Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Implementation Services – Capture Every Penny and Experience Upscale Retail Planning

If you belong to the retail business and are looking for a solution that will help you manage consumer goods, optimize store visits, and boost in-store productivity, then don’t miss reading this post.

Being an experienced Salesforce consulting company, we have served retail businesses and their unique requirements. One common factor that bothers them all is the lack of a solution that helps them optimize their retail business operations and improve in-store productivity.

Here comes Salesforce consumer goods cloud into the play, a solution that optimizes visits to the store, builds collaborative relationships, accelerates in-store productivity

Understanding Consumer Goods Cloud 

As a part of the Salesforce customer 360 platforms, the consumer goods cloud is backed by the power of Artificial Intelligence that empower companies to step ahead of their competitors and bring accuracy in audits.

Salesforce consumer goods cloud is an ideal solution for businesses that deal in food, beverages, personal care, health, beauty, and other products.

The solution is easy to use, quick to implement, gathers diverse data & history, demographics, etc. and helps businesses create a custom profile of consumers covering all the touchpoints.


Top Advantages of the Consumer Goods Cloud for Businesses

Salesforce consumer goods cloud implementation services are a boon for a business dealing in consumer goods. Here are the top benefits of the Salesforce consumer goods cloud – 

Better Store Planning

The business users can leverage the excellence of this solution and enjoy improved store planning for better & smooth operations. It offers a 360-degree view of sales targets, discounts on orders, promotions & offers, etc., to the business owner and enables them to execute retail business excellently.

Enhanced Store Layout

Retail businesses can organize their inventory for each store with the help of Salesforce consumer goods cloud integration services. Irrespective of the segment category of stores, businesses can easily customize and assign templates and use them as per individual stores’ requirements. 

Accurate Shelves Auditing

Salesforce consumer goods cloud integration with the system facilitates proper inventory management and shelf auditing. The business users can excellently fulfil their inventory requirements, rapidly create a plan, and confirm the availability of the merchandise in an accurate manner.

Shelves auditing with the power of Einstein Vision create wonders for your retail business. You not only can track inventory but also identify out-of-stock products and their details such as product category, price, quantity required, discounts/promotions/offers, etc.

Shopping Trips

A sales rep has to visit multiple retail stores throughout the day. While visiting these stores, sales reps also have to maintain track of each store along with the information like name of the store, location of store, hours spent at each store, visit time, etc.

Managing all these parameters manually is not an easy task.

But, with Salesforce consumer goods cloud implementation you can enable your sales reps to streamline their activities and shop visits in a more organized manner. 

This retail management software can take care of the parameters discussed above and enable better business growth.

Taking Orders on Mobiles

The solution works perfectly as the best shop management software and it works excellently per your business requirements, and strategies. It aligns perfectly with your business goals in offering discounts, executing marketing campaigns, and improving customer experience.

The mobile facility makes the Consumer goods cloud more appealing to business consumers as it allows retailers to accept orders via mobile devices. A retail business owner can perform daily tasks on the go.

Data Surveys & Collection

Retail organizations can easily and efficiently collect data from multiple sources with the help of this retail management software.

Salesforce Consumer Goods cloud enables businesses to offer real-time promotions to customers. It enables collaborations among the different teams and centralizes data in such a way that businesses can formulate better strategies for growth.

It allows companies to conduct surveys, garner feedback on surveys, and collect data from multiple stakeholders.


Features That Make Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud Implementation Successful

Improved Field Visits

Salesforce Consumer Goods cloud integration comes with multiple features that make sales reps’ field visits more productive. 

  • Prioritization of the shop visits.
  • Getting knowledge on compulsory and non-compulsory activities to perform for the day.
  • In-app map feature for intelligent routing.
  • Feature to analyze the health of businesses and stores.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as an imperative part of our daily lives. The power of AI makes the Consumer Goods cloud more intelligent. It facilitates retail businesses in managing their inventory, planning their stocks, and staying up to date with merchandising compliances. 

The Einstein Vision technology makes this tool more powerful as it enables cloud-based image recognition and object identification.


Time Management

This retail management software is backed by the power of automation. It empowers field professionals to build more strong relationships with the customers. Sales reps can eliminate the chances of spending time on audits, and also mitigates the chances of manual errors. Thus, the consumer goods cloud facilitates efficient time management.


Task Management

A business with Salesforce consumer goods cloud implementation services can experience improved task management. It allows businesses in consumer goods to track the tasks of the agents.

Even agents can validate their tasks completed and pending and plan their next day. It also provides accurate reports that facilitate improved task management.



Salesforce consumer goods cloud has emerged as the ultimate retail management software across the globe. It has facilitated businesses and sales reps to prioritize store visits, fill salespeople with suggested & mandatory tasks to perform and field representatives can manage their field visits through Salesforce Maps.

You can fully take the benefits of the Salesforce consumer goods cloud by hiring an experienced Salesforce consulting services provider. The Salesforce professional ensures that the integration and implementation of the retail management software fetch you the best results, greater ROI, and elevated sales growth.

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