The Best Money Making Apps That Paves the Path for Online Money Earning in 2022

If you are looking for the best money-earning apps in India, then you are at the right place.

Everybody likes to earn money, and if it is a passive income, who doesn’t like it? Many people are planning to invest substantially in money-making app development. 

If you are one of them and planning to hire a mobile app development company, then this post is for you.

Our experts have brought to you a consolidated list of the best money-making apps. Let’s move ahead and discuss the features of each app so that when you hire mobile app developers for your project, you can discuss the details with proper knowledge.


Money Making Apps, a Brief Understanding

  • The major forms of money-making applications include an app with referral reward programs, affiliate tie-ups, cashback reward schemes, etc.
  • Every money-making manages and operates its users in its own way. 
  • Most money earning applications depends on the user loyalty system. It improves apps usability by the clients.
  • Most money-making applications work on the same theme that induces users to proactively earn money on the app through an inbuilt reward system.
  • Such apps also help users by offering guidance in choosing where their money will go. Users can either transfer to their bank account or to an in-app wallet system.

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Best Money Earning Apps in India You Should Start Using Today


Google Opinion Rewards

It is listed as one of the best real money earning apps in India where users will help Google consolidate user-generated data – through google surveys – and the tech giant will pay you for your efforts and time. 

These surveys are random and prepared on the basis of search popularity and public interest. The user will get one user one survey per week. The money you earn will reach your wallet as Google Play credit.



It is another amazing money-making app with amazing features. The users of this app can fetch multiple rewards by performing a myriad of tasks. Some tasks are as simple as watching a promotional video on youtube. Interesting app isn’t it.

While you will be in talk with your mobile app development consulting partner, consider the amazing features of this app, which you can include in your project as well. CashBuddy has many user-friendly features.


Roz Dhan

If translated into English, the etymology of Roz Dhan translates to Daily Money. It is listed as one of the most trusted online money earning applications. Users of this application earn money by inviting friends, participating in contests, reading news, going through the latest updates, or by installing other applications, playing games, or taking part in surveys.

Other features through which users can earn more money are checking their daily horoscope, visiting famous sites, and solving puzzles.


You can also consider this app when you are in the talk with your best mobile app development company for money-making app development.

TaskBucks is equipped with multiple exciting features which you can incorporate into your application. This best money earning app in India helps users earn bonus revenue for executing simple tasks like downloading other mobile apps, asking users to visit other websites, viewing ads on the app, watch videos of any particular product or service.

Users can earn up to 70 rs every day by using this application. This is an Android-based application.


WONK – Money Earning With Online Teaching

This app is bliss for all who wish to teach and earn money simultaneously. WONK is an online teaching application that will help users who want to become a teacher to become online tutors from the comfort of their homes.

Listed as India’s biggest online and home tutoring booking app, this app help users become certified teacher and then promote them to come on board. 

After becoming a part of the WONK app, a person can earn between INR 300 to INR 1000 on an average per hour by teaching students. On average,a tutor earns INR 40,000 per month. 


Some More Money Making Apps to Consider At The Time of Mobile App Development Consultant

  • mCent – Users can earn money with simple referral tasks.
  • Dream11 – If you refer this app to a friend, it will earn you guaranteed money.
  • CouponDunia – It offers a coupon that will help users save money on deals.
  • PhonePe – It offers multiple cashback offers on several specific payments.
  • Google Pay – It offers coupons on a daily basis that guarantees money-saving deals.
  • Slide – It is a super simple money earning app. Users just need to unlock the phone and they will earn money. But there’s a cap limit on daily earnings.


Factors That Will Affect the Development of Mobile Application Costs

Whenever you hire a mobile app development company, it cannot tell the cost of development, right away. It is because there are multiple factors that affect the cost of development. A mobile app developer first analyzes your requirements and accordingly prepares the best quote for you.

Here are the most significant factors that will affect the development of cost:

  • The type of project
  • Customization of visual design
  • Location of a development team
  • The structure of the team that works on your project
  • Features and functionalities of the app
  • Platforms (iOS and Android)
  • App maintenance costs and additional services


How Much Does it Cost to Build a Money-Making Application?

The average price of a mobile app development ranges from $38000 to $91000. This price is for an app with simple features. The app with medium complexity will range between $55,500 and $131,000, and the app development of higher complexity costs you between $91,500 to $211000.

Simple feature apps will take 3 to 6 months to develop, whereas medium and complex feature apps will take 6-10 months and 10+ months respectively.

Region-wise cost of development:

Country iOS Per hour Android Per Hour
India 25 26
North America 150 150
Australia 92 92
United Kingdom 71 71
Central Europe 40 40
Indonesia 35 35
South America 43 37



The demand for money-making mobile apps is surging each day. People are gradually getting exposed to money-making apps and enjoying using these on a daily basis. 

If you are planning to invest in these apps, this is the right time. We hope this article will help you at the time of mobile app development. Hire money-making development consulting company and leverage million dollar industry.



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