Tech Rendezvous: Org Dictionary – A Salesforce Schema Reference & Collaboration App

The universe of Salesforce is rapidly evolving. The trailblazers’ community is constantly striving towards developing something novel and unique to streamline functionalities and operations in organizations.

Fexle Services, a leading Salesforce consulting provider in the USA and India, has been into the realm of Salesforce for the past 13+ years. And in the quest to contribute something valuable to the community of trailblazers it has come up with the world’s first one of its kind tool that helps organizations to build and maintain their project-centric vocabulary.

The name of the tool is the Org Dictionary.

The tool aims to solve the problems which users face at the time of building and maintaining the schema component of a particular project.

There are lots of things to discuss on this amazing Salesforce tool.

Today, we have with us a well-experienced and certified community cloud consultant, Mr. Abhinav Sharma, under whose aegis this tool was developed.

Mr. Abhinav Sharma possesses 8+ years of industry experience and along with community cloud; he also holds mastery as Mulesoft developer, advanced developers, lightning expert, and Salesforce consultant.

This session will drive away all your metadata related problems and streamline your process. Hence, do not miss reading any point, as it will going to be a very important session for all Salesforce professionals.

Ques 1. What is Org Dictionary? Explain its concept.

Ans 1. Org Dictionary is a one-stop Salesforce schema reference book. It helps users learn and build their own project-centric vocabulary. This first of its kind app enables users to bolster their project-specific vocabulary of metadata that includes fields, objects, types, records, and many more.

With the help of this application, a user can create a custom set of vocabulary based on a particular project along with custom metadata, fields, etc.

Org Dictionary allows an entire organization to retrieve all information about a specific component. The information can be anything, like why that component was created, how to utilize that component, etc.

Mr. Abhinav explained that Salesforce has metadata or schema components that help in building the architecture, around which we build business logic to accomplish our needs. Keeping the record of these components was a real challenge, as there was no way through which developers collaborate around them.

And here comes into the picture, Org Dictionary. He further explained the concept of the Org Dictionary with an example: Suppose Mr. X is working on a particular project, he built some components, and after some time, he got transferred to a different project, and Mr. Y comes to handle the project.

Now with the help of Org Dictionary, Mr. Y can understand those components, read the discussion that happened around it, develops his understanding like what is the meaning of the field, why it was created, etc. and continue his work without any hindrance.

Ques 2. What are the features and benefits of the Org Dictionary?

Ans 2. Easy to use, and absolutely free, Org Dictionary has multiple exciting features that make it the favorite of Salesforce professionals. First, it enhances real-time collaboration. Users can effectively work together, conduct discussions, and they can also share their ideas as well as information on a particular component without any hassle.

Another feature of the Org Dictionary is its user-friendly and interactive user interface which allows users to easily gather all the required metadata information of standard as well as of the custom objects.

Some significant features of Org Dictionary are as follows:

  • A user can find the required object through the search box.
  • Users can add new objects as per users’ requirements.
  • Users can quickly access standard & custom objects.
  • Field and record type information can easily be browsed according to an object.
  • Users can download the CSV file and email the file as well.
  • Allows users to browse, view & collaborate easily.

“It is a kind of wizard, which gives you the capability to collaborate around metadata, and which can enable you to send out information to the respective person.” Says, Mr. Abhinav Sharma.

Ques 3. How does Org Dictionary work?

Ans 2. The working of the Org Dictionary is simple and effective. Users can use it in the following ways:

  • Log in to your Salesforce account where you have installed the Org Dictionary application.
  • Click on the set-up, and you will navigate to the home screen.
  • Click on App Launcher, type Org Dictionary, click on it, and it will open the app for you.
  • On the left side, you will find the list of all the tables.
  • Search for the required table, click on it and it will show its entire details.
  • Users can click on the communication icon either on fields or on the table as per requirements.
  • Comment on a component, and start collaboration around metadata, fields, records, etc.

Ques 4. What challenges have you faced while building the Org Dictionary?

Ans 4. To build an application like Org Dictionary for a small organization with 10 to 50 tables is not a challenging task. On the contrary, when it comes to a big organization, which has thousands of fields, that’s where the real challenge starts.

“When we initially built this app, one of the major issues that we were facing was its performance degradation. It was hard to show all tens and thousands of information at once effectively,” said Mr. Abhinav Sharma.

“Secondly, due to this problem, the performance of the app was also deteriorating. The app was taking time to retrieve the required information, and it becomes difficult for users to extract lots of information all at once.” Explained further Mr. Abhinav Sharma.

But finally, the professionals worked on the drawbacks of the app, and excellently overcome each one of them and made it equally beneficial for organizations of all scales.

Ques 5. What is the future of this tool?

Ans 5. The world of Salesforce, as stated above, is quite innovative. Users get three new releases every year from Salesforce, and each release comes with one or the other new components.

“At present, we have prepared this component in such a way that it enables collaboration around, majority of the components,” explained Mr. Abhinav Sharma.

Talking about its future perspective, Mr. Abhinav said “we have two targets for Org Dictionary, first we have to cover all those components which remain uncovered and secondly we will also enhance some UI-based functionality that will enable easy navigation.”

Final Note

There is no doubt that with the introduction of the Org Dictionary, Fexle has revolutionized the world of trailblazers. We hope that this amazing tool has a bright and successful future, and may it help the Salesforce community in an unparalleled way by offering excellent functionalities.

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