Custom Salesforce App Development – An Ultimate Guide for Every Business

Salesforce has brought revolutionized solutions in the present digital-centric world. It has made the life of business visionaries simple. Ever since its inception, the cloud computing company continuously honing its series of innovations. One of the best innovations that Salesforce has come up with, is the facility of Custom Salesforce app development.

To let users use the CRM platform more easily, Salesforce introduces Salesforce applications. The app is a customizable and simplified version of the CRM platform, which is optimized specifically for smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets.

All the data and information that a user accesses through the desktop version, the same data will be accessible through Salesforce mobile applications. A user can also view the report, generate a report, manage leads, improve collaboration among team members, and pave the path for new opportunities.

In this blog post today, we will discuss Salesforce custom app development in detail and every associated factor. We hope after reading this post, you will get answers to all your Salesforce mobile app development queries.

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What are Custom Salesforce Applications?

In the wake of the pandemic, many business visionaries have decided to bring their businesses onto the virtual platform. As many people are working from home, it becomes necessary to have a strong & secure solution that lets employees work seamlessly without coming to the office. Here comes the Salesforce custom application into the picture. 

According to Frost and Sullivan Research, businesses believe that their productivity has increased by 34% by executing their jobs via mobile apps. With custom mobile applications, Salesforce helps businesses bolster the efficiency of their sales and marketing team.

The custom Salesforce apps let the sales & marketing team access CRM functionalities from anywhere.


Why to Build Salesforce Custom Mobile Apps?

To stay ahead of the competitors and to stay competitive, it is essential for businesses to deliver a superior customer experience. According to a report by State of Connected Customer, approx 88% of consumers & buyers believe that businesses should focus on digital initiatives.

One of the best ways for companies to embrace digital initiatives is by hiring a Salesforce consulting company that can build custom Salesforce mobile applications. The Salesforce apps enable businesses to deliver personalized and elevated customer experiences.

A business can find a suitable Salesforce app from its app platform called AppExchange. It is the one-stop destination for all Salesforce-based applications. This Salesforce app marketplace is compact with more than 3400 applications. The applications here are designed keeping in mind the challenges that businesses generally face. 

Still, the option for a custom Salesforce app is always open. And for that businesses can go for Salesforce mobile app development.


Things To Consider Before Developing Custom Salesforce Mobile Applications

Before we move ahead and learn the advantages of custom Salesforce app development, let’s understand the factors to consider while developing custom Salesforce applications.

Ideate Your Plan

Every successful app was just an idea initially. Make sure you have an idea for an app that can resolve the challenges of its users and provide the required solutions.

Keep your mind open, identify the problems that exist and understand why no other company has designed an app to fix that problem. Conduct a survey and try to find out what they want from a solution.


Determine Goal

Before you start developing a custom Salesforce application, make sure to learn everything about the problems that users are facing currently and how your product proved to be the right solution. In this way, you can easily determine your goal, identify your targeted audience, and the scalability of your application.

To achieve the goal successfully, make sure you have proper documentation with all requirements along with user experience, product development cycle, and a blueprint for product strategy.


Compatibility with Current Apps

One thing you need to keep in mind while developing a custom Salesforce app is its compatibility with the existing system. Businesses should ensure the compatibility of the present Salesforce configuration with the prospective applications.

The analysis of compatibility will help you identify the features & functionalities that you can add or cut down to execute custom Salesforce app development.


Data Interference

Data security is the foremost factor that comes to our mind while developing a custom app. The Salesforce developers have a plethora of choices to ensure the security of data. Factors such as validation rules, workflow field updates, and default values can help businesses boost an app’s usability and contribute to more actionable & clean data.

To mitigate the risk of data duplicity, you can use Duplicate and Matching Rules at the time of Salesforce app integration with external systems.


Best Benefits of Salesforce Custom Apps

A user can get a ready-made application from the AppExchange platform that can meet your business requirements, but it would be wise to go for custom Salesforce app development. It will harness greater results for the business.

Here are the top benefits you can get if you create a mobile app using Salesforce:


Cost-Effectiveness – Custom Salesforce mobile app development is a budget-friendly affair when compared to purchasing an app from the AppExchange platform. When you build a custom Salesforce app, you make a one-time payment to Salesforce developers and testers, and once the app is ready, it is all yours.


Industry-Specific – One of the best parts of having a custom Salesforce app is that such apps cater to the needs of multiple industries excellently. From order management to financial management, every operation can be improved using industry-specific custom Salesforce apps.

You cannot find such a facility with already-made Salesforce apps on the AppExchange platform as they have universal functionalities.

Easy Integration

Another thing that makes custom Salesforce app development so admirable is the ability of the custom app to get integrated with other systems. 

Another thing that makes custom Salesforce apps in demand is that a user can design an app-specific to a special kind of integration.


Data Accuracy

Thanks to the powerful ecosystem of Salesforce that it will keep the data of a Salesforce native app error-free and up-to-date. A user does not have to consume his or her energy and time on tiresome screen refresh work.

Whether you create a task, take calls, or create call logs, all the details will be updated accurately in a streamlined manner. It will make the work reporting seamless, up-to-date, and error-free.



Open the doors of an easy working environment with a custom Salesforce application. Through custom apps, a user can leverage the opportunity to work irrespective of place. 

Custom Salesforce apps empower users to execute their tasks on the go. Whether you want to check the previous records or want to update a new one, with the Salesforce app, you can do it anytime and from anywhere.



Salesforce always delivers the best user experience. When it comes to custom app development, there is no exception. Businesses can leverage Salesforce mobile app development by hiring an expert Salesforce consulting partner. 

You can hire FEXLE Services, a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner. The company has years of experience in custom Salesforce app development. They will build tailor-made solutions specific to your business requirements and accelerate the business process, efficiency, and growth.

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