Do You Know About These Awesome Advanced Salesforce Reporting Features?

Salesforce is the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management Software. The impeccable features and advanced functionalities enable businesses to cater to their clients in the most engaging manner.

With Salesforce consulting services, a business can enhance its sales, improve its services, understand its customers, and drive higher revenue.

All these many other benefits can be achieved with the help of Salesforce Reporting.

Salesforce reporting is an outstanding feature that enables business users to get multiple views of their data. Admins can greatly benefit from the Salesforce Reporting feature as they can garner its excellence to grow the organization’s productivity.


Salesforce Reporting Features 

Salesforce Reporting is a process that helps you improve customer retention, identify potential risks, strategize a marketing plan, and fill the sales funnel. It granularly conducts data analysis and delivers result-driven insights.

Here are a few points that will help you understand Salesforce Reporting features – 

  • A Salesforce report is a list of data points compiled as per your defined criteria.
  • The reports are displayed in rows and columns.
  • Reports allow users to filter data and group the data as per requirements.
  • Salesforce Reports are stored in specific folders.
  • Admin can give limit access to the report folder via the custom permission feature.
  • The Salesforce Reports are decoded by the Salesforce dashboard with excellent visualization.


Different Types of Salesforce Reports 

Joined Reports

The Joined Reports feature of Salesforce will enable businesses to create two different reports and join data. 

The insights from both the reports will be displayed side by side and users can compare the results easily.

Summary Reports

This kind of report is the most popular and the most frequently used report that depicts the summary of multiple groups of data.

Users can group their data from multiple accounts, and generate an insightful summary report. These reports empower your team to calculate sales, purchase amounts, revenue generated, etc.

It will be easy for users to determine the services/ products and their popularity among customers.

Matrix Reports

The Matrix reports are the one that works well with large datasets. It is considered the most complicated report. It takes ample time for you in setting up these reports because the data is grouped according to rows and columns. 

If you want to watch your reports in numerical form, matrix reports can be a perfect choice for you.

Tabular Reports

These kinds of reports are very easy to create. They come quite handy at the time preparing data for exporting. Tabular reports are not an ideal choice if you want to interact with data or want to manipulate it.


Advantages of Salesforce Reporting for Businesses

Custom Report Types

There are few standard reports for the standard objects like Opportunities with Products, Contacts and accounts, etc.

The custom report types have a “with” or “and” relationship. The users can build standard as well as auto-created report types 

Exception Reports

You can create these reports using the cross filters without any help from the record type having a child object. Wherever there is no CRM data exists, the Exception reports come in handy.

Analytical Snapshots

It allows you to capture the data in your system. This data can be captured at a specific point in time and users can leverage this data to create efficient historical reports.

Do you want to see long-term data trends or trends over a specific period of time, then this is the report for you.

Ask your Salesforce consulting partner to help you with the analytical snapshots.

Custom Summary

Calculate your complex data with utmost ease with the help of the custom summary formulas feature of Salesforce Reporting. Users can easily add the custom summary formula to their reports.

From creating averages to totaling different groupings, moving averages, and more, users can do it all with the help of this feature.



We have discussed here all the major advanced reporting features in Salesforce. We hope that with this list full of tricks, you will get to leverage Salesforce reporting to the fullest and you will be able to create reports as per your requirements.

Hire Salesforce consulting company and you will get insightful help from experienced Salesforce professionals in building in-depth and result-driven reports for your business through which you can improve sales, improvise marketing activities, and harness greater revenue.

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