Health at Fexle: Few Precautions To Stay Safe from Coronavirus

According to the World Health Organization, Coronavirus has officially reached the pandemic status. The governments of different countries are leaving no stone unturned to stop the calamity brought by this deadly virus.

The flights and visas are canceled, schools are closed, the government has requested its denizens to avoid public gathering including parties, parade, etc.

At this time when the entire world is preparing itself to fight against Corona, Fexle Services has become a part of this fight and decided to celebrate the upcoming week as no hand-shake week.

Fexle always concerns about its employees and their health, therefore, seeing the virus spreading like wildfire, the company has rolled-out the work from home policy.

There are many other precautions that the company has taken for the health benefits of its employees that we will discuss further in this post.

But, before we discuss the health at Fexle, and what precautionary measures it is taking to fight against COVID-19, it is necessary to understand how this deadly virus has impacted the entire world, different industries, global economy, education, and everything.

Impact of Coronavirus Around The World

With each day, the situation is becoming worse for people around the world. According to a survey by Times of India, the outbreak of COVID-19 increased the Corona cases drastically in South Asia.

Globally, this lethal virus has infected more than 198,000 people. More than 7,900 people have lost their lives. According to the Union Health Ministry, the total corona cases rise to 147, out of which 3 persons were killed by this deadly virus in India.

This Chinese virus brings havoc for the global economy. Indian economy and industries, which were relatively stayed unscathed, are finally witnessing the dread setting in. The manufacturing and export sectors of India such as medicines, electronics, textiles, and chemicals are dramatically affected by Corona. The domain of intermediate goods worth $30 billion is at stake due to the Coronavirus.

In a report by the UN Conference on Trade and Development, it is expected that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, global economy worth $1-2 trillion will be severely affected in 2020.

How COID-19 Affected Different Industries Globally

Following are the major sectors that are most impacted by the outbreak of this Chinese Virus:

Impact of Coronavirus on Aviation Industry

  • On March 6, 585 international flights are canceled.
  • 93 international flights are canceled by Indian private carriers on the same day.
  • On March 12 India suspended almost all visas.
  • Indigo, India largest airline reported a 15-20% decline in daily booking.

Impact of Corona on Hospitality Industry

  • Restaurant business faces a 35% fall in the past few weeks.
  • Due to restrictions on travel, hotel businesses can witness fall in room occupancy from 75% to 20%.
  • Restaurants reported a decline in 30 to 35%.

Impact of Covid-19 on Apparel Industry

  • Apparel business of Rs 1 lakh crore will be impacted drastically.

Impact of Coronavirus on Poultry and Seafood

  • A 30% fall in chicken consumption has been reported.
  • Seafood export business is drastically affected.

Coronavirus Effect on Indian Entertainment Industry

  • Cinema halls are shut in Kerela, Jammu & Kashmir, and Delhi.
  • Delhi alone has to bear the loss of Rs 2 lakh to 10 lakh.
  • 40 to 50% business will be affected.

Apart from all the above-discussed industries, this deadly COVID-19 virus has also impacted the world of education globally. Due to the wild spread of Corona cases, more than 290 million students got disturbed across the world. There are school closures in around 22 countries on across three continents.

Health Practices at Fexle Services

Now since you know the entire story of the impact of Corona worldwide, it would be easy for you to understand the precautionary measures that Fexle has taken for its employees.

Fexle always walks the extra mile for the betterment of its employees’ health. For that, we have decided to adopt a few precautionary measures to avoid the ill-effect of Corona.

Following are the major health precautions we follow:

  • We have decided to have a no-handshake week.
  • We have put hand sanitizer on every gate so that everyone can use it before entering the premises or having their lunch.
  • We have adopted the work from home module for our employees. The one who is coming from public transport or the one who has a cough or cold is asked to take rest and continue the task from one’s home.

With our little but effective efforts, we are contributing our bit to stop the deadly impact of Corona. Our health at Fexle program will keep continuing because we are always ready sturdily to face any challenge and to always overcome it.


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