How Higher Educational Institutes Can Harness The Power of Salesforce CRM?

Delivering a centralized education experience to students, teachers, alumni, and other stakeholders is the priority of every educational institute. 

The cloud computing company, Salesforce is known for its services that cater to the diverse industry. The company tapped the education industry a couple of years back and launched the Education cloud.

The major objective of the Salesforce education cloud is to help educational institutes to create a 360-degree view across the entire student lifecycle. The education cloud connects students, staff, and alumni with its exemplary features.

Many Salesforce consulting services providers are there through which you can also integrate the Salesforce education cloud into your system and improve operational efficiency.


What’s Powerful about the Salesforce Education Cloud?

The advent of Salesforce education has revolutionized the way education institutions used to work. The product has offered educational organizations a holistic view of its students, faculty, parents, alumni, and donors. 

It has paved the path for an improved way of virtual learning, remote instruction, and digital engagement. The educational institutes will get best-in-class support for their recruitment and admission process.

The education cloud empowers both these processes and improves the chance of students applying more. The integrated education CRM brings advancements in the education system and contributes substantially to learners’ success and student support. 

Salesforce education cloud strengthens each stage of the recruitment funnel ranging from protection to enrolment. Users can easily understand the applicants through intuitive Tableau empowered dashboards. Universities and colleges can effectively target prospective students as per different demographics on the preferred channels. 

The solution comes with a sturdy Admission connect feature. With its help, the college staff can efficiently connect with the applicants and handle every application management task with the help of a 360-degree view.

The product is also equipped with highly conversational Chatbots. There are also custom-made communities, which help students to get the right support at the right time. Chatbots with education clouds are a blessing for staff as it helps them keep a track of applicants precisely with dynamic checklists.


The Impeccable Features of the Education Cloud which is Helpful for Your Educational Institutes

If you are planning to hire a Salesforce consulting company for the integration and implementation of the Salesforce education cloud, then it is better to understand its features beforehand. Following are some of the major features of the Salesforce education cloud:

360-Degree View – The institute will get a holistic view of its current students, donors, prospective students, affiliates, staff, and other stakeholders under the single view feature. The product gathers data from multiple sources – mobile phones, social channels, etc. – and stores it in the system.

Personalized Communication – As all the information of students can be seen in one place, it will be easy for the staff to deeply understand each student and established personalized, relevant, and engaging communication. Teams across the campuses can enjoy the well-managed and centralized way of operations.

Automated Enrolment – The colleges can fully utilize the marketing automation via Salesforce education cloud implementation services. The solution will help staff in mapping all critical points like the journey of students, campaign management, budget tracking, social marketing, and many other factors. The sales automation feature will take care of the complete enrollment process starting from the pre-lead stage to final enrollment.

Loan Management – The financial management process is now more streamlined than ever; Thanks to the powerful grant & loan application management feature of the education cloud. From grant concepts to funding and from budget tracking to project updates to sponsors, each fiscal process gets automated.

Easy Recruitment – The product is equipped with a feature namely – Education Cloud for Recruitment and Admissions. It enables students to deliver relevant & productive outreach to prospective students. 

Student Support – Different departments of colleges can effectively cater to students’ queries and give them precise and on-time support. It bolsters students engagement, helps colleges deliver unified advising, manages other essential services, and helps in unlocking easy access to careers.

Multi-Department Collaboration – The work efficiency of different departments in college will increase with Salesforce education cloud integration services. Different departments can seamlessly be connected and establish and experience strong collaboration.


Advantages That Give Salesforce Education Cloud an Edge Over its Competitors

Student Management Services

  • Educational institutions execute student management tasks effortlessly with the help of the education cloud.
  • It will give a centralized solution where the college can handle all requirements in a single place.
  • The custom CRM solutions will enable you to manage all the information which is flowing into the system.


Teachers Management

  • Colleges can manage their staff teachers effortlessly after successful Salesforce education cloud consulting services.
  • Colleges can manage professors, teachers, and other education staff in one system.
  • Teachers can gain deeper insights into the efficiency of students.


Parents Portal

  • Not only teachers and students can leverage this platform, but also parents can enjoy the benefits of the Salesforce education cloud.
  • Parents can learn about the performance of their kids.
  • Portal for parents makes this solution a true USP for colleges, as it allows parents to track their children’s performance anytime and from anywhere.



  • The integration of Salesforce education with Salesforce marketing cloud makes it a top-notch solution in the education industry. 
  • It will help colleges keep up with the cutthroat competition.
  • Helps in improving brand value and brand image.



  • The solution is equipped with the power of automation in abundance. 
  • It is also backed by services like advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • The automation simplifies tedious tasks and helps streamline the solutions.



Ever since this education CRM solution has arrived, colleges and educational institutes got empowered. The solution has helped institutes in fostering rewarding relationships with prospective pupils, current students, parents, donors, funders, and volunteers, in a unified manner.

You can hire a Salesforce consulting company that has a robust team of strong Salesforce consultants. The integration of solutions requires expertise and experience, and you can get the one with FEXLE Services, a Salesforce Gold consulting partner.

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