What Are The Advantages Of Using Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce has always been an advanced solution for the business from different industry verticals. With each year, the cloud computing company brings something new to elevate users’ experience.

In its series of innovations, Salesforce launched its lightning version back in 2014. And rest is history. 

With the advent of Salesforce Lightning, things have never been the same for the users. It not only has completely revolutionized the Salesforce browsing experience for the business users but has also helped them garner the next level of growth in sales and ROI.

There are several Salesforce Lightning consulting providers that can help you with Salesforce lightning implementation services. You can hire & garner greater results accordingly, but before we move ahead and discuss the benefits of Salesforce lightning, let’s discuss and take a look at Salesforce Lightning in brief.

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What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce lightning is the framework that helps users to build apps on the Salesforce CRM platform. This components-based framework is designed to simplify processes of app development for business users. 

Some of the most iconic features that make Salesforce Lightning development services most desirable are as follows – 

  • Salesforce Lightning GUI is optimized for speed.
  • The Lightning App Builder facilitates app creation & customization through drag & drop capacities.
  • Amazing tools & extensions for the development of the reusable component.
  • AppExchange for components with fifty-plus partner components in App Builder.
  • Amazing style guides & UX that comes with the Design System.
  • Lightning connect tool that consumes data from external sources.


Top Salesforce Lightning Benefits for Businesses

According to a report by SFDC, many business leaders are inclining towards Salesforce Lightning. They have experienced 41% growth in productivity, 21% growth in win rates, and 23% faster time to close leads.

Apart from all the benefits, the lightning component of Salesforce has a myriad of advantages that will help you make an informed decision to Salesforce lightning consulting services.


Sales Process Automation

To manage and run the sales process has become a piece of cake for the businesses, all thanks to the Salesforce lightning version. With the help of the lightning version, it is now possible for businesses to maintain 100% efficiency and experience an improved conversion rate. Salesforce Lightning has brought the power of automation to the sales process.

  • The sales team can view each opportunity in the sales pipeline.
  • It recommends the next best step to take.
  • Helps the Sales team to make quick & accurate decisions at every stage of the sales pipeline.
  • The Kanban View enables the sales team to monitor the status & progress of each opportunity with easy to use drag & drop options.
  • It supports real-time changes & delivers updated & precise sales pictures.


Sales Activity Tracking

If you want to know the real update on what’s going on in your Sales team? If you want to know if your sales team is making phone calls when they say they are, then having Salesforce lightning consulting services will be the right choice.

With the help of the lightning version, you can also get to know the actual happening in each stage in the sales pipeline.

A business owner can insightfully watch the performance of the sales team through the dashboard. You can also measure the sales success by checking the metrics such as activity to opportunity and type of activity.

  • Easy sales activity tracking through activity tracking tools.
  • Easy making & receiving of calls through lightning voice.
  • Insightful performance metrics for more accurate business process reality.


Lightning App Development

The lightning version of Salesforce brings the Lightning App Builder with it, and it has the potential to entirely customize the experience of the business team.

A user can effectively create a new app or customize the existing one with the help of Lightning app builder. There is an intuitive drag and drop feature that helps users build Lightning pages without any technical jargon. A user also gets a chance to explore & leverage pre-built Salesforce components that facilitate Salesforce app development.


Clean Up Duplicate Data

Precise, well organized, clear, and error-free data is the key to making an insightful decision to boost business processes. Through Salesforce Lightning, the sales team can leverage clear and concise data that will help them make a prompt and easy decision without compromising with the quality. The clear data also helps the sales team build stronger & lasting customer relationships, as they can personalize & customize their interaction as per individual client’s behaviour, history, interaction, etc.

  • It is simple to maintain standards of quality data using Salesforce Lightning.
  • Easy to view & merge duplicate data, records, contact, accounts (person & business), leads, etc.


Data Access From Anywhere Anytime

We are living in the age of advanced technology, where we do not have to be bound with any device or infrastructure to execute business operations. We can take our work with us wherever we go. And the advent of the pandemic has just proven a catalyst to work from any culture.

Salesforce lightning has just made things more pleasing with its impeccable remote functionalities. It gives the sales team the flexibility to work from anywhere irrespective of the office, on the go, home, or any other place.

The lightning functionality brings desktop CRM to mobile devices. It makes it easy for businesses to track accounts’ status and take follow-up with the customers anytime and from anywhere.


Some Other Reasons Why a Business Should Adopt Salesforce Lightning Consulting Services

  • Focus on quality leads & opportunities with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Einstein AI integration making sales processes smarter and automated.
  • 3rd Party Integration is easy with lightning.
  • Information privacy is excellent. The possibility of malicious activities is eliminated.
  • High user experience through simple to use and enhanced lightning user interface. It gives a smooth, swift, and seamless experience to users through mobile-first features, excellent reports and dashboards, and a highly customizable homepage.
  • Improved team productivity as a team can work from anywhere. Access to required information is easier. 
  • Reduced cost of development because of low code features that facilitates faster app development.
  • Upgraded security with less chance of data breach.
  • Enhanced reports and analytics help businesses make precise sales forecasting. It will increase ROI.



Having Salesforce lightning for business has a plethora of advantages. Businesses can work with more efficiency and effectiveness with Salesforce Lightning.

We hope you have understood the reasons for why to move to Salesforce Lightning. To leverage this technology to its fullest, you should hire Salesforce lightning consulting services from an experienced company like FEXLE. The certified Salesforce consultants at FEXLE will help you with successful Salesforce lightning integration and implementation services.

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