The Highly Growth-Centric On-Demand Service Apps Ideas for 2022 & Beyond

In the present epoch, on-demand mobile apps substantially affected most of our lives. From an appointment booking with a doctor to ticket booking of our favorite movie show, and from table reservation in a hotel to food delivery at our doorstep, we are highly dependent on mobile apps.

The advent of a pandemic has worked as a catalyst in the growth of on-demand mobile app development services. Several on-demand mobile app development companies have understood the potential of mobile solutions.

Today most users want ready at their fingertips. That’s where on-demand mobile apps have come into the picture.


The Market Scenarios of On-Demand Mobile Applications

More and more people are adopting mobile apps rapidly, and entrepreneurs have analyzed this surge in mobile apps demand. Both customers and businesses and their demand led to the enormous potential for on-demand apps.

Here are some numbers that will help you understand the potential of the on-demand mobile app industry.

  • The revenue of the video-on-demand industry is predicted to grow to $135,673 million by 2026.
  • The on-demand home service industry’s revenue is expected to reach 4730.31 billion, and it is growing at a CAGR of 70.15%.
  • The market for on-demand food delivery is projected to reach USD 90.95 billion by 2023.
  • The rising on-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million customers annually.
  • The annual on-demand spending by consumers is recorded at USD 57.6 billion.


Here’s the distribution of annual spending on on-demand apps, according to different industries.

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Best Ideas for On-Demand Mobile Applications Ideas for 2022

Before you hire an on-demand mobile app development company, it’s better you learn about these trending on-demand mobile app ideas. This list might help you at the time of project execution.


On Demand Medicine Delivery App

Ever since the pandemic has hit our world, the demand for on-demand medicine delivery apps has surged high. This app helps people stuck in emergency conditions and ensures an on-time delivery of medicines.

It is amazing to get the prescribed medicine at the doorstep. The startups with on-demand deliveries are booming after the pandemic.


On-Demand Taxi Apps Like Uber

Uber and Airbnb have revolutionized the travel industry. These apps have helped people stay ahead of the curve. Rapid transportation services have turned the table for the transport and logistics industry.

The diverseness of the transport industry enables users to build different apps like cargo logistics apps, taxi booking apps, bus booking apps, e-scooter apps, bicycles, etc. In your taxi apps, you can include the following advanced features like traffic checking, GPS navigator, no-cost cancellation, rescheduling, etc.


On Demand Travel Planning App

The taxi booking app led us to discuss the travel planning app. Lockdown has come to an end, and now life is getting back to normal. People are planning travel trips. In the present time investing in a travel app will be a wise idea.

Hire an experienced mobile app development company and discuss with them the features of your on-demand app. Features like booking flight tickets, hotel booking, etc., will be perfect for any travel planning app.

Inventory Management System

This type of app is a blessing for warehouses and huge stores. It will streamline the inventory management process and help users in managing data, products, and inventory organization tasks.

The inventory management app helps arrange inventory on a weekly and monthly basis. In the long run, this kind of app will help the time and cost of a user.


On Demand Fashion Applications

In this fast-paced life, people prefer doing a shop in the comfort of their houses. According to a report by Statista, 42% of people prefer to shop online rather than going to a physical store. 

You should understand the momentum and invest in an on-demand shopping app that helps users get to their favorite products in the comfort of their house. Include features like multiple payment systems, advanced search, and shopping cart in your on-demand eCommerce app.


On-Demand Project Management Mobile App

Building a project management app can also be considered one of the best on-demand mobile applications. If you are from the construction industry or from the electrical industry, you often require someone to get your contracts on time.

The project management on-demand application will solve your problem and make your business process super streamlined. It helps in improving relationships between the company, customers, and contractors.


On-Demand Fuel Delivery Application

It is often seen that people face problems while getting their vehicle’s fuel tank full on the go. Here comes the on-demand fuel delivery app into the picture. This app will help people know about the whereabouts of a gas station during their journey.

Booster and Cafu are the two leading players in fuel delivery services. The app requires your location after installation. The fuel vehicle driver will reach the finalized location to fill up the fuel.


On-Demand Plumbing Apps

Calling the plumber multiple times to visit home is so old school. Today, there are many solutions that help consumers reach plumbing services easily. 

There is a high demand for such apps, as every household requires this or some other repair work. Therefore you can build a plumbing app. You can include features that can calculate pipe length, water flow, and other factors which help the plumber execute the tasks.

Help the consumers find plumbers easily.


How Much Does It Cost to Build an On-Demand Mobile Application?

The cost of the development varies on multiple factors. These factors include the type of app, selection of the platform (iOS or Android), use of technology, the expertise of the mobile app developers, proficiency & expertise of the team that works on the project, and the country wherein you are building your on-demand mobile app.

Hire an iOS or Android app development services provider with a robust team of app developers. Here is a ballpark estimate of the price that will incur during on-demand mobile app development in different countries – 

  • India – $25 – $45 per hour
  • USA and Canada – $100 to $250 per hour
  • Australia – $100 – $150 per hour
  • The UK – $65 to $170 per hour
  • Central and Eastern Europe – $30 to $65 per hour



Any idea of an on-demand mobile application has a great potential to garner greater results and more revenue, only if one knows the proper way of executing the project.

If you are planning for on-demand mobile app development, we hope this article will prove helpful to you. Apart from the on-demand app ideas, we have also shared the cost of development as per different industries.

We can’t say that every idea is inevitably profitable. But it will definitely give you the vision to plan your project according to the trends and technologies.

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