people easy.

With each year, the demand for Salesforce-based solutions keeps increasing. According to a report, there are more than 150,000 companies worldwide that are using Salesforce solutions. The list of companies includes some of the biggest industry names such as Amazon, Adidas, American Express, etc.

The number of people around the world in the Salesforce community has dramatically increased in the past few years. As a result, Salesforce and its community people have started organizing numbers of Salesforce-based events to bring the entire fellowship under one umbrella and to meet with other technology buffs and learn the recent updates in the world of Salesforce.

Since the Salesforce community is expanding at a fast pace, it becomes a tedious task for many of us to keep track of all the events that are happening around the world.

The fact that we have already midway through March must be overwhelming for you, as you must be wondering which event you should attend and which not.

If such is the case then you have come to the right post. We have listed down all the best Salesforce events below where you could enhance your knowledge about the world’s leading CRM product, network with fellow professionals, and discover new opportunities for honing your proficiency in technology.

The list is classified into two parts, first are those events that are Salesforce hosts, and the second are those events that Salesforce community hosts.

 The events hosted by Salesforce

Being the biggest CRM development company, Salesforce hosts several prominent events. The reason behind hosting these events is to keep system integrators, developers, admins, and everyone within the community up-to-date on what’s latest happening in the world of Salesforce.

Following are the major Salesforce-hosted events:.

Higher Ed Summit

Date – 29th April to 1st May

Venue – Indianapolis, Indiana

If you are an IT developer or an IT Admin and looking to discuss the finer points of data architecture, then Higher Ed Summit is the perfect place for you. This year, it would be the 8th edition of this annual event which is co-hosted by Salesforce and Indiana University.

This event provides executive strategy and thought leadership sessions for different stakeholders including presidents, provosts, CIOs, Deans, and various other educational professionals.


Date: 9th and 10th June

Location: San Francisco, CA

Get ready to witness the global gathering where you can learn, connect, have fun with other trailblazers within the community. This year, the event will focus on the introduction of Blockchain in the realm of Salesforce.

With TrailheadX you can rapidly and easily build trusted partner networks. Numerous Salesforce engineers, product leaders, and other powerful trailblazers will enlighten you with their learning and knowledge.

Dreamforce 2020

Date: 9th to 12th November

Location: San Francisco, CA

All those who have the experience of working on Salesforce technology, they can excellently explain to you the importance of the Dreamforce event in the ecosystem of Salesforce. Popularly known as the flagship event of Salesforce, Dreamforce boasts of more than 170, 000 people from different part of the world. You can update yourself with the emergence of new products, strategic partnerships, and platform updates.

This is an annual user conference where thousands of thought leaders, industry pioneers, and numerous IT professionals flocks from different cities across the globe and make this 4 days event a successful one.

Salesforce World Tour

Date – Multiple Dates

Locations – Multiple Locations

Salesforce always stays ahead to stay in touch with its growing community. For that, it held a world tour every year in different parts of the world. This year, the Salesforce World Tour event will be held on numerous dates throughout the year. The major cities in which these events will take place are Amsterdam, Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, and Washington D.C.

Through these events, the Salesforce community gets the chance to connect with the customers and other business trailblazers and get the chance to enhance their knowledge about new Salesforce products and innovations. The tentative dates of the edition of the Salesforce World Tour London edition fall in May.

The Community-Hosted Salesforce Events

The community of Salesforce is rapidly increasing around the world. People from different countries to get to know other tech-enthusiasts and share knowledge, conduct various events. Through community-led events, the Salesforce community enriches its’ knowledge, education, and network. Below are given the major upcoming community-hosted Salesforce events.

London’s Calling 2020

Date: 20th March 2020

Location: The Brewery, London

This is the first community-led Salesforce event in Europe. It is also the largest Salesforce event led by the Salesforce community. Commenced in 2016, this annual event will have its 6th edition this year, and it will include multiple tracks of content and various prominent speakers from across the world. Catered especially to Salesforce developers and admins, the event will take place in the virtual world due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

Southeast Dreamin 2020

Date: 26th and 27th March

Location: Atlanta, GA

This is a prominent learning and networking event that is created by Salesforce users for Salesforce users. Here the community people can leverage ample opportunities of getting collaborated with other Salesforce users.

The event will feature numerous keynote speakers, demo-jam, hands-on-training sessions, and multiple community-led breakout sessions.

NorCal Dreamin 2020

Date: 6th and 7th August

Location: South Lake Tahoe

NorCal Dreamin is a Salesforce community conference by the Salesforce community to learn and network with Salesforce community people who gather from all over the world. Previously known as Tahoe Dreamin, this event is a perfect place for Salesforce buffs.

This 2-day event is meant for anyone from the Salesforce community, including Salesforce administrators, Salesforce developers, Salesforce consultants, Salesforce users, etc. As of now, NorCal Dreaming will have 35+ enlightening sessions, product demos, speeches by keynote speakers, and many more surprises.

Salesforce Basecamp 2020

Date – Multiple Dates

Locations – Multiple Locations

Just like the Salesforce World Tour, this community-led event held at multiple locations around the world. It involves participation from various members hailed from the Salesforce community. This is a free event and the early birds would also get the benefit at the time of registration.

The following are the dates and locations of this Salesforce event:

  • 29th April 2020 – Salesforce Basecamp Stockholm
  • 13th May 2020 – Salesforce Basecamp Helsinki

Below are mentioned the names of some more significant Salesforce events to be held in 2020:

IoT world conference expo

Date: April 6-9

Location: San Jose, CA


Date: May 4-6

Location: Chicago, IL


Date: June 15-17

Location: New York City, NY

PhillyForce 2020

Date: May 6

Location: World Café Live, Philadelphia


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