The Best Ways to Market Your Salesforce App on the AppExchange Platform

If you belong to the extraordinary ecosystem of Salesforce, then you must have heard of the AppExchange platform. It is the largest marketplace of Salesforce applications that enhance & extend the functionalities of Salesforce.

The platform has more than three thousand applications listed. Though Salesforce is an incredible platform that satiates every business requirement, still when a business requires any specific functionality to execute any task, and they couldn’t find it in their classic Salesforce version, the Salesforce AppExchange platform comes into the picture. 

The applications available here are designed & built to help businesses save cost, time, effort and bring automation into the business processes.

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Best Ways to Market Your App On The AppExchange Platform

Now that we have understood the concept of the AppExchange platform, let’s move ahead and discuss in detail the ways to market your app on the AppExchange platform.

Do you wonder how to market your app on AppExchange? Are you looking for the best tips on how to successfully market your solution to this marketplace?

If yes, then you have come to the right place.

AppExchange is a platform where Salesforce AppExchange app development company not only can create apps, but also build lightning components, lightning data, flow solutions, and bolt solutions, to name a few.

Having a well-built app is not where your work ends. In fact, it is here that the real work starts as now you have to publish this app for the users and monetize it. And you could not do it without the proper guidance of Salesforce consulting company.

Following are given the best ways to market your app on AppExchange to make it a real success:


Leverage ISV Partner Program

One of the best ways to promote your Salesforce application is to get enrolled into the Salesforce ISV partnership program. The major highlight of this program is the marketing support, which you can leverage as per your ISV tier (Base, Ridge, Crest and Summit).

There are several resources and training modules available for the members of this program. 

To take full advantage of the AppExchange marketing program, you have to be a part of tier Ridge or above.

The AMP will accelerate your go-to-market strategy along with the paid marketing planning. The AppExchange Marketing Program is the best way to get your app market faster.


Building Stronger Relationship

As a partner of the Independent Salesforce Vendor (ISV) program, you are entitled to have PAM (Privileged Access Management), AEs (Account Executive), SEs (Solution Engineers) and other essential resources that will act as your primary contact with Salesforce.

The entire trailblazer and Salesforce team has always been welcoming towards an innovative solution that could solve challenges. And if your Salesforce app has that gravity, the community will contribute to its success.

The AEs will help you pitch the application and contribute to closing more deals. The SEs, on the other hand, understand the specific requirements of your targeted customers and fetch them into your application.

As they are aware of the technical know-how of your application, it will be beneficial for you at the time of the product demo.


AppExchange Listing

Here’s another tip to market your Salesforce application on AppExchange. It is to create an AppExchange listing that your customers can easily find.

Make sure the listing you make is well-optimized and stands out in the AppExchange community.

To make your listing well-optimized, you must add proper screenshots of the application, add videos if any, and infographics that let prospects understand the functionalities, features, and working of your application.

You can also add case studies revolving around your application usage. It will show the credibility of the application. Add as many positive reviews as possible and leverage your existing customers to review your app on the AppExchange platform.

Through these ways, you can optimize your AppExchange listing and get better visibility on the AppExchange platform’s home page.


AppExchange Chat

Another interesting way to boost your AppExchange app marketing is AppExchange chat. It is a newly introduced chat tool that enables app owners to execute interaction with prospects and current customers in a more human way.

When a user visits your AppExchange listing, then can interact with your service agents through AppExchange Chat. It improves products’ credibility, boosts Salesforce app marketing.

It helps you make a faster decision, and easy access to information in a unified place.

Leverage Salesforce Events

Every year Salesforce organizes multiple events across the globe. From global to technical, in-person to virtual, and technical to commercial, there are a plethora of Salesforce events wherein you can participate and market your Salesforce application. 

In these global level events, you will get a chance to meet thousands of people from the Salesforce community and promote your app.

It is a golden chance to build a strong and lasting relationship with a trailblazer.

Some of the major events by Salesforce where you market your app are as follows – 

Dreamforce – Dreamforce is an ultimate extravagant global conference that is visited by lakhs of Salesforce enthusiasts from across the globe. You can talk about your app here, discuss your success stories, and attract your target audience effectively.

Salesforce Live – Salesforce live has come up as the newest way to get connected with the trailblazer community. It is a virtual platform where app owners can showcase their Salesforce apps and give a presentation.

Dreamin Events – There are multiple communities led events that are organized for those who are interested in the Salesforce platform. You can participate in these events and promote your app.

You can also ask your existing customers to share their success story with others in these events. It will testify to the authenticity of your product.


Developing Quality Content

Content is the King. Period.

One of the best ways to market Salesforce applications and to reach prospective clients goes through the creation of quality content. If you are an ISV partner you can leverage this tip by creating thought leadership content and sharing it with the community.

By building quality content such as blogs, infographics, webinars, etc., you can create brand awareness and get a stronghold on your vertical niche.

Tips to build quality content for Salesforce AppExchange app marketing:

  • Have a solid blog strategy.
  • Do not brag too much.
  • Always be authentic in your content.
  • Address the pain points of prospects through content.

How can you optimally leverage your content planning?

  • Social Media – There are 3.78 billion people using social media platforms, across the globe. Twitter is the place where the Salesforce community is hyper active. 
  • Webinars – Ever since the pandemic has hit our world webinars have become a major source for presentation, where people come collectively and interact with one another. Organize a webinar, showcase your expert knowledge, and easily target your niche audience.


Salesforce AppExchange platform is a brilliant way to find the perfect solution for easy business process execution. If you are planning to market your app on Salesforce AppExchange, you better hire a Salesforce AppExchange development services provider. Under professional guidance, you could leverage your app and monetize it to the next level.

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