Salesforce Quick Start: The Ultimate Guide for Large and Small Businesses

Are you a first-time Salesforce user? Do you want to go for Salesforce implementation but have limited time? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then Salesforce Quick Start Package is the perfect solution for you. 

Today, in this post, we will discuss the benefits of Salesforce consulting services and the best way you can reap the benefits of Salesforce quick start packages.

Now you must be wondering, what is a Salesforce quick start? 

Let’s move ahead and understand everything in detail.

What is Quickstart for Salesforce?

The name of Salesforce Quick Start is everything a business desires in a CRM solution. Evident in its name, Salesforce Quick Start is a tailor-made solution that is designed based on different CRM tools. The two most important factors of a quick start package are affordability and time efficiency. It helps businesses optimize their sales, customer services, marketing, and other operations in a cost and time-effective way.

Salesforce quick start packages have paved the path for faster Salesforce implementation. A package of Salesforce Quick Start has everything that businesses need to start with Salesforce. The package helps users plan strategically, make smart decisions, execute fast Salesforce configuration, and provide efficient UAT.

Top Benefits of Salesforce Quick Start

Salesforce Quick Start comes with a baggage of some amazing features, such as easy adaptability. Whether you are a small business or a large-scale enterprise, Salesforce Quick Start will meet your business needs exponentially.

A business can rest assured of the best way for Salesforce CRM implementation that will ultimately optimize its system usability. Along with it, Quick Start with Salesforce is a way to get and maintain superior data quality. Centralization and seamless data accessibility are easy to achieve with the help of Salesforce Quickstart while maintaining security and quality.

Another factor that makes Quick Start a desirable solution for business is that it is highly customizable. As your business grows, Quick Start gets to grow.

Following are some more advantages of hiring a Salesforce consulting company for Salesforce quick start package implementation – 

  • Businesses can automate their entire work process, they can streamline workflows, and quickly adapt to CRM technology with optimized cost.
  • Salesforce quick start package delivers 360-degree of each customer.
  • It helps you centralize all touchpoints of customers and bring them to you in one place.
  • It is known for delivering highly accurate and analytical reports and intuitive dashboards.
  • It mitigates manual work process hassles, diminishes repetitive tasks, and automates time-consuming processes.
  • Certified Salesforce consultants enable you to get improved visibility across your entire organization’s departments.


How Can an Organization Maximize Growth With Salesforce Quick Start Packages?

Salesforce implementation is not a piece of cake. From meticulous planning to well-planned deployment, a business needs everything to be perfect and the guidance of a well-experienced Salesforce consulting partner.

Let’s move ahead and discuss the best way to quickly integrate, and embrace Salesforce CRM, and the way of the Salesforce quick start package. 


Define Your Needs – Identify areas for improvement! Is it lead tracking, case management, or something else? Quick Start packages help you automate specific processes for a smoother workflow.

  1. Choose the Right Products – Salesforce offers various products. Pick the one that best suits your company’s size, budget, and IT infrastructure. Consider consulting partners who can help you find the perfect fit.
  2. Pick Your Quickstart Package –Consulting partners offer Salesforce Quickstart packages tailored to different Salesforce products. Choose the one that aligns with your chosen product to jumpstart your implementation.
  3. Prepare Your Data –Before launch, ensure clean and accurate data by importing existing customer, lead, and product records into Salesforce. Tools like Data Loader and can assist in this process.
  4. Customize for Success –Quick Start for Salesforce packs come with pre-built features, but you can personalize them further. Use Salesforce’s user-friendly tools like Lightning App Builder and Process Builder to customize page layouts, fields, and workflows for a perfect fit.
  5. Train Your Team –Empower your users! Train your sales reps on lead management, customer service case handling, and managers on reporting and dashboards. Leverage Salesforce resources like Trailhead or bring in a partner for training.
  6. Monitor and Improve – Success is a journey, not a destination! Continuously analyze data, identify areas for improvement, and refine your processes for optimal efficiency. Tools like Einstein Analytics and Salesforce Optimizer can simplify this step.


Top 5 QuickStart Packages for Implementing Salesforce

You can implement Salesforce CRM in a fast and cost-effective manner from now on. Do you think it’s a hyperbolic statement? Well, it’s not. FEXLE, a Salesforce consulting partner, has recently introduced Salesforce quick starter packages.

Here are the top five Salesforce Quick Start Packages that will become a boon for all scales of businesses – 


Sales Cloud Quick Start Packages

Customers seem irreverent towards a business that caters to them in a more personalized manner. With the advent of the Salesforce Sales Cloud quick start pack, you can empower your Sales team and enable them to build stronger customer connections, and sell your products and services more effectively.

Following are the key features of the Salesforce Sales Cloud – 

  • Mobile CRM
  • Contact Management
  • Revenue Intelligence
  • Process Automation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Opportunity Management

Service Cloud Starter Pack

Providing personalized support services to customers has long been in discourse, and many studies have shown that customers want personalized interaction. To help businesses prioritize their customers, FEXLE has introduced the Service cloud quick starter pack.

Customers are god, and it’s profane to take them for granted. The implementation of a quick start pack for the service cloud helps you with – 

  • Agent workplace
  • Workforce engagement
  • Automation
  • Omni Channel Routing
  • Case Management
  • Telephony and Voice
  • Incident Management
  • Video Support
  • Knowledge Management
  • Reporting and Analytics


Pardot Quick Start Package

The pantheons from the Salesforce community have accepted the importance of delivering personalized customer experience. Pardot (currently known as Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement) plays a pivotal role in achieving the same.

To overcome the challenge of the time-consuming implementation process of pardon, a new quick-start package got introduced that will provide customers single source of truth and streamline customer communication.

The Pardot quick starter pack delivers you – 

  • 360-degree cross channel view
  • Lead Generation and management
  • Account based marketing
  • Personalized email marketing
  • ROI reporting
  • Social media marketing
  • marketing and sales alignment
  • Pardot Einstein AI


FSL Quick Starter Pack

Salesforce comes with ease of accessibility, and that has streamlined the working process of digital nomads. A company with field service professionals can now track the proper record of their performance, thanks to Field Service Lightning’s quick start package.

The successful synchronization between FSL and CRM is a guarantee of better customer relationships, and it will also boost the morale of the field service technicians.

  • Work Order Management
  • Seamless Appointment Scheduling
  • Optimized Inventory Management
  • Field Service Analytics
  • Mobile Access


Mulesoft Quick Start Package

Integration capability is one of the strongholds of Salesforce CRM and with Mulesoft in the picture, the experience gets manifold. Mulesoft is known for delivering a single source of truth to businesses with respect to customers, building connected experiences, and automating business processes.

The quick starter pack for Mulesfot is designed to meet the business requirements and pain points.  The users can replenish the existing elements without much modification. It would lead to enhanced productivity.

  • Easily Connect Systems and Applications
  • Experience Business Process Automation
  • Get a Unified View of Each Customer
  • Get Fast-Track Results
  • Impermeable Security
  • Higher Scalability
  • Multiple Deployment and Monitoring



Starting with Salesforce has always been daunting for businesses, but not now. With the introduction of Salesforce quick start packages, you can implement a CRM system with utmost ease and pocket-friendly manner.

Hire a Salesforce consulting company or take guidance from a certified Salesforce developer to harness the power of a quick start pack.

We hope you will get value out of this post and help your business get started with Salesforce in no time with sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, and more.

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