Launching Soon – A Utility That Helps You To Easily Manage Salesforce Media Files

The advent of Salesforce technology has opened the doors of innovations, easy solutions, and a simpler life. Ever since this technology has become a part of our lives, our daily business operations become more user-friendly and interactive.

The efficiency, as well as the productivity of the employees, also elevated excellently.

There is no second thought on how excellently businesses are leveraging this next-generation technology, but when it comes to play attachments in salesforce such as audio files, video files, etc. the technology has some limitations.

Preview Media Files Through Our Salesforce Media Player Component

Every user who has a Salesforce Org, the user is well-aware of the upscale functionalities and unparalleled benefits of this platform. 

Still, being one of the most efficient and futuristic technologies, Salesforce restricts its users to manage and preview the uploaded media files directly from the Salesforce org.

With the help of the present attachments, users can view and understand the entire details effectively. But viewing the files attached in the Salesforce org is a multi-step process.

Users personally have to download each file into their personal system in order to view those files.

Because of which users have to dedicate their time specifically to check those files, download them, and then access those files.

Are you also facing problems while accessing the files that are uploaded into your Salesforce org?

Is accessing and previewing the attachment in Salesforce org seems a daunting task to you?

Are you looking for a solution that can help you in managing and previewing the attachment in your Salesforce org without asking for download, and which can help you in saving ample of time?

Salesforce Media Player Component

Fexle Services and Its Innovative Tool

For some time, Fexle and its team of professionals have been working on a tool, with the help of which the attached media files related queries can easily get resolved. 

And after hearing about the challenges from the trailblazer community, we have mulled our thoughts and amalgamate them with the Salesforce technology.

After months of rigorous efforts and brainstorming, we have come up with the first of its kind tool that is capable of resolving all media files related challenges that users are facing.

Fexle takes pride in presenting Media Files Player, a tool that is developed with precision and utmost dedication.

Our team of professionals worked a day in and day out on the development of this project. Media Files Player in simple words is a tool that will allow users to access and preview the media files (audio/video/images) directly into Salesforce org without actually downloading them.

This tool has multiple benefits for Salesforce users. Each functionality and feature of this product is designed and developed while keeping in mind the user-friendliness.

With the help of this tool, users can-

  • Play Audio File in Salesforce
  • Play MP3 File in Salesforce
  • Play Wav File in Salesforce
  • Play Video File in Salesforce
  • Preview Image in Salesforce

What the Future Holds for Trailblazers?

Being the first media management tool, Media Files Player will surely deliver some exceptional features and functionalities to its users.

To know more about this tool, you have to wait a bit. 

Very soon, we will launch this tool on the AppExchange platform, from where you can download it. With that, we will also bring a detailed post on the functionalities, features, and benefits of Media Files Player that will enlighten the trailblazer community about the excellence of this tool.

Till then, you stay tuned with Fexle Services and keep a close eye on each update.

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